1. M

    best classic ins merc sec 500

    I am thinking of purchasing a mercedes sec 500 and want to insure it on a classic policy who would be the best insurance to insure with
  2. dddooommm

    Merc W124 Sportline /// E320 1995 3.2 Auto E class

    ★★★Mercedes-Benz E320 SPORTLINE///★★★ ★ No Reserve ★ 99p Start ★ On ebay on the 10th Aug 17★ 0777857666 ★ £1,450 ★ FOR SALE: My Powerful 1995 Auto Petrol E320 Factory Sportline /// with full Cream leather interior Low miles & low previous owners Finished in Mercedes-Benz...

    Interesting classic

    Look at this on eBay 1974 Mercedes-Benz 240D W114 / W115 | eBay
  4. M

    1999 W202 Mercedes C200 Classic

    She does scrub up well for an old girl. I gave her a polish especially for our trip to the Lake District. It's a Classic C200 1999 in silver with black interior, the wheels are kept over from my old car (w202) for sentimental reasons.... 85,000 miles from new regular service, I saved her...
  5. Darrell

    Classic cars

    I've always been a big classic car fan but I would love to turn this into some kind of old skool hot rod. It's always parked up near the Chiltern Firehouse.
  6. F

    Classic F1 Ferrari's - 97 Schumacher, Ickx and 50's Front Engine
  7. Darrell

    London Classic Car Show

    Anyone going tomorrow?
  8. Vintage Racer

    Anyone got a Classic Car - Mercedes or other Marques

    As well as the SL320 (R129), I also have a 1959 Triumph TR3a.........what do you have? [/URL][/IMG]
  9. D

    New Classic Mercedes Tyre from Pirelli - The Cinturato CN36 205/70VR14

    Hi What prompted me to post this, is that i was reading Classic Mercedes magazine and i noticed that the spare wheel in a 280SL they were featuring had the 205/70WR14 PIRELLI CINTURATO ™ CN36 | Longstone Tyres fitted to the spare wheel. Fortunately Pirelli Have just re made these tyres for us...
  10. D

    New Production of Pirelli Cinturato CN36 205/70VR14 Classic Mercedes Tyres

    Hi I just saw an article in Classic Mercedes magazine aabout the 280SL which has a tyre on it's spare that they are speculating could be an original tyre. the good news is we have just had them re produced by Pirelli 205/70WR14 PIRELLI CINTURATO ™ CN36 | Longstone Tyres
  11. D

    Sniff Petrol Classic

    Shamelessly copied from Sniff Petrol, an absolute classic. :D Dear Total Pr!ck From An Internet Forum, A while ago I remember you recommending a particular car but I can’t recall what it was. Could you jog my memory? KM, London Total Pr!ck From An Internet Forum replies… Ever heard of a...
  12. A

    Classic recaros

    Taken from a w124. Good condition with no rips or tears, just minimal wear on the drivers seat bolster. All electrical functions and heating working fine. I'm looking for £1800ono for the pair.
  13. F

    The Classic & Supercar Show, 2016
  14. F

    2016 Classic Car Market, 2017 Predictions
  15. F

    Modern, Classic Ferrari's at the Classic & Sports Car Show
  16. Wigglesworth

    My 59k mile W202 C200 classic (auto)

    Hi any and all that are going to be interested in my W202! I decided to buy this wonderful car earlier this week as, in my view, it was a bargain! The car has little evidence of history with it from the previous owners. What is there backs up a totally genuine 59860 miles! Original factory...
  17. V

    Classic Motor Show discount

    Cheeky question but does anyone attending have a discount code for entry? :thumb:
  18. D

    mayor khan emission for london how about classic cars or there are exemptions

    anybody knows or we need to move outside the north circular nad m25 any ideas are their exemptions for owners of classic cars also the £10 charge apply outside central london but within north circular the same as old vans etc
  19. C240Sport97

    A150 Classic Manual - 2005 (05 reg)

    Belongs to my godson (he is the second owner), who has had it 1 year. He bought it because his job required a car to travel to customers. That job has changed, and he no longer needs, wants or is interested in having a car .. the youth of today! I drove it for about 230 miles last week for...
  20. stwat

    Mercedes-Benz W123: The Ultimate Classic - Carfection [YOUTUBE HD]6l4au52aY_I[/YOUTUBE HD]
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