1. G

    FOR SALE: Albion CLOUD Backup + Share 3yr plan

    I have an unwanted, unopened (obviously) Albion iStore CLOUD Backup + Share pack, prepaid for 3yrs (happy to provide a copy of the original invoice). The backup is unlimited, and includes 500GB "Sharing Briefcase", accessible from all your computers. More info here: Albion Cloud...
  2. Mrhanky

    NAS / Cloud storage

    Upto this week we have been using a 3tb wd my cloud device to store all our back ups for my company without issue. However, this week it asked for a firmware update, this I did but since then its never come back online and does not show on our network. I have tried all the tricks on the net...
  3. Abb

    Every cloud....

    I feel compelled to share my good news today! After yesterday's shenanigans with the ML we went to view, I was contacted this morning with one which was available for purchase, albeit more miles, more money but more importantly more spec! Quick research on the dealer followed by a telephone...
  4. Palfrem

    Real Player Cloud

    Has anyone got a way of uninstalling this please? The usual "uninstall" in control panel won't do it. Keep get an error message about uninstall shell has stopped working. Others, like CC cleaner also generate the same error Any ideas please? Thanks
  5. ringway

    Cloud Backup.

    Having just had another near catastrophe with the hard drive failing on my (less than 12 months old) Toshiba i7 laptop, can anyone recommend a reliable Cloud Storage site, please? Ideally, I would like to be able to access my stored data from my mobile phone and laptop when not in the office...
  6. Dr-Nab

    Cloud 9 cars meet at Giltbrook 7th April 2013

    Thought I'd post a few pictures from this today, I only went for some food then grabbed a coffee and noticed a lot of nice looking motors in a section of the car park so went to investigate further, here's what I found. The Mercedes contribution to keep it relevant: And for the rest,
  7. jaymanek

    Cloud type backup service?

    Which ones do people use? Probably a fair bit of data I want to backup..... Tried but the site seems really slow.
  8. Spinal

    Forensics and Cloud Computing...

    I need a quick little debate... There are many online services that offer to host data and access it real-time (e.g. UbuntuOne, DropBox, MobileMe, Live Workspaces, etc)... From a forensics point of view; i.e. gathering evidence after something has gone wrong, what is the impact of these...
  9. ackee911

    Off in a cloud of smoke

    Hi all, I was cruising around today enjoying the comfort of my car. Everything was as it should be. I got around 25mpg, at 50mph easy driving. Then I saw a friend of mine, and he wanted to drive my car. Fine, I said. he took it up the road, with me in it and put his foot down. I looked...
  10. Marque

    Diesel smoke cloud - normal?

    I can cruise around in my E220 CDI all day without any noticeable exhaust smoke. I don't even see any when the engine is cold-started. :) Very occasionally, I will put my foot down and then I can see a diesel smoke cloud in my rear view mirror. However, if I repeat the manoeuvre then there is...
  11. Mactech

    For Lewis every cloud has a Kovalainen...

    Even if Lewis had a bad day in the office today, getting your Mercedes team mate to win the race was a stroke of genius:)
  12. buccal

    Every cloud has a Mercedes lining...

    Following the vadalism of my CLK i was looking for a run around when i got a little bit carried away........... I'm sure it will rust quicker than it can get keyed, and the body work isn't perfect but hey, neither is mine:) 1996 W210 280 Elegance Auto. 1 owner from new 50K. Serviced...
  13. A

    every cloud has a silver lining as the current floods bring joy to some

    Cries of "smashing", "super" and "great" are heard throughout Rotherham as all the Bullseye winners finally get to use their speedboats! :)
  14. A

    Every cloud has a silver lineing.

    The Bad News My car was vandalised about 4 weeks ago now. Some real damage was done. I think it was an employee I sacked for stealing. The Good News As some may recall I am getting a new car so will be selling my car soon. I have just had the car totally repainted (the car was...
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