1. Tim203

    On a brighter note.

    Just seen the Muppets doing the Warburton ad. I had forgotten how much I had enjoyed watching them as a child.
  2. D

    brighter dash lights ?

    Ok guys this is my first post here! So be gentle with me, I have a 2003 c lass 220 and I don’t know if it’s my age(47) or if my eye sight is getting worse, however it seems to me that the air con units lights and some of the dash lights are getting dimmer. I have set it to the brightest setting...
  3. A

    HID Xenon or LED, which is brighter?

    Hi, all. My question is H4 light bulbs: which is brighter? HID Xenon or LED?
  4. A

    Can you replace a reversing bulb with a brighter one?

    Hello Not sure if this is possible buit can you put a brighter reversing bulb to replace the current one. Wife says her current B class one seems quite poor? Thanks
  5. L

    brighter headlights

    Hi all, I'm wanting to put some more powerfull headlight and mainbeam bulbs in in our other car as their not as good as the CLK which has Xenon's. Bulbs are H7 & HB3. Would also like to do the sidelight bulbs as well and also on the CLK which I did last year with with some 'white' bulbs , (think...
  6. R

    Brighter bulbs

    Hi all, has anyone used "Brighter bulbs" which claim to be 50% brighter, presumably they are 50% hotter and does this burn off the reflective material from the head lamp lense?
  7. andy_cyp

    Brighter BIX

    Hi all, ide like to add brighter bulbs to my bix's, but since i have no clue what bulbs i have i havent got the fogiest as what to upgrade too. Car is a w203 02/C32 AMG I'de like something a little brighter than what i already have but nothing ott that would melt the h/lamp lenses...
  8. Satch

    Brighter, whiter, sidelights

    I have only just realised why people go on about this. With the Bi-Xenon headlamp units on, the standard sidelights on my W211 look a really dirty yellow. Overall effect is quite nasty. Where can these be sourced from and which are the best ones? S.
  9. A

    weird sound + brighter and dimmer light!?!?

    hi guys!! recently my 1994 C280 has a kinda weird thing... i found that the interior light system of my car goes dimmer then back to brighter then dimmer... again and again and once this happen, i can hear some "electric motor" sound from the trunk. somewhere around the rear right hand side...
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