1. MangoMan

    Bosch AeroTwin Blades....

    Just thought I would let you guys know, for those who haven't tried/got them, but I ordered and fitted a pair of these over the weekend: (my size requirements), Really, really...
  2. nick mercedes

    Bosch Part Numbes

    Where can I find a website that lists Bosch part numbers? I've got a big heap of new Bosch lights from the '60s, but no way of looking up the part numbers... Anyone?
  3. T

    Allparts sell Bosch Duraterm glowplugs for E300 multivalves

    meant to be good when running on veg. pretty hard to find but Allparts Automotive stock them as standard or can normally get them in in 24hr from another branch. Cost me £5.24+VAT per plug.
  4. compress ignite

    Bosch Duraterm Chromium Glowplugs

    3 year warranty! NOBODY on this side of the Atlantic has even heard of them! 'Called Bosch USA in Farmington...
  5. M

    bosch injector

    Hi Any one got 0 437 502 047 - 000 It is a non-electronic injector for a K-jetronic system.
  6. C

    Is BOSCH garage having me on?

    As per this theread: I had a Bosch diagnostics run on my car and was told that there were two separate problems. 1. Need a new Fuel Govener/EHA/Fuel Ingection Regulator ( there's lots of names for the same part it seems) - This part is...
  7. C

    W124 Bosch Diagnostic Results (Thanks Television!)

    Firstly, thanks Malcom for your suggestion of taking my coupe to a Bosch Specialist for a diagnosis, at £98 incl vat it was good value . I went to one 5 minutes from me and he kept the car two days and ran all his magic connections etc to it and seems to have identified problems with the Warm...
  8. C

    W124 Bosch Spark plug gap - 0.8mm? - Also Air filter pipe..

    Bought some bosch spark plugs from GSF and looked in the Haynes and it mentions 0.8mm gap for Champion plugs (all engines), is this the same for Bosch? Probably a silly question but this maintenace lark is all new to me! Also I have just changed my first air filter for a Bosch one and noted...
  9. tromppost

    Bosch wiper blades

    Just got a set of Bosch Aerotwin flat wiper blades from this place,£34 inc postage. Mercedes quoted £27 + vat each. Good price and fast delivery.
  10. S

    bosch diesel injectors

    hi. can anyone suggest a cheap place to get bosch diesel injectors from? thanks sam
  11. D

    W124 Bosch Spark Plugs?

    The manual for my 1993 E280 (130K miles, OK condition) recommends Bosch F8DCO but I can't find them anywhere and my local MB parts shop says they have been repaced by Champion plugs (made in Mexico). A friend who works as a patrol man for the RAC says Bosch is much better and ought to be...
  12. W210 Fan

    MAFS again - Bosch new though

    ok so I am slumming it in an Audi, the turbo is not cutting in, a quick read on the internet and it seems to be the MAF, no suprise there, I have always said it will go at some point as its a Bosch unit, anyway rang up the local auto factors and they now do exchange units, I give them my broken...
  13. S

    bosch or pierburg maf??

    I've searched the forum to try and find what type of maf is fitted to the w210 e300 and couldn't find anything, is it bosch or pierburg can anyone tell me? If it is Bosch can i still fit a pierburg?? pierburg seems to be cheaper but higher quality...
  14. PaulE230

    Bosch AeroTwin flat wiper blades on a w210 ?

    A possible worthwhile mod Is it possible ? Had a quick look on google and I cant find a specific blade .
  15. mercmanuk

    Bosch fridge freezer free free free

    bosch fridge freezer free to good home,only changed due to new kitchen.must collect from middleton manchester by friday..
  16. MBManInKen

    Bosch Aerotwin

    I need to change my windscreen wipers. Has anyone got any experience with Bosch Aerotwin windscreen wipers? Seem to be fairly expensive - so is it all hype or are they really better?
  17. A

    Bosch MAF (Cheap source)

    If anyone is interested I just bought a new maf sensor and housing (0280217515) from SC motor factors for £140 including VAT. It is exactly the same as the original only it doesn't have the mercedes part number stamped on it. Cheers Adam
  18. M

    Bosch Error

    :confused: anybody knows whats the problem :confused: : Single dyagnosys ERROR: mODULE: CDI2 MB-Nr: 000 153 65 79 Supplier: BOSCH hARDVARE VERSION: 14/00 Softvare version: 14/01 Diagnosis recogn: 0/05 Regards, Marjan
  19. smeeeee

    Bosch Power White bulbs for W203

    Hi all, Spotted my own advert for some replacement Xenon bulbs (not HID) for the C class (W203)!! Going cheap as chips if anyone is interested. Bulb set is unused in original packing...
  20. W210 Fan

    sensor issues - any Bosch nuts out there?

    I think the crank position sensor has gone in the 55 which may explain the random cut outs, anybody know where I can get a part number from online so I can get one from a friend, also would be good as the water and oil temp sensors have gone on the Audi and the fuel consumption is worse than the...
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