1. S

    Need to bite the bullet - Coil packs etc, where to source

    2003 W215 TT Hi, Well, seems the time has arrived and I need to bite the bullet and change the coil packs. If I order them over here in SW France, the eyes of the Merc receptionist just light up, so I'm looking for an alternative source. Anyone ordered them from the USA, Germany or UK...
  2. WDB124066

    Bullet proof 1990 420se

    Mercedes-Benz Other 420SE BULLET PROOF 1990 | Trade Me
  3. merc85

    s211 finally bit the bullet, New key ordered lol

    As above finally bit the bullet and bought a new key from MB Colchester, Should be here sometime this wk if not early next wk. Was assured it will work straight away without issues hummm we shall see :doh: Im going on Holiday in August and didnt fancy runing the risk of having to get the car...
  4. Venomous

    Biting the Bullet! Car needs some TLC - trying Auto Di Lusso

    So I've got my new car - and my list of mods - but the paint work hasn't been as well looked after on a 2 1/2 YO car as I would have hoped by the previous owner. So.. I'm off to see Lewis at Auto Di Lusso - a local Detailer - Auto Di Lusso I'll keep you appraised of the outcome.
  5. S

    Having to bite the bullet with my bi-xenons

    Right my Xenon light on my driver’s side has been playing up for a while now, it seems to have an intermittent fault where the light occasionally doesn’t come on. I usually pop the hood up and give it a push and twist and hey presto it works. Now it doesn’t work at all? So if any of you lot have...
  6. G

    Biting the bullet, which transmission Fluid is best for 722.6 box?

    Hello everyone, I'm going to bite the bullet and attempt to do a "drain and fill" on my w202 c230k's auto box sans TC fluid change. Even with Olly's instructions, that part just looks too confusing with the banjo bolt etc. Already purchased dipstick, filter, gasket, drain plug o-ring...
  7. Steve Holland

    This so called Bullet Proof W202 has blown a Rad.

    Well this long awaited Mercedes owning journey is costing a bloody fortune!!!!! Yesterday evening sitting in traffic and "BANG".............."HISHHHHHHHHHH" ! quick glance at the temp and reads normal just above 80 ??? I think to "myself bugger it a hose has split?" Pull over open bonnet, to...
  8. Chattonmill

    Bullet Cameras

    I have two Bullet cameras, complete with Microphones that I no longer need as I have upgraded One is a 4Kam Camera with their hi gain Microphone. The other is an unbranded one with a Sony lens and a 4Kam normal Micro phone. £60 for the pair. I will include a battery pack for them as well...
  9. verytalldave

    Testig bullet proof glass................

    I wonder how many dutiful wives would do this today for their loving husbands ? ? ? ?...............:eek: YouTube - husband tests bullet proof glass with his wife
  10. EDZ649

    So, I've bitten the bullet.........

    My SL600 V12 is in need of some engine work due to it suffering from a very annoying oil leak from the front of the heads (ahh, the old 'H' seals, a common problem I hear you say on the straight sixes and therefore a double whammy for me!):( Also there is a very slight coolant leak from the...
  11. S

    Bullet Proof Hoodie

    http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/england/london/7329892.stm This is either amusing marketing or a sad reality....
  12. KillerHERTZ

    1st the Rocket now the BRABUS BULLET!

    Over the past three decades BRABUS has perfected the art of transplanting large and extremely powerful engines into the bodies of small cars. That path led to numerous world records and entries into the Guinness Book of World Records. The BRABUS BULLIT, built in small-series production based on...
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