1. A

    Blaupunkt CMS 265 Active Subwoofer

    This is a Blaupunkt CMS 265 100 Watt Compact Active Bass Reflex Subwoofer, suitable for mounting beneath a seat, within the footwell or in the boot of your car. It's been used under a seat and some of the writing on the cover has rubbed off, but its still in quite good condition. It's very...
  2. Benzadrine

    Blaupunkt Audio 10

    Hi all- disconnected battery today and obviously had to put new code. Couldn't find out how to enter it,tried a couple of times and now it has gone off completely.Also,bought some clips to get audio out to read serial # and cant get them out of unit.... Thanks in advance
  3. A

    Blaupunkt Freestyler Head Unit

    Blaupunkt Freestyler Single DIN CD/Nav Headunit. Nav Disc is from 2005. No Sat Nav aerial or din unit cage, but these are readily available from a well known auction site. Works well. £20.
  4. ss201

    Blaupunkt 10 CD Changer + lead & fitting bracket

    This came fitted to the first 190E I owned - which the previous (wealthy) owner had dealer fitted (at great expense) with the top of the range Blaupunkt Kingston DJ stereo radio/cassette player. Eventually the Kingston DJ's visual display gave up the ghost and I carefully removed the system...
  5. SL300-24

    Blaupunkt radio/cassette for W124 wanted

    Has anyone got a suitable original Blaupunkt radio/cassette in good working order for a 1988 W124 that they wish to sell please?
  6. jonnyboy

    Blaupunkt CD/Radio

    As per title, I bought this new, can't find a manual though. Blaupunkt Santa Cruz MP36, excellent condition, had it in my 129, it's nice and subtle. Will be tested in a test vehicle at the weekend. £30
  7. Hawkwind

    Fitted New Blaupunkt

    My new Blaupunkt arrived today, didn't cost a whole lot as it's a bit of a stop-gap, but it has lots of bells and whistles including Bluetooth :thumb: Fitting was a simple plug and play, couldn't be easier. The one thing that it doesn't do, is turn on and off with the ignition key, is there a...
  8. classicsl

    Blaupunkt New York SCD08 Classic Car Stereo

    Blaupunkt SCD08 car stereo for sale. Will go well with a classic late 80's Mercedes. Unusual in that it has CD cartridges, guessing early car CD players needed this to stop them jumping? Came with a 1988 Mercedes 300SL (R107) that I purchased and since sold a number of years ago. Pics show it...
  9. optimusprime

    Wanted Blaupunkt Sevilla RD104 Radio

    Hi looking for a radio as above . For spares or going cheap .Only want one for the push buttons that are on the front . Mine was stolen ,but managed to get it back ,minus its push two buttons on the front .Also the front is broken but not noticable. See pics.
  10. h19sns

    6 CD changer (blaupunkt) cassette

    For sale cassette for mercedes blaupunkt cd boot changer. £20 PM if interested.
  11. I

    Wrong KC

    My Blaupunkt Paris RCM 127 displays "WRONG KC" when I insert the Key Card after I collected it from a bodyshop where it had gone for repairs. The vehicle was in the bodyshop for a month. Mercedes wants to charge one hour labour to recode the card. Any suggestions would be much appreciated.
  12. V12

    Blaupunkt TravelPilot DX-V

    Open to offers really. Is on ebay now Blaupunkt TravelPilot DX-V Pro Sat Nav system with Can Bus intergration | eBay
  13. High-Lo

    Blaupunkt Tele Atlas CD - Authentic or not?

    Hi all, Bought a DX 2011/2012 DX CD from the Bay. My COMAND 2.0 canot read it but does the CD itself look genuine? Has anyone else got this 2011/2012 CD to compare? Cheers, Steve
  14. O

    Blaupunkt Audio with CD player

    Hello, Looking for a blaupunkt audio head unit with CD that can also get connected to a CD changer. I got a blaupunkt A05 in the boot and I like it :) Cheers. Olivier
  15. B

    Blaupunkt VRT-10 subwoofer, new in box

    If you're looking for a sub I have a new, boxed & unused Blaupunkt subwoofer for sale. It's up on eBay but details here also This is from the Blaupunkt "Velocity" audiophile range. Specs are: Speaker: 10 inch tube subwoofer speaker Power (peak): 200 watts Power (RMS): 70 watts Frequency...
  16. A

    Blaupunkt Travelpilot

    Blaupunkt Travelpilot E Freestyler, used but boxed with Disc, cage, din connectors, instruction book and aerial. The only thing I can see missing is the extraction tools. There are faint wear marks on the facia but the unit functions 100%. £50 posted
  17. 380SL

    Problems with a Blaupunkt cd radio

    The Blaupunkt cd player fitted in my CLK has developed as problem where when either the radio or cd is on and playing, the sound keeps going off. At first it was just now and again, a very quick blip, and then it was fine again. But now its much more frequent and goes off for longer periods of...
  18. M

    Blaupunkt usb lead hacking advice

    I've bought a blaupunkt bluetooth adapter with a usb aux in to fit to the travel pilot in my W124 and the usb can handle audio from a usb stick etc, but not from an ipod (as expected). I'm thinking of splicing the af +, af - and af gnd wires from the iso plug and soldering in a 3.5mm jack lead...
  19. A

    Blaupunkt Travelpilot Freestyler

    As new, Blaupunkt TravelPilot E Freestyler single din Radio/Cd/Nav unit. Boxed, complete with sealed Nav Disc, GPS aerial, etc,etc. Works with or without speed pulse. £50 posted. Andy
  20. NW_Merc

    Blaupunkt CD MP3 headunit for sale

    Blaupunkt Barcelona MP35 for sale Plays normal CDs, MP3s. £25 incl. postage
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