1. brucemillar

    Dealing with nuisance/unwelcome calls on landline.

    We have been (like many others) plagued with nuisance/unwanted & unwelcome callers of late and it has been getting worse with many callers now able to use a local dial prefix or a mobile dial prefix. So you see that on the phone and assume it's okay? Wrong... We are registered with TPS and had...
  2. fab1975

    Mercedes driver calls POLICE to get lift home...

    Mercedes driver calls POLICE to get lift home after car is clamped because she doesn't want to pay for taxi - Manchester Evening News :fail
  3. O

    Marketing and scam calls

    Has anyone noticed how these marketing callers are using local codes to get you to answer the phone or is this just a NW phenomenon? What is your best response to "David " calling from foreign parts? Recently bought a Call Blocker and I have to say its the best therapy you can get by thumping...

    EE network calls from outside UK...

    Hi All, A family member is travelling to the middle east....they are on EE network and wondered if there is an APP that can be used to make calls to the UK via Wi-Fi? I am on O2, they have Tu-Go so I use that....was wondering if EE have anything similar or ideas welcomed... Thanks, DSB.
  5. G

    Audio 20 (2005) - Listening to MP3 songs and hands free phone calls?

    Hello, everyone I have an audio 20 (not sure what version but I attach a pic and the car is 2005 E280 CDI Classic), Single CD that can't play MP3 songs. Also, I don't have a Bluetooth connection in the car. I wonder if there is any Aux In, USB or any slots other than the CD slot. I would...
  6. Palfrem

    Close calls

    yncYCr8JQuQ Check out at 48 seconds and 3:30 Very near to catastrophe...
  7. C

    iphones and using to play music but will still make/take calls?

    I have an S203 with factory fitted ipod cable in the glovebox. I've never used it, but will be getting an iphone shortly (with the adaptor for the iphone5) so that I can play music via the Audio 20 system. Does anyone know if the phone, when plugged in/being used as a music source, can still...
  8. S

    NTG 2.5 Freezes / dropping calls / unresponsive

    Hi, looking for advice on how to proceed, or who / how to contact Mercedes .. I have been having problems with the Comand unit dropping Bluetooth calls, and locking up so that it will not play music from CD, DVD, SD card, Music Register - but the radio works. Switching the ignition off/on...
  9. R

    Grr "National Accident Helpline" nuisance calls!

    I had two unavailable number calls today from an Indian call centre wanting me to give them all my details so that they can scam me. The first one I managed to keep going for 2 minutes 12 seconds with my made up nonsense and the second one lasted 2 seconds when I answered as a made up police...
  10. verytalldave

    "Compensation" phone calls

    I am getting totally FED UP with incessant phone calls telling me that I "may" be able to claim for compensation.....etc.....etc. I get them on my home phone (even though I am ex-directory) and mobile. Up to now I have been civil and told them thanks but no thanks. I am now beginning to get to...
  11. A

    How to try and limit telephone sales calls

    Hello Recently my wife when off is getting more and more calls during the day, loans, windows (both actual and computer...) and general sales calls... We are on TPS? and I though ex directory? Is that all I can do to limit these. I've even got back from work a few times and they ring...
  12. E

    Emergency calls - Real 911 Phone Calls
  13. saorbust

    iPhone 3GS, NTG2.5, Drops Calls

    Hi, I have the latest Nav disc for my NTG2.5 system - Part No A219 827 09 59, released December 2010. As part of the upgrade, I had to have the telematics updated. This meant upgrading to Version 09.29: (Telematics 01/2010), done by the dealer. Now, my iPhone 3GS, fully updated (was...
  14. Spinal

    Recording Calls (iPhone/Android?)

    I need to record a phone call... Barring the legalities... what is the easiest option? I don't mind paying for an app... but neither my iPhone nor my android is jailbroken/rooted... Any ideas? M.
  15. N

    Unwanted phone calls

    For the last couple of weeks we have been getting a daily phone call from a company called Fresh start offering loans and mortgages, this only started after a local (truro) based company, also offering loans and mortgages, was told to never call again. We are registered for the BT preferential...
  16. W

    which webcam for skype type video calls?

    I'm looking for a webcam for skype, and am not sure what to look for. I want something cheap, but it must also work fairly well. I have seen some expensive ones that have a high resolution (several mega pixels at least), but I wonder if these would need a high bandwidth (perhaps more than I...
  17. bpsorrel

    How to handle prank calls!!

    Following from Boss's thread earlier, you have got to read this!!! It's hilarious!! How to handle prank calls and telemarketers!! (Warning! Don't read while consuming liquid!!!) :D
  18. M

    iPhone dropping calls

    I have a w204 c-class and an iPhone 3gs. If I want to get out of the car during a call, I select iPhone as the audio source on the phone and the call switches from hands-free to the handset. But, when I switch the ignition off, the call is immediately dropped. However, when I get into the car...
  19. verytalldave

    Cost of calls TO a BT BB phone

    Hi............ Just connected and activated the BB phone which came with the BT Home Hub. Cost of calls made FROM the BB phone is laid out pretty well. But what about the cost to people who phone you? Is it the same cost as a call to a regular BT phone? Or is it more - or less? It doesn't...
  20. gaz_l

    Expensive phone calls..

    My step-daughter is in transit back from Australia to the UK. She's currently on a 2 hour layover in Abu Dhabi. My wife has been talking to her on the phone, to step-daughter's Australian cell phone which is currently roaming. Can anyone think of a more expensive way of holding a...
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