1. 350cls

    C63 boxes on e55 w211

    Just curious are all oval tipped rear c63 boxes compatible for the w21155 Thanks
  2. AngryDog

    C63 back boxes or?

    Is there a viable non-droney option to C63 backboxes? And if not, what do a pair cost second hand? Thanks.
  3. AngryDog

    Air boxes

    So put my standard air boxes back on and the car doesn't whine as much now :(. Also feels a little slower as well. Also, am I missing something here? The y piece at the back of charger is loose and comes off. I reckon it's meant to be a clip and a previous owner has broken it.
  4. CowleyStJames

    Fuse boxes location and fuse diagram

    Can anyone point me in the right direction for fuse box locations in a 2011 W212 E Class estate? After my C Class, which had a fuse allocation and box location chart, I'm a bit miffed that my E Class doesn't. I'm looking to hardwire a Blackvue DR650S front and back dash cam in with the Power...
  5. BlackC55

    C63 rear exhaust boxes.

    C63 Rear Boxes. | eBay
  6. Borys

    Cls500 w219 single amg rear boxes

    Boxes were opened, mufflers removed and welded nicely back together. They sound quite meaty Would be a nice upgrade for standard cls. Bare in mind my car has amg kit.
  7. Borys

    C63 rear boxes with resonator

    Up for grabs 500£ no offers Exhaust is in sections can be easily fitted to boot. Collection only pls
  8. R

    C63 back boxes

    Quick story, I had brand new rear C63 back boxes fitted to my W211 55 by EMP yesterday, with my already modified exhaust, (Kleemann headers, 3 inch bespoke pipe work, 100 cell race cats to boxes, nothing else), crux of it is, its got a great aggressive sound under load, but its far too loud for...
  9. D

    mercedes w123 300 td with roof boxes

    1986 Mercedes-Benz 300TD Diesel Estate W123 Beautiful Example | eBay
  10. E

    63 rear boxes

    Any body got some c63 or cls63 ect rear boxes they want to sell? Cheers
  11. martyp87

    Mercedes M113k Air Boxes

    For sale, 2No. AMG air boxes for M113k engines in good condition. These came off my CL55k and are surplus to requirements. There are MB filters installed within the boxes with approx. 3k miles on them when they were changed by the MB dealer. £100.00 ono shipped. Thanks.
  12. Tim203

    Blue Spark tuning boxes.

    Just wondered if anyone has had any experience of these. They look quite good and seem to be sensibly priced.
  13. T

    C63 back boxes

    Hi guys, Looking for some C63 back boxes to go on my E55. Cheers
  14. B

    Tuning boxes

    Hi all, has anyone had experience fitting one of the many tuning boxes (plug and play type) into an A207(W212) E250 cdi bluefficiency please? Read a lot about them and they seem like a good idea if I can pinpoint the best ones to look at...that seems to be the tricky bit there are so many out...
  15. S

    C63 back boxes on an R230 SL55

    Has anyone done this modification?
  16. Alex

    CLS63 W219 back boxes

    Great upgrade for any E55: £600.
  17. G

    c63 rear boxes

    Have some c63 amg rear boxes from 2014 coupe..only 5000 miles use no pics at moment they are at eurocharged but they are in excellent cond i even polished the boxes as well as the tips 400.00 for pick up or plus shipping tks
  18. zed6

    C270 CDi tuning boxes

    ok quick question,i`ve a 2005 c270cdi and fancy a bit more go. have a Hyundai Tucson as a 2nd car and fitted a tiger tuning box to it 3years ago and never any issues. what have folks fitted to their diesel burners?
  19. Alex

    Rear Boxes for E55K Saloon

    I'm after a pair of genuine E55K boxes for a saloon. Thanks.
  20. Optimus prime

    C63 back boxes fitted to an E63 W212

    Has this ever been done to improve the sound of the E63? I appreciate it will need some fabrication and the tips changing over but I would like opinions from some of the experts on here pls. I am also awaiting a call back from Acid as we all know he likes a challenge :D Thanks
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