1. V

    Clifford cat 1 alarm fitted but shock sensor not allowed??

    Hello, My Vito w639 only has a factory immobiliser so I just got professionally fitted a oem clifford 330x1 alarm to make it a full Thatcham cat 1 alarm upon collection I asked the actual guy who installed it what the sensitivity on the shock sensor is set to which he answered it's been...
  2. brucemillar

    Clifford G4 Concept 300 Alarm help.

    Folks My Clifford G4 alarm fob has packed up. The battery connection has disintegrated and beyond repair. I can buy new Fob's no problem. But I'm told I need the alarm " pin code". I don't have this. The car is a 1989 car. Is it possible to get around this? Or is it a bypass or buy a new...
  3. brucemillar

    Clifford Alarm ?

    Folks My 124 has a 4 button alarm /immobiliser. Unfortunately I only have 1 fob. So have a concern if I lose it or it gets damaged? Also. The alarm locks the car within 15 seconds of the engine being switched on. This is not good as I have already had the car lock with the engine running...
  4. h17n dj

    Clifford alarm fob

    Hello all, I have a pretty much rand new mint condition Clifford alarm fob that's surplus. It can be coded to your alarm as long as its the type 4 or 5 I believe. Was a spare and only used to test to see if it worked. Money wise looking for a tenner including postage Hiten Sent from my...
  5. brucemillar

    Clifford F*ckin Alarm

    Hi On my newly aquirred 300te I have a Cliiford Alarm (this is an unknown model) no labels on the fob or the siren. I also only have one set of keys (soon to be remedied) and one alrm fob (very bad idea) Does anybody know if I can disable the alarm easily? It locks the car after 15 seconds...
  6. amg3.6

    Clifford alarm c43

    I have a clifford alarm on my c43 has anyone got headlight activation on their car ive been told its not possible because i have a canbus system, if this has been done on your car or you have some info that will be great
  7. amg3.6

    C43 amg clifford alarm

    Hi guys i have a clifford concept 650 mkll alarm on my C43 im wanting to put my remote start on the car, has anyone had this done to the c43 or any w202 c class with the chip lazer key your help is appreicated
  8. Polak

    Clifford Alarm ???

    I have acquired a 1995 E320 C124 with a Clifford Alarm fitted but have no details on how it works or what type it is !!! It has a brown plastic infra red (??) key fob with four buttons on the top (1 large 3 small) and a button on the side. There is a red light on the dashboard which has...
  9. L

    Remove Clifford Concept 100

    Hi all My clifford alarm is doing my head in and I hate it!! If you even touch the car when its armed will go off.. if a car drives past it goes off.. kid on skateboard it goes off.. Also.. it makes all kind of noises, fire engine, circus noises.. kids liking this are purposly setting the...
  10. T

    Clifford G5 Car Alarm

    I had one of these (concept 350 ?) on gfp 1 and loved it 1 button for all windows & sunroof closing 1 button touch for all 4 windows down chirped if peoiple got close to it flashing blue led on dash and the remote would work from 50 meters away unfortunatly the company who sold me it sent...
  11. J

    Clifford Alarm

    Hello, I seam to be having problems with my key fob i.e. having to use it closer to the car (W208) to open it, I have tried replacing the batteries in the key fob but it dosen't seam to make any difference? I have a a Clifford Arrow 5 laying around form a project that never worked out, so I...
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