1. Omega

    E220 (124) Coolant loss & Compression figures

    Hi folks, 1995 E220 124 Petrol Auto Saloon I seem to be losing/burning water from the cooling system. I can’t find a leak & had supposed the head gasket might be at fault (101000 mls) tho’ she runs as sweet as a nut. Oil (full synthetic) is o.k. Plugs are o.k (changed them yesterday to...
  2. spock500

    Diesel compression tester

    As I work through the possible causes for non starting the most obvious one now is a compression test (see Does anyone have any advice on which brand? these SilverlIine ones look ok with plenty of adaptors...
  3. B

    m103 compression interpretations + valve guide questions

    Well my Brabus 3.6 has eaten its way through yet another headgasket :(, thankfully I have an MLS gasket that PUMPISH (guy the mercedesshop forum who's putting out 600bhp from m103s!) made for me. I've been losing oil in this car at the same rate (~1L/300mi) I had done before the rebuild last...
  4. M

    Compression figures interpretation

    I just did a compression test in my continuing efforts to fix the slow starting on my 300TE-24, here's what I got; 1/ 110 PSI 2/ 100 3/ 105 4/ 115 5/ 130 6/ 130 These seem very low to me, I'm not totally convinced of the accuracy of the tester I used but I hoped it would give me a rough...
  5. pupsi

    Compression ratio on a 300E 24V Sportline????

    As the title really, does anyone know this offhand? Its the M104-24v engine. I know on a M103-12V its 9.2:1 compression ratio but don't think its the same. Thanks
  6. KLP 92

    Engine Compression questions - running high compression + engine misfire

    I have a 560 SEC with 102k on the clock. I had the head rebuilt on it 6-12 months ago, 500 miles ago precisely due to a few running issues. Well i've developed a misfire in the car (yet again!!) so decided to have the compression checked on it. The reading as as follows, from the front of...
  7. S

    Merc C36 AMG no compression in 1 cylinder

    Hi ive just bought a c36 amg with the engine out of the car. the compression is down on one cylinder. what could the possible problems be???? would i need to rebore the cylinder???? Is it possible to put a c230 kompressor engine into the c36?? I think the c36 is a c280 engine which is bored...
  8. R

    Compression Ratio???

    My favourite subject:rolleyes: M271 engines are all the same but the "1.8" has a compression ratio of 10.2:1, the "2.0" has a compression ration of 9.5:1 and the "2.3" has a ratio of 8.7:1. If they all have a capacity of 1796cc and all have a bore of 82mm and a stroke of 85mm then how is the...
  9. scotth_uk

    Cylinder compression test / leakage?

    Hi Guys, I am looking at Neil's 190e 2.5-16 at present which is for sale and when reviewing the documentation I spotted some results of a cylinder leakage test or perhaps a compression test. Results were quoted as 14%, 14%, 14% and 22%. Does anyone know if this is good, bad or otherwise?
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