1. SteveFromAvantgarde

    Classics At The Castle: Sherbourne Castle, Dorset.

    Hi Everyone, For those who don't know me I am Steve, I am a usual poster on "the other Mercedes Club forum" (steve@avantgarde if you want to say hi there) but I thought I would post this event here as it should be a cracker. July 15 & 16 at Sherbourne Castle in Dorset is the annual...
  2. S

    The Man in the High Castle (Spoilers).

    Anyone watching this? My god it's tense! Best thing I've watched in a while, I re-watched the last few of the first season before diving into the second. At ep7 now, and a few things are beginning to come together, but it definitely gets the grey matter spinning! I think that although it...
  3. M

    Anyone Remember Supercar Test days at Castle Combe

    Was reminiscing about these whilst chatting with Chris (Patagonian) on the Insane Drives thread and wondered whether anyone else remembered them or used to attend? The Supercar Test days took place back in the late 80's/early 90's and were based at Castle Combe circuit in Wiltshire (though...
  4. H

    Hilton Coachworks & Castle Sportscars Open Day this Saturday 11th October

    Hello, I hope you don't mind me posting this in here! We are having an open day here at Hilton Coachworks, hosted between Hilton Coachworks and Castle Sportscars it should be a good day out. As a Mercedes-Benz approved repairer and Classic Mercedes Restorer there is plenty to see...
  5. npuk

    Christmas Day at Warwick Castle For Sale

    Chance to buy exclusive use of Warwick Castle on christmas day for upto 30 people including food, drink and accommodation at a nearby luxury hotel on christmas eve and christmas day! Christmas Day at Warwick Castle FOR SALE on eBay (end time 14-Dec-09 16:18:03 GMT) Q: My mother-in-law always...

    Carlisle Castle & Hadrians wall, day out.

    Making the most of the reasonable last of the good weather we went Carlisle Castle first and then to Hadrian's wall. Parking in Carlisle is a bitch! and this on a Thursday! we had to go to four car parks!:wallbash: The Castle was OK and only £4.50 anymore I don't think it would have been value...
  7. Druk

    MBOC SL day Castle Howard.

    Come along and join in (spectate) at the biggest collection from all the SL range next Sunday 2nd August at Castle Howard, Yorkshire. Gullwings, Pagodas, 107s et al. Maybe even a few SLKs. Might even convince you to join up.;) Just been reminded. You will have to park in the public...
  8. W

    2 free entry tickets to Warwick Castle, valid 1 year (12/5/10)

    My neighbour has given me 2 free entry tickets to Warwick Castle, valid for 1 year (12/5/10). I've been twice before, so I've no real need for them. But if anyone else would like them please PM me I'll post them out to you. edit: apologies if this should have been in the 'For Sale' section.
  9. W

    Castle Combe photos

    I'm back from a good day at Castle Combe, here are some photos. I didn't have much spare time unfortunately, so they're rather limited. A very good turn out of old BMW 3-series LMA series difusser? My mate showing off his car repair skills after the previous race...
  10. HughJarse

    Free Tickets for Formula Ford Carnival - CASTLE COOMBE CIRCUIT - Sat Oct 4TH

    Just have to register for free ticket they reply with email - which is your entrance ticket The 2008 Castle Combe racing season culminates with the traditional knock-out event for FF1600 cars featuring the Home Nations Team Challenge, plus the final rounds of the Castle Combe FF1600, Saloon...
  11. K

    Anybody used The Gibb Garage at Castle Combe in Wiltshire?

    I've done a search on this indy and seen the name mentioned a couple of times. I was wondering if any members had actually used the garage themselves as I live fairly close by and it might be more convenient than where I work in Bristol. Cheers, Kevin
  12. GrahamC230K

    Studley Castle GTG Pics - 56K warning

    Post them here! Many thanks to RJIF for organazing this. Great to see the new and familiar faces. Another friendly and informative GTG :D Managed to snap a few cars....and people........ Right Click, Save......SL350 Top Down
  13. RJIF

    18th March sat @ Studley Castle - Redditch GTG

    if anyone is interested i live behind the local football club, the club has loooads of parking space, definately serves drink and i believe it does food. im thinking of trying to organise a gtg in the area should anyone be interested? i will ask the landlord all the regular Q's such as could we...
  14. scotth_uk

    Karting GTG - Castle Combe - Pics

    Hi All, Hope you like the pics.....
  15. Flyer

    Karting GTG, Castle Combe

    Who fancies a bit of karting? :D I have been speaking with Castle Combe again about us having a GTG sometime in February. We can do the SkidPan again, but I get the feeling that it's a case of "been there, done that", so, as was mentioned at the time, what about hiring the kart track for...
  16. Flyer

    GTG: Castle Combe Skid Pan

    Just a note to let you know that I haven't forgotten about this - just waiting for some info to come through from Castle Combe. What I can tell you is that we can have an exclusive *3 hour* booking of the skid-pan for £700+VAT for 12 drivers, using FWD and RWD cars (Lynn @ CC apologised that...
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