1. A

    No compression

    Hi all, this is my first post so sorry if it's in wrong location. I recently had the oil changed in my slk 200 kompressor r171 and, three days later the engine warning light came on with error code p200a bank 2/5 hot film mass airflow sensor the car was running fine at this point so the the code...
  2. Philbask

    Compression Test / Coolant loss ??

    Hi all, M102 W124 230CE, losing coolant (about 3-4 pints per week!) I have looked when hot, when cold but can see no obvious leak, reasonably new radiator, thermostat plus housing and expansion tank cap. Also when I go to top up, invariably there is still pressure in the system. I did a...
  3. W

    W205 AMG compression problems.

    Ok, My MB Stealer has now had my car over 5 weeks. The last time I heard anything from them, 3 weeks ago, the issue was with coil packs.... The car developed a miss fire and pluging in my OBD-II tool, it reported a miss fire on #2 and #4. When the MB mobile mechanic arrived his Xentry showed...
  4. Borys

    Compression test?

    Quick question Can you do it through Star before attempting manual procedure on a v6 cdi ? Thanx
  5. Mike060280

    What compression psi/bar should my 112cdi be

    Trying to find out what psi/bar should my vito 112cdi (2.2turbo diesel) be at when carrying out a compression test. Can't find any info on this at all
  6. D

    just a note about turbo compression

    hi all, imanaged to put those breather pipes onto my rocker cover yesterday, they eventually lead towards the turbo wastegate thingy? anyway, i noticed the turbo sound spooling is much more aggressive and whiny now, beautiful! the response is way smoother ... is this really down the to new...
  7. Whitey

    SpeedFit vs Compression

    I'm intending to use polypipe on my new plumbing system due to long complicated runs and for a reduction in joints under the floor). I was just wondering what opinions were on using the Speedfit fittings vs a copper olive compression fitting ? I'm quite confident in the push-fit fittings...
  8. englishdas

    Compression test? W124/M104

    Just done a plug change, and I have to say, the ones I pulled out don't look great. Although, I'm wondering if the oily gluey buildup on the threads is just the stuff that stops em jamming. (Antilock grease? The name of the stuff alludes me right now.) I've never done a compression test...
  9. 91dm

    Wanted: Coil Spring Compression Tool

    I’m looking for a spring compressor kit. Let me know what you have. Thanks
  10. L

    MB Road Spring Compression hire? (W210 front)

    Hi, I'm new to the club & so my 1st posting - so 'Hi !' Does anybody know where to hire a road spring compressor for the Front springs on my newly aquired W210 (E320 Elegance Estate). I can see you can buy them online fro about £150 - £200 but I'm only going to need to use it the once -...
  11. I

    Which Compression Tester Kit for OM617?

    Hi All, I've never undertaken this job and would like any advice on which kit to buy - and any tips on using it if possible! I have a couple of Petrol engines as well, so it'd be handy if they were dual purpose - or are they all if they work for diesel? Many thanks in advance. Cheers, Paul
  12. S

    240d compression

    I have a 240d from 1982. 120k kms from new. It is low on power and my garage tells me the compression is low on three cylinders. Seems odd since I had a test 4000kms ago and it was ok. So, it could be, I guess, head gasket, valves or rings. First, am I right and second, what is the most likely...
  13. D

    Compression Low

    So, i went to start the car last night. It compressed once then sounded like it lost pressure when cranking. Oh fun...Went to a friend to borrow a compression tester and sure enough, 30 psi on cyl 1, nothing on cyl 2. By this point i was getting very wet in the rain in my drive and decided to...
  14. Danny DeVito

    SP Diesel Compression tester

    Sykes Pickavant Compression tester up for offers. Used approx 1.5 times The box is very dirty though. Has two extra fittings for inj and glowplug. Suits older cars i have a list available. Part # 014200
  15. oldskoolmercs

    M103 Compression Ratio

    Hi, I needed to know the compression ratio figures for the 3.0 M103 engine... where they all 9.2:1.? I have heard that some were 10.1 is this correct? And is there any way of knowing when looking at the car or engine. Regards, Oldskoolmercs...
  16. S

    Compression Test Results - What does it show?

    Hi, I got a compression test done for my 1992 2.0 190e and the results show: 1: 200 PSI - 13.78 Bar 2. 200 PSI - 13.78 Bar 3. 170 PSI - 11.72 Bar 4: 160 PSI - 11.03 Bar The Haynes manual says there can be a maximum difference of 1.5 Bars between each cylinder. Cylinder 1/2 have over 2 Bar...
  17. M

    Compression software

    Any decent freeware stuff I can use? If I do how do people uncompress at the other end? I am looking to compress word docs, maybe an excel sheet or 2 and possibly pdf's Any suggestions? matt
  18. O

    c180 Misfire compression low cylinder 3

    Dear Merc Gurus and Forum specialists, My C180 COUPE engine 271 is misfiring on cylinder 3 with error code P0303 and behaving rougly on idle. Had Spark Plug changed and Ignition coils on cylinder 3 but it only became bit better to what it was. I took it to garage yesterday for diagnosis with...
  19. japimport

    compression test results

    heres the results of my compression test can anyone tell me if this is ok 4.12 bar 165psi 3,just over 12 bar 165psi 2,13 bar 170psi 1. just over 12 bar 165psi from the front of the car
  20. japimport

    compression test

    hi there im going to buy a compression tester as my car is lumpy on idle i can feel it through the whole car ive already tested the ignition with a spark plug tester and changed the ignition coils so im going to give it a go with a compression tester what i need to know is how to exactly to do...
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