1. pagzzy

    car auction or buyers sites ?

    hi guys i was wondering if any one has used a auction site or we will buy any car sites to sell there previous cars. im in 2 minds with the current recession i think private buyers maybe har to come and may have to look into other ways of selling my previous car. has anyone had any...
  2. ringway

    Car Buyers Rank Entertainment Over Safety

    Article based on U.S. trends. Same in the U.K. ? Car Buyers Rank Entertainment Over Safety 2010 Honda Odyssey Rear Entertainment System. Honda© It’s the great high-tech showdown: As new technology floods into vehicles, consumers are starting to favour infotainment over...
  3. S

    advice HELP - 220 CDI sport 2005 55 - buyers advice

    Hi, I hope you guys can help. I am looking to buy a 2005 220 CDI Sport Auto with the 5 speed tiptronic. Car has done 43k, full MBSH and will be supplied by MB under approved scheme. I have spent a good few hours looking at various sites and how you guys can answer some questions. Our...
  4. A

    Buyers advice W123 190 or 500 SEL + Hi!

    Hi, just found and joined the forum, Maurice is the name. My Dad used to drive Mercedes and I've always wanted one and am bitting the bullet. Have had my eye out for sometime for a 190 cosworth but hard to find proper example without selling body organs, but have been toying with the idea of a...
  5. pjs

    Idiot car buyers - a rant

    Only been a year since I sold a car on Autotrader, but the increase in the amounts of idiots who cant even speak properly is getting on my tytz. Plenty calls for my c203k, but questions like "is it petrol or diesel", "what does it do to the gallon?", "is it a nice colour?" are just a few of...

    W124 36AMG buyers advice

    Hi guys, I am going to look at the following car tomorrow, and would welcome some...
  7. stwat

    R129 buyers guide

    So what should i look out for when looking at the R129? Whats the history with the engines? I see some are 300's, some 300-24v etc etc. Are any of the 500's V12's? All info greatly received:cool:
  8. Londonscottish

    Performance Car Dec - C43 Buyers Guide

    The Dec issue of Performance Car is out with my C43 in the buyers guide. Needless to say I had a lot of fun hanging out in the Ace Cafe, talking shop with three great petrolheads - Dan the journo, Max the snapper and Peter from John Griffiths Mercedes. The pictures have come out very well...
  9. grober

    w126 buyers guide (english)

    Happened on this W126 ( Old S class) Buyers guide. Unlike the w124 guide I recently posted this is a pukka translation despite its german title. :o
  10. grober


    I found this buyers guide to the w124 series on the site under Kaufberatung in the left hand menu. There's also a complete PDF file of the guide in GERMAN obviously-I havn't yet figured a way to produce an english version of the PDF. Here's the...
  11. A

    Rights for Car Buyers? poorly ML (not mine)

    Hello, My father in law bought an ML270Cdi about 2 months ago from a Franchised Nissan Dealer, he has used it for the first two months in which time it had to go back for the radio that wasn't working. However since getting the car back the seatbelts keep beeping, the ABS and Airbag light...
  12. K

    190e 2.6 buyers guide

    Hi, Can anyone give me some tips as to what to look out for when buying one of these. I understand an oil weep on the front cover is common but nothing to worry about - is this true? What about the head gasket? Thanks
  13. Munkee

    W124 Buyers Guide

    Hi, found this W124 Buyers guide on, might be of interest, read on below. Sorry about the figures being in $ - b****y yanks!! 1- The cooling systems are notoriously problematic. If the car hasn't had a recently replaced radiator, watch the temp gauge closely. It should never exceed...
  14. guydewdney

    W116 buyers guide? help asap?

    my step sister (cue cinderella...) is looking at a 450 SEL - but this is a) her first merc and B) she is mechanically incompetant. I know the W114 series well, and the W140 - but what should one look for in teh 450 SEL? where do they rust? Pointers on the engine? AFAIK there is no...
  15. G

    W123 Buyers Guide and Tips

    Hi all, Does anybody have a buyers guide for the W123 series cars. I love these old Mercs (particularly the Estates). I'd like to know something about the following before I dip my toes in the water: 1) What is the best engine if I'm looking for a good balance of power and economy? 2)...
  16. Shude

    W124 buyers guide?

    A friend of mine wants to buy a W124 saloon or coupé. He is going to be getting an independent inspection and HPI check anyway, but the cheaper options only cover major mechanical stuff and leave other bits and pieces out. These are the things I thought were important: Panel...
  17. D

    E500/500E w124 buyers advice

    Hi all, Have recently sold my 300E w124 and am thinking of replacing it with an E500/500E w124. Don't know much about what it's like to own and run one, so would love to hear from these who know the car. Tell me the good and bad points, and steer me towards how to find a good one. Only...
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