1. G

    Bosch super 4 plugs for 190/190E

    Set of four unopened. On Ebay £14.99 + £1.50 postage. My price for the one set that i have £14.00 inc postage and packing.
  2. KillerHERTZ

    BOSCH Icon wiper blade (w202)

    Just seen this on fitted to a w202. As I need a replacement blade anyway, Id like to get one of these as it looks updated like the wipers on current Merc's. Anyone know where I would get one of these in the UK?
  3. grober

    Bosch Jetronic K injection site

    Found this rather old Aussie site on jetronic K injection systems. Some quite good troubleshooting tips. no diagrams unfortunately. it also links to this German site which has some nice diagrams. heres the google translation link...
  4. 1

    Bosch Aerotwin wiper (as newest cars)

    Does someone have ever installed the new Aerotwin wiper on our W202?:rolleyes: I've found this but it's a similar Bosch product (called ICON 424A), present in US market! Maybe someone have ever succeed!:D Many...
  5. Satch

    Bosch Predictive Cruise Control

    Given their track record of late of delivering some complex and not very well sorted car electronics, am I alone in finding the third stage a bit scary? "The system works by watching what's around the car, as well as keeping its speed constant. It combines the ABS, the electronic stability...
  6. esox

    Idle speed - Bosch k-jetronic.

    How do you adjust? Specifically,where`s the adjustment screw/gubbins/dupher/whatnot/gizmo/thingy/doo-dah?
  7. Shude

    Bosch HID upgrade kit for W202

    I was driving home from work one day and while overtaking a truck I heard a sound like a bomb going off, I didn't see any damage to the windscreen so assumed whatever it was had bounced off. When I got home I saw a hole the size of a golfball in the left headlamp lens! :( A smile crept...
  8. Dieselman

    Are MB falling out with Bosch????

    June 3, 2005 Delphi Corporation announced a contract award from DaimlerChrysler to develop and supply a complete diesel common rail and engine management system for a current and future Mercedes engine range. This is Delphi’s first diesel common rail application with DaimlerChrysler and...
  9. T

    Bosch Super triple electrode spark plugs

    Incorrectly supplied by eurocarparts for my other car - have lost receipt so must try and recoup my losses. See for further details 4 boxed and new BOSCH SUPER FR6 DTC plugs. Don't know any MB applications, but they do fit Porsche 968's as an upgrade :bannana...
  10. B

    Recall of Faulty Bosch Diesel Pumps by BMW

    Read on the BBC News website that BMW is recalling lots of cars due to faulty diesel pumps made by Bosch. The report also mentioned that Mercedes have used the same pumps. Does anyone know why Mercedes is not recalling any vehicles? Mercedes cars are affected, according to the report, as...
  11. M

    BOSCH or BENZ .... ParkPilot or QuickPark ??

    I was looking becoming a BOSCH buyer. The question is .... would you put BOSCH parts in your car rather than MB supplied BOSCH ? I notice the price of Quick Park (supply only, no fitting) is around $330 AU. $330 AUD = $240 USD = $203 EURO = 135 GBP Im quite happy to buy these in bulk...
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