1. Palfrem

    Mercedes 190e 2.5-16 cosworth

    1990 MERCEDES 190E 2.5-16 COSWORTH | eBay Familiar?
  2. W

    'Cosworth' :)

    Enjoy .. mercedes 190e cosworth | eBay
  3. W

    Wanted Merc Cosworth or R129 500SL

    I possibly might be interested in a Merc 190 Cosworth or 500SL in 4 weeks or so. (manual if its a 190) 4 weeks because I need to move a car before taking another (no space currently) so cannot buy before but putting feelers out now. Possibly because I am not convinced I should be buying an...
  4. Palfrem

    Carat Duchatalet Cosworth

    Mercedes 190E Sportline Carat By Duchatelet Cosworth | eBay Over to you chaps
  5. N

    Mercedes 190e cosworth look- a - like!

    Almost indistinguishable from the real McCoy. Any ideas what model the rear spoiler is for? **MERCEDES 190E COSWORTH LOOK- A - LIKE 1992 5 SPEED MANUAL** | eBay
  6. grober

    Cosworth's Hal Reisiger

    Interesting interview with Hal Reisiger chief executive of Cosworth on Radio 4's today programme this morning. Talked about the company and its OEM work [ some manufacturers wanted Cosworth on their cars whereas others wanted their own brand name :rolleyes: ] and revealed himself as a bit of an...
  7. M

    1987 2.3-16 190e cosworth

    hi guy's ive put my car up for sale,i have decided to throw the towel in and admit defeat.:thumb: 1987 W201 MERCEDES 190E 2.3-16 COSWORTH 86K FSH T&T RARE *REDUCED* | eBay i know the advert is long winded but atleast it's honestly described.
  8. T

    w201 mercedes 190e 2.5 16v gearbox conversion help

    hi im new to this forum. i own a merc 190e 2.5 cosworth automatic, but i woul like to convert it to manual dogleg gearbox. my question is : has anyone done something like that which parts would i need what problems i might find and maybie post numbers contacts to people who got parts or are...
  9. Palfrem

    Honest looking Cosworth 190E 2.3 16

    1986 MERCEDES 190E 2.3 16 COSWORTH | eBay
  10. edstrom76

    MB 190E Cosworth 2.5-16

    This is a friend of a friends' car, have a look if you're after one of these as it's in really good nick! In Loughborough.
  11. B

    190e cosworth steering box

    Im after a 190e cosworth steering box, preferably with pitman arm. Anyone have one?
  12. T


    Hi Martin Sorry about Saturday - ran out of time, hopefully will be up again. How is the Cosworth going - made any progress of what you wanted to do? Terry
  13. Sp!ke

    Wanted 190 Cosworth for 5th gear

    This came in via the contact us route - PM me for the contact details if you are interested.
  14. Palfrem

    Cheap track day Cosworth?

    Mercedes Cosworth | eBay
  15. R

    190E Cosworth wanted

    2.3 16v. 2.5 16v . Manual Preferable. PM or email [email protected] with details and photos if possible, Cheers :o
  16. B

    W201 190e cosworth leather interior

    Hey guys im after a leather interior from a 190e cosworth. Does anyone have one in decent condition?
  17. R

    190E Cosworth wanted

    any condition or mileage etc........ preferably black, but any age mileage or condition considered. e-mail me with details and preferably pictures to [email protected] :thumb:
  18. Palfrem

    Black Cosworth

    Mercedes 190e 2.3-16v cosworth black classic | eBay
  19. poormansporsche

    I find it quite annoying really that the 190 16v is called "Cosworth"

    I know its the accepted norm really but it is rather annoying as the car is quite simply not a Cosworth Car. OK so they did design and build the Head but that was about all, might as well call it a Mercedes Bosch , same principle. In the same token you may as well say that the Astra GTE/GSI 16v...
  20. Palfrem

    More examples of Cosworth

    Mercedes Cosworth 2.3 16 V | eBay Nice Reg plate
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