1. gr1nch

    Can't complain...

    ...about women taking too much time shopping for clothes, makeup, shoes and then dressed, made up, ready to go out. Yesterday researched and then ordered two lots of gear from Slims detailing and realise I'm on just as slippery a slope with gear and money/time that will be going out the window...
  2. E

    Complain about service

    Hi, recently I had my car serviced by WATERHOUSE CHELMSFORD dealer, but it wasn't best experience. After that I emailed dealer but it took them some time to reply to me (after few extra emails), they said that they will post replacements for broken parts and voucher for next service. When I...
  3. Mrhanky

    Dont borrow my AMG and complain about the MPG

    My father went away for five days and borrowed my E55K as he wanted to feel special (his words not mine). He dropped it back today and all he did was complain how bad the economy was. I mean who on earth would knowingly borrow a super charged 5.4 litre car and not expect naff mpg. No doubt he...
  4. K9 JSB

    Proffesional MOP. Should I complain.. ?

    My black (Horrific colour!!) W211 E320 CDI is in a reputable body shop having the scratches removed and a full Machine operated polish. With regard to the scratches being removed, I have no questions or concerns. I want them gone and will accept nothing but perfection :rock: and I believe...
  5. guydewdney

    Argument with DVLA - who to complain to?

    The DVLA faceless organisation that they are have decided that my motorhome isnt a motorhome. Now - it is clearly defined as to what is and isnt a MH internally - it must have a bed, cooking etc. It complies to all of these requirements, and my local office has been satisfied, and sent me a...
  6. SilverSaloon

    sale of house - how long does buyer have to complain?

    hi. Some advice please regarding a house sale... we sold (and completed) our house in April. Within about a month the buyers complained about several things we wrote back telling them we wont entertain those issues and we didnt hear anything back until last week (end of Oct) they...
  7. W

    and we complain about our roads

    scary stuff 5J771xECXH0
  8. bpsorrel

    Don't ever complain about the cost of insurance!

    I just received the quotes for insuring the Juke in Russia.... First, I need to explain that most car insurance in Russia is third party only. I mean ONLY - not even theft is covered. This cover is costly enough and is the cover I have on my current 7 year old Nissan. Well, when spending...
  9. Satch

    Now go complain about Top gear parking in disabled spaces...

    The vehicle in question is of course a Chrysler 300C It is also the chauffeur-driven conveyance of Mizanur Rahman Chaudhury, Chairman of Tower Hamlets Council, which just happens to be the worst borough in London for rates of social deprivation.
  10. Schuey

    Most Senior MB Person in UK to complain to?

    Hi, Can anyone give me the name and possibly email address of the most senior person in MB UK to complain to please, I guess this will be someone in Milton Keynes? Thanks in advance.
  11. Bobby Dazzler

    Private medical care - who to complain to?

    Baby D is 18 months old now and since Christmas has been suffering with some reciurring health problems, which have worsened since March. He's not been sleeping well as a result and last week in particular it was pretty bad - Mrs D and I quite literally barely slept. We have private...
  12. N

    we shouldn't complain about our roads...

    YouTube - ‫???????? ?? ?????‬‎
  13. M

    Advice on who to complain to

    I took my ML to a specialist today to find out what the clunking noise was when steering. I thought it might be bad tie end rods. I did another post on what this problem could be. When I bought my car from a Volvo main dealer, it had a warning light that they said they would fix before I picked...
  14. M

    Should I complain again to Mercedes?

    I recently had a problem, for the second time, with the catalytic converter on my SLK320. The first cat went at 15k miles (nearside cat broke up) and Mercedes replaced it under warranty. This cat then broke up (nearside again) after 8k miles. This time it was out of warranty and Mercedes refused...
  15. D

    Invitation to Complain to MB UK

    Check out the last two paragraphs. I hope the journalist has enough bandwidth.
  16. E

    Earn £5 if you complain about your dealer

    Guys, After having been so poorly treated by Mercedes Benz UK I decided that I would setup an website where everyone can air their gripes, so why not check it out: Have fun Regards Jo
  17. Tan

    Don't Complain at MB DARTFORD

    Recentley my car went into MB dartford to have the climate control looked at, they ended changing the complete Control system, a bill of the best part of £900 including some other work. A couple of weeks later i experienced the same problems again, so back to the dealer. This time they...
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