1. M

    2010 clocks (instruments)

    Hello, I am trying to replace my Vito 2008 clocks with some 2010 clocks, the 2008 have an M push button which cylcles through servicing, can change time and date sort of thing. The 2010 clocks have an oil symbol and if I try to cycle through like on the 2008 clocks it doesn't. I have tried...
  2. M

    w202 speedo clocks

    Hi I have a c280 sport my speedfo clock plastic is cracked I won't to replace it if I brought new clocks is there a way of separating the front plastic from the clocks
  3. ricky300ce

    dashboard clocks earth

    hi I have a problem with my dash clocks the oil pressure gauge & rev counter only work when I push the clocks back in half way could this be an earthing problem as when I push clocks fully in they don't work but all other gauges work any advice welcome
  4. B

    VITO Clocks - my new (old) van has lots of issues :-(

    hi all - new here - but get the feeling this forum and my recent purchase will keep me off facebook for a good while. ok - i have spent a few days now looking at lots and lots of posts relating to my problems - but they are not exactly the same as mine - so i would like to list them here and...
  5. Harrythedog

    Does altering the clocks affect you?

    As we're mostly spread around the UK does changing the clocks have any particular effect on your life. Personally I prefer the extra light in the morning but I know many are not keen on the idea. I think many years ago there was a year when it didn't happen but can't remember the general...
  6. F

    2002 CL55 Clocks

    Can someone please tell me if all pre-facelift CL55s have the word 'kompressor' below AMG on the rev counter ? The car I test drove today did, but I don't think it was a 'K' (2002, twin exhausts not quad and CL55 in the log book. Thanks,
  7. M

    can i convert satndard sprinter seedo to BC clocks?

    anyone done standard speedo to advanced board computer one operated with steering wheel buttons. is it plug and play or I would need programing, wiring?
  8. kalvin928

    W219 ClS AMG clocks into E55

    Hi in a position to buy CLS clocks from 219 shape... I was under impression these would fit w211 Eclass... With necessary programming etc is this correct pls? Sent from my Mobile Device using MBClub UK
  9. ioweddie

    Anyone know anything about Antique Carriage Clocks?

    Hi All, I'm selling this 19th century clock on ebay and need a bit of guidance as I described it incorrectly, as I have bids on it, I cannot change the title etc but have added in large red print the changes to the description which have been pointed out to me by a potential bidder, further down...
  10. smoothcoupe

    w211 E55 200mph clocks

    Hi. 200mph wanted cash waiting.
  11. Pilotprice

    Clocks changing to red at redline, c63

    Hi guys Quick one, a few YouTube vids of c63 speedos I seem to recall the clocks flashing red indicating to change up, I can't red line mine yet (running in) is there a setting to activate this as my friend says his doesn't do it? Both are 2013 c63s.
  12. J

    clocks and dials change

    I'm thinking about changing my standard clocks and dials with black background in my w211 E class to the silver with chrome trim. Ive noticed you can buy the complete units on ebay and from breakers but I'm a bit unsure as to how hard it will be to do it and if it will affect any of my dials...
  13. C

    W209 cluster, speedo, instrument clocks, speedometer repair in Surrey

    As you can probably see from my previous posts I have only owned my W209 clk240 for only a month now. My cluster (instrument clocks) has been playing up since I've purchased the car. Problems: - Once in a while my speedometer needle will not pass 40 mph (fortunately there a an electronic...
  14. 380SL

    W208 CLK dash clocks bulbs

    How do i remove the clocks to replace the dash light bulbs please ? Thanks.
  15. B

    Vito W638 clocks...malfunctioning, of course.

    I have a 2001 W638 Vito, ex-Traveliner, now a dayvan conversion. The interior-fittings-part of the conversion was a DIY job (although to a superb standard - the previous owner fitted out canal boats), but the auxiliary electrical system (leisure battery, split-charging system, etc) was installed...
  16. B

    Vito 2007 retrofit command, clocks & m/f steering wheel

    Hi, is it possible to fit the NTG 2.5 nav with the better clocks (dash) & m/f steering wheel with controls into a standard 115cdi on a 57 plate? Or is it a non starter? Had enough trouble fitting a factory bulkhead with all the different trims :-) Thanks for any advice Brendan
  17. chubbs111

    ref clocks

    can i pick your brains please ive been offered a set of white clocks complete with binacle from a 97 w202 sport will they fit into a 97 c200 and will i have to make any changes or mods and if they are from a 6 cylinder will it make any diff fitting to a 4 cylinder...
  18. chubbs111

    w202 white clocks

    does anyone know where i can get a set of white clocks for a 97 c200 please
  19. B

    '02 Vito 108cdi clocks...

    I recently sent the instrument panel off to be rebuilt by ACtronics, who returned it with a clean bill of health. At first, all seemed fine, but now they operate intermittently. Whilst driving, there appears to be an occasional complete loss of power to the clocks, causing the speedo and tacho...
  20. R

    R2 Clocks 100,000 miles

    R2 clocked 100,000 miles last night and still looks like new and goes like new (maybe even better!). This car is the best I have ever owned:bannana:
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