1. N

    W204 / 651 timing chain issue; bump start damages

    I know that there are other threads on the subject of timing chains but I am after the helpful knowledge and advice on this specific issue. My 2010 manual C200 blue eff diesel has been maintained only at MB main dealer. Its last service was end of June this year and all was "good/visually...
  2. C

    W203 facelift sport edition rear bump strip parking sensors

    hi. my 2006 c220 cdi sport edition rear outer right sensor played up, im trying to figure out how to remove the rear bump strip which houses the sensors. it is a one piece bump strip going all the way round the bumper. thanks.
  3. M.A.94

    Hitting a bump really hard (one off)

    So today on my way home I had an embracing encounter with a very big speed bump. I normally look out for bumps and pot holes and always aim to swerve away from them of its safe to do so. This one caught me off guard it was a dark road and I missed it. Anyways I was driving pretty fast and...
  4. W

    S210 Bump this afternoon - ouch

    Text message this afternoon from SWMBO: "On the drive outside the house, wet foot slipped off brake, car crashed into house.........." Upon my return home, I found that the NSF corner had hit the corner of the porch, whilst the wheels were on a righthand lock. The wing is badly scraped...
  5. N

    minor bump, advice on how to proceed.

    So today I was reversing out of our property onto a relatively quiet estate road. Our garage is situated at the back of the property and the reverse requires you to line up straight in order to reverse alongside the house to the road, the other side of the drive is a wooden fence, the gap is...
  6. M

    bump bump bump sick bump

    Hi I have a W124 estate that we use heavily as a racing tow barge it has the hydraulic suspension which is brilliant but the two hydraulastic units only last a few months leading to the familiar rock solid rear suspension and instant sick bag is there something I am doing wrong I am using...
  7. pimpdriver

    had a bump in the rear....

    Last thursday evening I was driving home, sat in traffic and a bloke drove in the back of m 2002 W210 estate (S210 I guess). Scratch on bumper. Tailgate pushed in (but not the boot itself - all the right shape). The boot shuts fine too. Got a payout coming from the 3rd party too. My...
  8. grober

    CLA price bump?

    The CLA coupe is due a price bump in the states according to this article. 2015 Mercedes-Benz CLA Gets Price Bump » AutoGuide.com News This model has been a runaway success in the states evidently but less so here. Whether this heralds a price rise in Europe or not remains to be seen?
  9. C

    Flaky headrests bump from 'Interior' forum!

    I need to recolour and lacquer the rear headrests in my CLK, which I noticed have become flaky. When I attempted to clean one of them, the outer coating, which I assume is a lacquer, started to peel off in opaque white sheets. It looks like the headrest's got dandruff! The rest of the interior...
  10. C

    Flaky headrests bump for 'Interior' forum!

    I need to recolour and lacquer the rear headrests in my CLK, which I noticed have become flaky. When I attempted to clean one of them, the outer coating, which I assume is a lacquer, started to peel off in opaque white sheets. It looks like the headrest's got dandruff The rest of the interior...
  11. J

    W211 door and bumper bump strips how to remove?

    How do you remove the bump strips from the car? It's a e55 amg if that matters I want to take them all off for cleaning behind and wrapping of the Crome part but I want to remove the whole part (body colour and chrome)
  12. C

    Bump starting a diesel

    I have a manual diesel blue efficiency, this leads to stalling presumably if I do not wait long enough for the motor to get going properly before bringing the clutch up. Sometime just dipping the clutch gets it to restart itself automatically (is there a config option to extend the time...
  13. B

    Small rear end bump

    So someone bumped up slowly into me today as i was waiting at traffic lights. Will need a new bumper i expect as it has a number of scratches and dents/creases. Everything else seems fine but will get it all checked out. Thankfully all involved healthy and fairly happy. Will probably do...
  14. Twistedmind


    Anybody know if a dent removal firm can fix this ?? Staffordshire area Sent from my iPhone using MBClub UK
  15. Dave mac

    C 180 Sport bump only?

    Hi all been driving myself mad....C180 sport...1998...petrol...wont start with key Had pal with "star" check key and immobilizer all good will bump start... but wont start from key Starter is getting main feed and feed from ignition Changed starter relay just in case checked all earths and live...
  16. Dieselman

    Bump starting

    Having started a few diesels by hand this one I can understand. nMNTkPA-GtM But this one I would think is much harder. I guess it is using the mass of the wheels as a flywheel. pT_nnBdLmEw And this one is just different... wVRHsqMVEI4
  17. M

    Had a bump

    Just been hit from the rear :mad:, im sat at the traffic lights with one car infront, the car is positioned to the left, lights go green car infront darts to the middle of the road and turns his right indicator on making me stamp on the brakes. I manage to stop so does the fiat punto behind but...
  18. timskemp

    My little bump...

    Well, to steal one of Steve's photos So far the estimated damage is two wheels, two tyres, suspension arm, strut, steering rack, subframe, rear stub axle and some bits and pieces... Not impressed really for what was a minor impact with a kerb... Hey ho.
  19. C

    lowered w124 coupe - bump stops

    Hi, Quick question. Running eibach springs (40mm)& Bilstein B8 Shock Absorbers. Do I need stock bump-stops or something else? Do bump stops influence ride height or simply govern the travel permitted for a Shock Absorber? Thanks
  20. F

    car park bump

    Hiya all, parked up in a supermarket carpark yesterday to go and get some money, got back in the car and started to program an address in the satnav and the car across the "corridor" slowly reverses out of his space and straight into my car! First thing I did was hit the horn, but with the...
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