1. R

    Mercedes C63 19'' Wheels Buckled!

    Morning All last week my 2014 C63 (W204) went into mercedes for the big A service. its just hit 22k. the advisory on the service sheet was that both my front wheels were buckled - this is confirmed by the small vibration i get through the steering wheel at motorway speeds. The car was...
  2. Oilcan

    C63 Style Quad Exhaust Conversion for C220/250 Cdi W204

    I have for sale ME11 Cobra Exhaust Mercedes C Class (W204) C200 C220 C250 Sport Quad - AMG Style. £479 new accept £250 Genuine C63 Diffuser panel for above exhaust. £120 new accept £50 Genuine MB exhaust heat shields for the Right hand side rear. £60 new accept £30 CKS C63 Syle front...
  3. J

    C63 Servicing (Gearbox Oil & Filter)

    Hi All, My 2014 C63 (standard) is up for a service and to maintain the extended warranty (purchased by the previous owner) I need to get it serviced by a main dealer. Whilst I'm reasonably happy to do this, they tell me that in addition to the standard service at £339 it also need the air...
  4. M

    2008(08) mercedes c63 amg 6.2 v8 automatic 7g-tronic estate met iridium silver

    Full Details http://mercland.com/car.html?id=3936 Mercedes C63 AMG 6.2 V8 Estate Automatic Vehicle Specs: General • Registered 12th May 2008 – 08 Reg • Three Owners– Last Owner Since 2012 • 69,869 miles only with Full Service History...
  5. andybond

    [W204] C63 Genuine 19 inch alloys

    Hi All, I have changed the alloys on my car from the OEM 19inch alloys to something different. In doing so I now have 4 staggered genuine c63 alloys for sale. The alloys have been painted metallic anthracite , and I would consider them presentable , but not mint. 3 have slight...
  6. G

    c63 update dash and command?

    i have the 12 plate and was wondering if i could update the system from the yellow background to the red and silver background? anyone able to do this as mercedes said they have no firmware that updates the colour of the system.
  7. G

    c63 Remap

    I currently have a c63 amg Performance package plus - anyone recommend a good remap to get it to the 507? or should i leave as is?
  8. J

    C63 advice needed

    Hi all I'm just in the process of buying a 204 c63 I've found a nice one which has one owner and just 23000 miles on the clock, it's also at a merc main dealer. However it's just had its front discs and pads replaced!! Seems very early in its life to have had its discs replaced, should I be...
  9. G

    C63 wheels

    Came across this advert for C63 wheels, anyone like me feel they are a tad overpriced!!!! https://www.gumtree.com/p/car-replacement-parts/genuine-mercedes-wheels-tyres/1255553644
  10. R

    C63 6.2 v8 estate

    Hi looking to change from a skyline R32gtr to a C63 AMG estate and looking at people's posts main dealer seems to be the place to go Looking at 2011-2012 cars are independent garages not recommended to purchase a AMG.
  11. G

    New C63 Owner :)

    Hey guys i just purchased my C63 amg with the performance pack, just love the car! theres a few things i want to change i want to change the wing mirrors and led day lamps to black can anyone help if anyone knows if someone selling these parts please.
  12. G

    C63 AMG COUPE CONVERSION to Black series

    My car is up for sale in the for sale ads:eek::eek: not in a rush and please no comments on price as that is the price i would take otherwise i will keep the car and some may think its good some will not but pls respect my rqst PLEASE NO SILLY OFFERS ABOUT HOW YOU WILL DO ME A FAVOUR AND TAKE...
  13. G

    C63 AMG COUPE CONVERSION to Black series

    I have decided to sell my project......£45000.00.......... Please please no comments/opinions about price this is a for sale ad 2014 C63 amg converted to Black series body Car is MiNT condition Spec as follows Bodywork Full Black series conversion using all orig Mb Panels except bonnet...
  14. J

    C63 vs Sl55

    Morning all, first post here hoping for some advice... It's got me up at 4am pacing the house! I've always been a fan of the amg series cars and am now in the position to purchase one alongside my heavily modified saffron Volvo V70r. I'm after some advice on what to choose between a c63...
  15. Jon190e

    Wanted C63

    Hi all, Very keen to buy a C63 Saloon and have be looking for a couple of weeks now. Silver/Grey 2012/14. Ideally mileage under 30,000. Defiantly not as easy to find than first anticipated...:wallbash:
  16. H

    Looking to purchase C63

    Hi guys, I've just joined the forum as I'm looking to make the jump across to Mercedes from BMW. I'm currently driving a 2015 M4 and given that I have very little experience with Mercedes, I was hoping that I could utilise your experience. As the title says, I'm looking to purchase a C63 and...
  17. Adeinfrance

    C63 amg

    My son is looking to buy a c63 year 2010/2011 black or anthracite if anyone is selling. Cheers
  18. B

    C63 estate - creak from the headlining in the rear

    Or at least that's where it sounds like it's coming from to me in the driver's seat. Any known culprits in this area? Obvious and easy fix I could try before I start trying to self diagnose?
  19. S

    C63 alloys fit C209

    Hi Folks Got a question. Has anyone put on C63 AMG alloys (18'') on a C209? Ive looked at all the info online with regards to offset etc and apparently these wheels will fit (though M14 bolts over M12) yet the offset difference to my current alloys mean they should sit 11mm further out...
  20. B

    C Coupe/C63 facelift???

    Anybody have a good idea when the facelifted version of the coupe will appear? I have just ordered a C63s Coupe and it's always annoying when Mercedes decides to do an early facelift - particularly when they may change the grill style :wallbash: According to online resources the...
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