1. A

    What Mercedes Estate "cheap" runaround to buy?

    Hi all, I'm just selling my 2005 E320cdi Advantgarde Estate. Absolutely love it. Can't fault it. Best car I've ever owned! I'll really miss it! I owned a W210 before this which was brilliant! I'm a wheelchair user and I am looking at a Vito van. Long story! However, this is the...
  2. merc85

    Cheap 55k

    Yeah i know abit worn, Its now at a more sensible price than last time. Could be worth a look for someone if you have a few K slush fund ready :Dalthough miles are getting abit north. mercedes e55 amg £7000 | eBay
  3. mark_le_b

    Cheap for 600bhp?

    03 53 Mercedes E55 AMG V8 Kompressor 600bhp DMS tuned, 94k, FMBSH (E63 C63) | eBay
  4. BoristheBounce

    2102 Peugeot 508 Estate - Going Cheap

    I hope this isn't treated as a traders add its intended as a cheap car on offer before its disposed of in the motor trade. Its a good car for not a lot of money if its something some one can use her eon the site. it will only be available for a few days before it goes to trade. We have for...
  5. clk320x

    Cheap S55

    I'd love this Mercedes-Benz 5.4 S55 AMG 4dr
  6. merc85

    E350 cdi coupe cheap?

    Why is this that cheap? 2010 MERCEDES E350 CDI AMG SPORT COUPE V6 DIESEL | eBay
  7. N

    Sprinter Side Windows - cheap

    Volkswagen Crafter Mercedes Sprinter VAN Glass Off Side Near Front Windows | eBay
  8. mark_le_b

    C55 too cheap?

    2005 MERCEDES C55 AMG 5.4 V8 | eBay
  9. Dannyallen89

    18" amg alloys cheap

    Hey found these whilst browsing for some alloys myself and thought I would share as they are a steal of a price. Found on gum tree not eBay I'm actually tempted myself but not the 1s I was after maybe somebody here is also looking for wheels.[emoji1] Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk
  10. clk320x

    Cheap W211 estate

    Anyone seen any cheap W211 estates for sale? With the AMG styling would be great... Cheers
  11. U

    255 35 19 tyres wanted must be cheap

    255 35 19 tyres wanted must be cheap
  12. DSLiverpool

    New Cheap Commuter / Shopper Hybrid

    After having a Leaf for £3600 for 2 years I was loath to pay £6k+ for another one and not many suitable cars were under £5k however the petrol / electric Ionic is on offer at £4700 for 2 years 16k miles and its like a Korean Prius with a great interior and fab spec (radar cruise and dab plus tft...
  13. mbzclk

    Wanted: CHEAP CAR

    Hi, Looking for a run around - Budget £750. Let me know what you have. Cheers.
  14. 3

    cheap donor cl500

    if anyones after one of these they don't come up very often as spares or repairs
  15. gunning

    Cheap track car build. Non Mercedes

    So after years of spending a lot of money on 911's on the track and the upkeep I've decided to go down the cheap and cheerful route. My aim is to spend no more than £2500.... on everything. Trying to find a decent Mercedes track car for this is unlikely. The car? 2003 Mini Cooper S The car...
  16. DSB SL AMG

    Cheap V8 Anyone?

    A Passat W8, never heard of it:confused:...i think the commentator should definitely audition for the next series of TG;):D 8P2Fpkm6y_A
  17. D

    e220 sportsline convertible going cheap in ultra rare diamond white

  18. Lennox

    Cheap estate car....

    Well I was hoping for a LHD bargain for a car to locate at my flat in Copenhagen (still trying to find one) that will be used for airport runs and daily family duties when they are out with me. Initially it's to transport me and my stuff (bikes and sounds) to Copenhagen in the spring. So it...
  19. bob6600

    Now this is a cheap AMG

    2007 MERCEDES CLS 63 AMG AUTO BLACK | eBay Get a good inspection and could be a bargain if it passes
  20. N

    Really cheap specs offer. 2 pairs, £15 incl. del. Ends Sunday midnight.

    From MSE, 2 pairs of prescription glasses for £15 delivered. I've just ordered. I make nothing out of this, just thought it was a ridiculously good deal, even if you just use them as spares or leave them in the glovebox, shed, 2nd car etc. Glasses Direct voucher codes, Discount codes & Deals -...
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