1. T

    MOT Certificate.

    I am about to put a private plate on my car, how do you go about the MOT certificate for the new number plate. I realise about the insurance company, but not sure about the MOT. Many thanks.
  2. E

    Manufacturer Certificate of Authenticity

    Can MB provide a certificate of authenticity or similar giving the production date and specification of a car when vin number provided?
  3. guydewdney

    If you are going to photo shop a certificate.....

    do it properly? This is the 'CE' cert for a motor inverter - its not even for the right product, let alone in date, and is laughably badly 'photoshopped' can anyone top that for cr@p advertising (anyone got a 1-3 phase 1 - 1.5kw inverter for sale?)
  4. L

    Security Certificate Errors

    I keep getting 'Security Certificate Errors' with virtually every site ( except this one, strangely) Even though I have gone into Trusted Sites via Internet Options and listed various websites, these still bring up the same error message. What can I do? Any suggestions will be welcomed.
  5. MD5

    TW08 ENZ reg. no. on retention certificate

    I've seen a plate on the DVLA site that tickles my fancy at £2800. If anyone is interested in TW08 ENZ at that sort of money, to include all fees, please pm me.
  6. Borys

    LPG certificate

    Gatwick area Does anybody knows a garage which can Test and issue a certificate for LPG system? Thanx
  7. ghummy

    new style mot certificate

    hi people, sorry if this is in the wrong section today i had my mot, i went to the garage that i have been using for the past 9 years. The car passed, this was expected as it is a mercedes after all. but when he issued me the pass certificate, it was just printed on a normal plain a4 piece of...
  8. bobby

    "F8 AMG" available on retention certificate

    F8 AMG for sale on retention certficate. DVLA Assignment Fee already paid/ included. Offers over £3000 invited Best regards, Bobby
  9. scotth_uk

    Anyone got a Classic Mercedes Benz Certificate?

    Hi All, Just wondering if anyone has one of the 'certificates' mentioned here: http://www.mercedes-benz-oldtimerservice.com/content/classic/retailer/classiccenter/en/home/home/home/oldtimerservice/the_certificate/the_certificate.html I quite fancy getting once of these for the W108. At 100...
  10. marc777

    Cherished number - certificate - help?

    I am looking to buy a cherished number from someone, where the number is held on a retention certificate. DVLA will not release any information, understandably I guess. They have said that the current owner can request a duplicate certificate once I walk away, thereby making the one I have...
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