1. The _Don

    Motorexpo at canary wharf this week
  2. B

    Canary island merc taxis

    Just been brought back to our holiday villa on Lanzarote in a lovely W211 E270cdi taxi with 475,000km on the clock. Driver said his old. W124 had done1,070,000km and there is a mercedes e class taxi on the island with over 2m km! Apparently rust is not an issue over here, so it is just the more...
  3. npuk

    Work In Canary Wharf? Look In ...

    If you like Indian food check out the below. They are opening in a couple of weeks. Kanapina - Indian Street Food Check out their website and follow their twitter or facebook pages for the latest news. My cousins friends are the guys behind it and I have tasted some of their the food. Go...
  4. Gucci

    Motor Expo @ Canary Wharf

    A wet day, and sadly the last day of Motor Expo, but some nice new metal there: 1. New C Class Coupe, facelift C Class + E Class were solid - superb cars 2. SLS Stunning 3. New SLK, a mini SLS - feels much bigger - very nicely screwed together 4. Range Rover Evoque - Solid interior, striking...
  5. The Boss

    Anyone looking to rent a bespoke apartment in Canary Wharf?

    Ladies / Gents, just uploaded my video on my new apartment down in Canary Wharf. If you or any one you know is looking for a home from home, the apartment is available to rent and/or to buy. :bannana: Video below :) thanks 8R7FCVSu7ZY
  6. Mr Jadefox

    Moto Expo on Starts at Canary Wharf today

    Had a quick look around just before heading home. Have to say.... the E-Class Coupe is a VERY nice car! Apologies for quality of picture from my phone.
  7. Gucci

    Date for diary: Canary Wharf Motor Expo in June Much better access to the cars than a regular motorshow and it's FREE :bannana:
  8. U

    Canary Wharf 2007 MotorExpo (Pics)

    Canary Wharf 2007 MotorExpo here are just some of the pictures i got from this years MotoExpo Enjoy!! Audi BMW Jaguar Range Rover Ford Aston Martin Lotus Hummer Porsche Renault lamborghini Bentley Maybach And...
  9. Gucci

    Canary Wharf Motor Expo 07

    I've been three are mainly outdoors and it's freeeeee. They also let you start them up with the stand staff there....looks like Merc have dropped out though ------------------------------------- MOTOREXPO 11 – 17 June Monday – Saturday 10am-6pm Sunday 11am–5pm Throughout...
  10. com

    Canary Wharf Motorexpo 2005 (MB shots 56k warn)

    Just wondering if anyone else on here popped along ? Was not a bad show considering it was free. Quite a lot of people but yet well spaced out to prevent too much bumping into others. At the MB booth the biggest attraction was probably the CLS while overall I would say it was the Aston booth...
  11. Tan

    Help: Are there any internet cafes around canary Wharf

    Hi Are there any internet cafe's around Canary Wharf? I have a meeting with a client at Canary Wharf tmr and will need to get online to order some things with the client. I would normally have just used my laptop, but the power pack has just died on me and I wont be able to get it...
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