1. m2287

    Remap in Cambridge area

    Can anyone recommend a remaper in cambridge? I'm looking to remap my s320cdi for a bit more power...
  2. triple h

    hi from cambridge

    new member here from Cambridge, just saying hi folks
  3. KillerHERTZ

    Cambridge meet - The Belfry, Cambourne THIS SUNDAY 5th OCT 12pm+

    Been a couple of months since the last (quiet successful) meet. Cambourne again? 1) KillerHERTZ - Karl - CLS55 AMG
  4. T

    Any specialists in Cambridge area??

    Looking for a specialist in Cambridge Peterborough area?? Any one know of any? Thankyou
  5. S

    Recommend a bodyshop in or near Cambridge please

    Hello all Can anyone recommend a bodyshop in or near Cambridge please? Thanks in advance Steve
  6. M

    Cambridge/East Anglia GTG - Sunday 13th April 6pm - Belfry Hotel Cambourne

    alright guys i see there are a few on here from cambridgeshire we should get together for a beer whilst the weather is nice:cool: who's in.... 1. mabz
  7. npuk

    Best route to Cambridge?

    Need to go up to Cambridge on Thursday for an appointment. Will be leaving West London at 10am, whats the best route to take? Google suggestd routes are A1, A406 and M11 or M25 and A1? Thanks.
  8. K

    hello from cambridge

    hi all, new member with a w202 c180 sport in silver nothing special completely standard but I am a german engineering fan with this being my second Mercedes first being a 190e 2.0l im 22 and from cambridge hence the small engine motors had a varied list of cars bmws vw's Mercedes ford Subaru...
  9. D

    courier from Chesterfield to cambridge

    Anyone doing this route at all that can pick up some alloys for me please?
  10. B

    Swift Vehicle Solutions - Milton, Cambridge

    Does anyone have any experience of these guys? I have my cars booked in here for servicing in the near future. I happened to drive past them before the weekend and noticed they are a very small outfit.
  11. B

    Independent Inspection in North Essex / Cambridge

    Hi There, Can anyone recommend me an Independent Specialist who would carry out a good inspection on an SL55 I plan on purchasing? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Rich
  12. A

    Buying used from MB Dealers .. Cambridge in particular?

    Hello - just wondering what the general consensus is on buying approved used cars from MB directly. Had a chat with one of them a couple of weeks back about the 12 month warranty that they provide and they claim it covers "pretty much anything" outside of standard wear on brakes & tyres. No...
  13. KillerHERTZ

    To the owner of the Sliver C63 in Cambridge

    To the owner of the Sliver C63 AMG who, heading into Milton felt it nesscary to do around 40-50Mph over the small Tesco's round about (10:15pm ish) - I hope you realise that if I hadnt double checked and completely stopped you would have hit the side of my car at such I speed I wouldnt be here...
  14. B

    Bodywork in cambridge area

    I can highly recomend Midway garage and bodywork in Witchford near Ely, Cambs. They restored my wifes 350 sl and did a fantastic job, they do a lot of mercs for a local indy, and have a very good valeting service. You can get your car painted, serviced and cleaned under one roof. The guys who...
  15. KillerHERTZ

    Robinsons Mercedes - Cambridge

    Since 2003 I have been getting parts from these clowns, 2/3rds of the time I provide them with the Part No. or my VIN number and it always takes them around 10-15mins of going back and forth to the PC and me re-asking the same questions etc etc - EVEN WITH THE PART NUMBER! Everytime I seem to...
  16. F

    Need a favour in cambridge

    Hi, i need a favour from someone who lives in cambridge. i need someone to go to richer sounds on hills road and pay for an item i want to buy. i dont live near cambridge and richer sounds can only deliver to me if i go instore and pay for the item first. they wont accept payment over the phone...
  17. M

    Cambridge forumites - parking suggestions?

    Am visiting Cambridge this weekend, and wondering where the easiest long-term car parking is to be found? I used to live there (near the Cam) and parked on-road, but from today's news reports, car parking in Cambridge is now a nightmare. So, any ideas on where to head (preferably avoiding...
  18. T

    Snow .... Cambridge .... 2009 .... 'kin Cold

    A few of my pics that i took at 2am I used a longer exposure to make the snow look long and thin then a flash to make the snow flakes show up Im no photographer but i quiet like them
  19. KillerHERTZ

    Spotted in Cambridge

    Earlier on, I cycled past a very nice looking Sliver W202 which I think was a fellow members? It was an R reg in Brilliant Sliver with C43 AMG front and rear bumpers, standard side skirts (for a second my heart skipped a beat as I thought it was my car) W210 door mirrors and twin tail pipes...
  20. G

    Reasonable Indie Specialist Cambridge

    Hi Everyone! I'm a newbie. Went to Robinsons Merc for window not closing. they replaced securing clip and it cost 50.76. They checked and sent me a quote saying that I need 2 rear springs £327.10 Both front castors o/s camber arm ball joint £793.13 and diagnosis time for looking into ESP...
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