1. A

    Help. Passenger airbag light on constantly

    Hi Please can anyone help me with this issue I am having with my Mercedes C204 on 62 plate (2012). Around a month ago I noticed the passenger airbag light on in the middle console just under the radio. I done some reading and from what I gather this should only come on for a few seconds then go...
  2. M

    SL 350 R230 Centre vents blow cold air constantly

    Hi Folks, My wifes Sl350 r230 blows constant cold air from the dash centre vents, Tried all manner of settings etc to no avail, the open close wheels do not make any difference either, this is a real pain in winter as the car takes ages to heat up inside with the additional cold air...
  3. D

    Constantly steamed up windscreen and windows

    Hi, I hope someone can help with this. I've just got a 2006 C220 cdi estate - which I am loving apart from a recurring problem with steamed up windows. Constantly is probably over egging it a bit, it's mainly but not always in damp weather. I use the windscreen blower which clears around 50%...
  4. A

    Vito Starter motor constantly running. Kicks in while driving

    Hi everyone, I’m in a desperate need for some help. In a nutshell: the new starter motor kicks back in and starts running while driving the van! I stop the van, turn the ignition off, take the key out and it’s still running. I have to disconnect the battery lead to stop the starter motor...
  5. S

    08 w211 - AC Light constantly on

    Hi guys I've got a 2008 W211 agantgarde and normally leave the climate control on auto, when on auto the AC light is constantly lit red and never turns off, is that normal? Doesn't seem to blow out as much cold air as my previous car either...
  6. A

    aux water pump running constantly

    Hello, looking for help diagnosing a 2001 ML320. The secondary water pump continues to run after shutting the car off. I know it should run for a few minutes, but now it will not shut off at all unless you unplug it. Replaced relay (K19) and same result. No error codes. Tips on where to go next...
  7. S

    Help please... Parking brake warning constantly on

    Hi people. I own a 2010 C180K which I have been really happy with up until Thursday of last week when the parking brake warning decided it was going to stay on constantly even though I know it has disengaged. This is really annoying as the warning alarm sounds every 2 seconds when your driving...
  8. V

    Vito Hazards stop flashing with alarm+interior light on constantly!

    I disconnected the battery ground connection today and after reconnection noticed the hazard lights wont flash anymore with alarm arm/disarm :dk: ? also the interior light both in cabin and back of van wont switch off at all when on auto mode :dk: ? appreciate any help, thanks.
  9. mr tibbs

    W210 Blower fans run constantly

    Hi all. We were out today when suddenly the air con fans started running at full speed and we could not switch them off. Turned off the ignition and the fans kept running..... Checked the fuse locations and it says fuse 4. 7. in the underbonnet fuse holder were the ones. Removed the fuses and...
  10. Skhan

    W220 S320 CDI Constantly in limp mode

    Hi guys my car is constantly in limp mode but the engine management light doesn't display. Before this happened it seemed like it was also down on power but the turbo was kicking in.... It was also kicking out a huge puff of black smoke when you put your foot down. Any ideas?
  11. M

    w639 ecu fan runs constantly..normal?

    Hi and greetings from Finland!:bannana: My ECU fan is running constantly, it never stops, even after the car has been sitting still for a good day or two, keys out of ign., doors locked, i can hear the fan running.. and yes i'm sure it's the ECU fan since i found the fan from the bottom of the...
  12. M

    CLK55 fan running constantly

    Hi wondering anyone can help..... I hope so! I have a clk55 amg 2003 the cars cooling fan is running constantly as soon as the ignition is turned on and whilst the engine is on also. It runs at maximum rpm I think its in safe mode. I have had the car at a few garages and first I was told that...
  13. 1945wickedred

    Alarm constantly going off on my SL350.

    Hi everyone,need some help please,my alarm keeps going off for seemingly no reason,hazards start to flash and headlights are on,key fob will not stop the alarm either,this has only just started to happen after owning the car 7 months,I am confused to why this is happening,I have the same...
  14. N

    2003 E220 Full beam constantly on when in Auto light Mode

    Guys please help!! I have a 2003 53 E220 Avantgarde estate and just this morning a new problem has started! Te lights are always set on the Auto Light function and normally works fine, but now when in this mode the Full beam is constantly on and cannot be turned off?? The full beam sign is also...
  15. B

    Drivers door mirror constantly hot( heated mirror) and now the glass is foggy

    Hi can anyone point me in the area to start solving my problem... I have a 2002 C270 Cdi estate elegance, I've noticed over the past couple of months that the heated mirror on the off side (drivers) is continually on as opposed to the near side which is cold, this as also caused the mirror to...
  16. PanMichael

    r129 500SL- indicator lights stays constantly on

    Hello Just went outside the house and noticed that my right indicators stays on with constant light. When I took the fuse off they're gone but when fuse is back the lights turn on again. When I got inside the car and turned the signal switch to the left,the left indicators are working as they...
  17. KillerHERTZ

    W209 Alarm Constantly Going Off

    For the past week every time I return to my car the indicators are flashing and the alarm has gone off. For the past 2 nights I have had to go out at 4am to turn it off. Reading up, the W209 is meant to use an ultrasonic system which can be effected by metallic objects in the car, I have...
  18. S

    Abs light on constantly

    Hi I'm a newbie so hope I have posted this in the right place.I have a 1991 Mercedes 300e. The Abs Light is on constantly and no Abs is working.I have checked fuse on OVR and replaced it even though the fuse wasn't blown.Cleaned the sensors,Took Battery off for a couple of hours then...
  19. R

    w203 cdi constantly draining battery power

    My w203 220cdi battery is constantly going flat. It doesnt hapen within a few hours but if left for over about 8 hours or so it will start to show signs of strugling to start and any longer than that it doesnt start at all. Been on star at mercedes and it is not any sams. I also found out...
  20. bigjim

    W211 Climate Control - constantly blowing cold

    Hi Any suggestions as to why the climate control in my E55 is permanently chucking out cold air even when I select Hi on the control? Thanks in advance Jim :thumb:
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