1. M

    BAD Stone Chips

    Hi all, I've got some stone chips that have gone down to bare metal on my roof :eek: No idea how they got on the roof but they did. I'm all ready to touch them in this weekend - primer, paint, laquer etc - but how should prep the chip area? The bare metal has gone rusty at the bottom of...
  2. S

    stone chips

    hi everyone, i had my car polished this week, and after the polish it has revealed loads of stone chips on the wheel arches and bonnet. they weren`t visible before the polish, it seems that polish has brought them all out. can anyone tell me how i can touch them up, and what i should use. thanks
  3. v_man

    getting ride of scratches and stone chips?

    Hey guys. What's the best way of going about doing this? I tried T-Cut, but didn't do anything to cover up the light scratches and chips on the bonnet. Any recommendations? The colour of the car is brilliant silver, if that helps!
  4. D

    Stone Chips

    What is the best laquer for touching up chips that only damage the top coat, car is silver, or are they best just left?
  5. Howard

    Fish and chips

    Friday night....... Just off to get fish and chips ....... (Homer) Mmmmmmmm........ fish and chips .......... drool cor blimey geezer up the apples and pears and all that !!
  6. F

    Touching up chips

    Hi, Have some minor stone chip on one my alloys. I am fully aware that clear lacqueur should be applied to prevent corrosion but I do not have any that I can find as misplaced teh bottle that came with MB paint touch up stick/pack. Will wifey's clear nail varnish hardner be just as...
  7. J

    Engine Management Chips

    Ok, its late and its raining and I'm lazy. Anyone know when Mercedes changed from VDO chips to Bosch chips (or vice versa) for Engine Management on the W202? I could look but not till its dry again! Thanks Jukka
  8. SEM

    Stone Chips

    Hi this is my first post here and have a simple question.. 1 of probably hundreds by the end of April. I've bought my first Mercedes C220 Avantegarde CDI SE (slight seconds) and noticed a couple of chips round the lights in the side wings. Just curious that with the paint chip off about 3mm...
  9. S

    New E-Class windscreen chips?

    I`ve just noticed several chips (one very large) on the screen of my month old, 3,000 mile E-Class. Now, this may be just bad luck but these are the only chips I`ve picked up over the last five years/150,000 miles. Have any of you guys had any similar problems or have I just been in the wrong...
  10. D

    Stone Chips

    I have noticed a lot of tiny stone chips on the bonnet. They are very small and too small for touchup sticks. I have metallic green so they show up quite badly. Anybody has any good tips on touching these up? Thanks David.
  11. A

    Stone chips

    Hi, My front spolier has plenty of small stone chips due to motorway miles from the previous owner. As my car is green/black they stand out. Is there any good product that I could use to cover them? I've heard about color magic but don't know if it's any good. thanks Amo 1998 s280...
  12. simonl

    Touching up stone chips

    Anyone got any tips for applying touch-up paint and clear coat to small stone chips? Previously I've used the brush and made a right **** of it :(
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