1. J

    W203 Mismatched door cards

    Recently I noticed that the door cards on my 2006 C350 don't match. Driver's door card is the one that doesn't match the others and looks like this: Where as the passenger one (and the rears) look like this: I thought this was a one off, but this car currently for sale, also a...
  2. M

    W123 Black MBtex door cards

    Hi, I'm in the process of restoring a 1980 W123 which has black interior trim. The car has been updated with electric front windows (switches mounted on centre console) which is fine except that it now has door cards with an unsightly hole where the manual winder was. Can anyone help me with...
  3. gaz_l

    Contactless credit cards

    Greetings, Citizens. My credit card account was hacked last month, to the tune of £850 :mad::mad:. I report it, the wheels are put in motion, I should get refunded in a few days. Fairly smooth so far then, apart from the fact I will have to get a new card. New card turns up today, with an...
  4. Satch

    SIM cards for use in US

    Off to US for three weeks and obviously do not want to be hammered for phone calls and data charges. Got unlocked smartphone and tablet and been advised that locally purchased PAYGo AT&T SIMs are the best option. That sound right? I
  5. sl300 ireland

    308d van door cards

    Anyone know where I might get them want an ashtray aswell
  6. developer

    Micro SD Cards

    I want to buy two micro SD cards for my son's EE Kestrel phones. Any reasons not to buy 32gb ones - reliability perhaps? I note that there are various classes for sale (class 4, class 10, for example) - what's the difference and are any particularly suitable for mobile phones? Thanks,
  7. J

    Wanted W201 Rear Door Cards

    Black leather electric door cards for the rears please. Also looking for tested working rear window winders. Thanks for looking.
  8. amg3.6

    W208 door cards

    Guys what chances do i have of fitting W208 door cards to W202 is this possible?
  9. S

    Hi there. Cls320 on the cards ?

    Hi everyone. Been thinking a while to get myself a CLS 320 cdi. I need a smart car to cruise up the motorway a couple of times a week. Just get in it and drive, no messing around with this and that like I have to do with my range rover. What are the thoughts in general ? Good cruising car ...
  10. Chrishazle

    French Motorway Prepay Cards

    Just got this from Eurotunnel : Did you know, Sanef Tolling, the French motorway operator has now extended its Liber-t automatic toll payment service to UK motorists, allowing you to pre-purchase your tag before you embark on your travels to France. And, what’s more we have...
  11. RKC-benz

    W124 rear door cards

    I am after a set of w124 rear door cards to replace the current versions. I need black leather with the speaker fittings in the door handles ... It's for modest audio upgrades. If anyone can help do please contact me via PM with photos. Thanks very much in advance.
  12. grober

    Mercedes Safety data critical component locations

    An illustrated webpage/file describing the locations of critical safety components on all Mercedes models for accident services...
  13. Alex

    CLK63 BS Door Cards

    KillerHertz, Rash? eBay item 171070500101
  14. P

    Clips to fit vito Ambiente door cards.

    Hello all. I got hold of an Ambiente interior but its missing half the metal clips the hold it close to the windows. Only one shop on ebay and they want £3.55 for each clip! :crazy: Anyone know where I can get hold of a load for a reasonable price? Cheers alot.
  15. amg3.6

    Wanted W210 front door cards

    As above i am after W210 front door cards with memory in black. I don't need the memory buttons. If anyone is breaking W210 or has the door cards please let me know.
  16. V

    Wanted: W124 estate mushroom leather seats and door cards

    In good condition and manual (not electric). Thanks, Rich
  17. Godot

    A New Big War Must Be On The Cards

    With All The Mess The World Economy A New Big War Must Be On The Cards Yeah, yeah, I know it’s the festive season and you probably want to read something really exciting, such as which celeb is doing it with which celeb and what Madonna or some other fading pop star is up to. But how about...
  18. 300CE

    mercedes w124 coupe real leather seats - black - very rare - inc door cards

    mercedes w124 coupe real leather seats - black - very rare - inc door cards | eBay
  19. T

    w203 black leather door cards

    I have a set of 4 black leather door cards for a w203 c class, all for are in fairly decent condition and all have the carbon style trim fitted. Drivers card is missing handle and surround. Open to sensible offers. Collection from junction 35a M1 Sheffield. Call Tom on 07852226989. pics...
  20. T

    Replacement Keyless Go cards - the truth?

    Hi all, I have conflicting stories from various Mercedes dealers over keyless go/entry cards for a 2003 CL. I have one card that is damaged but working and would ideally like 2 cards so have asked 3 Merc dealers how to get 2 new cards (1 to replace the existing 1 and 1 new). Dealer 1 - said...
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