1. L

    Alpinestars Waterproof motor cycle boots. Size 45

    Alpinestars S-MX4 waterproof motor cycle boots. Waterproof as wellies but better for you on a motor bike. The size is 45 but I am a 44 and they fit perfectly. Great condition with very little wear. I was a fair weather rider :rolleyes: £70 inc p&p to UK. "][/URL] "][/URL]
  2. L

    Alpinestars Motor cycle boots. Size 44

    Alpinestars Super tech R vented boots. The most comfortable boots I ever wore. Removable inner boot and great protection. Very little wear on the sole. £75 inc p&p to UK. "][/URL] "][/URL] "][/URL]
  3. ToeKnee

    R230 Rear Suspension Dust boots

    The dust boots on the rear suspension of my '06 SL500 have seen better days, apart from Mercedes is there anywhere else in the uk that sells these parts? The part number is A230 328 00 92, if I cannot find anywhere else then I will have to use the main dealers. Thanks
  4. N

    New boots today

    Well I've had the c63 for a few months now. All seems well so I decided it was time to chuck a few quid at her. So the cracked/perished and recently leaking Dunlop sportmaxx have been replaced by a fresh set of Michelin pilot super sports. I was blown away by the difference they made to my focus...
  5. C

    Undecided on which boots to choose

    My baby had her MOT yesterday and came back with 3 advisories, oh no! All 3 of them were for tyres. Oh yeah! :0) Gotta love a 12 year old car that still aces her annual check-up eh? AMGeed, it looks like I'm gonna be getting those Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetrics 2's sooner than I thought. But...
  6. A

    A Wash & Winter Boots On :)

    Afternoon all, today i finally managed to give the car a good wash and get the winter shoes on it :rock::D:D That's me all set now lol :thumb:
  7. Palfrem

    Holy sh1t! Fill your boots gents.

    barn find mercedes benz, project, spares or repair | eBay Surely not!
  8. trapperjohn

    Advice Required. Trainers/Walking boots.

    A good buddy of mine is recovering from a colon cancer op. Currently he is ten days post op (keyhole job) He wants to get back to running as and when he can under the guidance of his surgeon of course. Currently I go for walks with him, around 2.6 miles which I use my standard shoes for - no...
  9. L

    Sl 55 R230 ABC Suspension rubber boots gone only, require changing?

    Hi, So I have an Sl 55 here and after a full vehicle examination at Mercedes they have said that only the rubber boots have gone on the rear shocks, the car is a 2006 with only 22k miles, Now I'm aware that these cars can have ABC shock issues which when they go cost £1500 per corner, my...
  10. JohnEclass

    Winter Boots on

    Well after quote from MB at £1300 I went to Wheelbase and for £879 had a full set of 17" Matt black MSW 5 spokes fitted with Nokian WR D3 225/45/17 tyres they don't quite fill the arches like the 18" AMG's but I'm happy and hope they perform as well as the test results where they bettered...
  11. st13phil

    Risk posed by driving in Ugg boots 'entirely foreseeable’

    Four month ban for Dangerous Driving after woman loses control of car through Ugg boot getting stuck under brake pedal. So, as well as being a style disaster, they're dangerous too :thumb: On a more serious note, it's quite scary the lack of thought that (mainly) women give to how their...

    used wheels and new boots

  13. Ian Topping

    Rear boots

    I have put Falkens on the back of my 55 for the past 2 years but I am not getting many miles, what do most people get out of rear boots. I find the rear gives way a lot when the tyres are going off, the triangle flashes even on motorways when taking long corners at a reasonable speed. All...
  14. A

    Karimor Black safety boots (Steel toe) size 11

    Black size 11 Karimor saftey boots. Worn to wash the cars once and they are too small, hence look at the tread - Brand new - Boxed (athough tatty). Steel toe Great work boot. £22 posted.
  15. rajinder_1

    BN Nike T-90 sz 8 astroturf football boots

    hi guys bought these never wore them subsequently been sitting in the box since i bought them from the nike shop. r5b2 | eBay offers welcome thanks Raj
  16. rajinder_1

    Nike T-1 CT AstroTurf Boots

    Hi Guys, I have some Nike astro turf trainers in size 8 for sale. kangaroo hide uppers. Bought them and never used them, still in original box. I have them up for £20 on ebay at the moment: open to offers please PM me.... eBay - The UK's Online Marketplace open to offers...
  17. portzy

    New boots for my SLK?

    The time has come, I guess, for a new set of tyres for my SLK 280 R171 '55 model year. Theres plenty of tread left but I have noticed some very minor cracking on the sidewalls-would this be an issue for the MOT or further use do you think? Anyways, she sits presently on 225/45 R17 91Y at...
  18. BaldGuy

    New BBS boots on the Beetle

    So I finally have my new BBS CH-R's fitted with the following specs... 8.5J front with 235/35/19 Pzero 12J rear with 305/30 Pzero A few before and after pics.....
  19. S

    Help needed boots springs warranty on 220 CDI sport 56 plate - info for tomorrow

    Hi All, Right I have had my car since september and bought it approved merc Its a 220CDi Sport Edition 56 plate 4 door with 26k on the clock Now when I test drove I was sure the boot sprung all the way up upon pressing the remote or button on the door as thought thats neat and will be...
  20. EDZ649

    W116 Drive shaft boots

    I need to change all four drive shaft boots on the 450 SEL due to the rubber being badly perished. I have enquired at MB and they have quoted me about £200 for all four inc. VAT. They come as a complete kit i.e. with the joints as well. However, I have seen boot kits for sale on
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