1. Handydave

    Noise Deadening Blanket - any views?

    I love my 2014 W212 E220SE (well C207 actually - it's a Coupe). Although it is very quiet at motorway speeds, it's a bit clattery at idle. Has anyone used one of these noise deadening blankets? Are they any good?
  2. Max Shine

    Sound Deadening

    My Merc E Class has a pretty noisy diesel engine and many online reviews comment on this also - it there an under-bonnet sound deadening option that can be retro fitted to quieten it?
  3. E

    W169 Under bonnet sound deadening/ insulation?

    Hello I have a W169 A class facelift A180 CDi. I'm wondering if anyone has installed any sound deadening/ insulation under the bonnet. I did ring up the dealers to see if it was meant to have any, but they said no. No A-Classes have any. it looks like there's space to install some. - Any...
  4. smile

    Removing sound deadening CLK W208

    Hi guys, So I suffered from the fairly common issue of having the rainwater drain by the windscreen block up, overflow, and absolutely waterlog my front AND rear passenger side carpets. Joy! I've managed to unblock it today so hopefully that shouldn't happen again which is good! I'm...
  5. A

    Sound deadening project bonnet

    Following on from a previous thread regarding Stp standartPlast. I bought a gold bulk pack and have started installing it in my w220 s320cdi. First I put some of it under the bonnet I can't say I have notice any difference to engine noise inside or outside the car:(
  6. BillyW124

    Any views on sound deadening?

    hello gentlemen! i'm thinking of one day having my entire floor pan treated to some sound deadening properties. (every inch of it, not just patches here and there) Of course the interior will have to be stripped and carpets taken out. Its got me thinking as i had been driving around...
  7. T

    Sound deadening internally a C350 CDI BE

    Hello all, I am taking delivery of a W204 C350CDi Blue Efficiency which replaces my W203 2004 180K C Class. I am over the moon with my choice but one small point to cover is that the 180K seems quieter from the inside when driving in town than the V6 of the C350. Are there any retro fit...
  8. B

    W124 Bonnet insulation, (sound deadening)

    There was a thread a few weeks ago concerning replacing the bonnet insulation on a W124........I have searched but I cannot find it. I need to replace the insulation on my 300CE..which is crumbling Can anyone point me to the thread? Cheers
  9. S

    Floor sound deadening in a flat

    Hello, In my apartment the floor below me is currently unoccupied as the development is new. This is good news for me currently as I can play music as loud as I please with my mission 702e floor-standers. (Ive had the opportuninty to go next as door it's the show flat so I was able to crank...
  10. G

    2 x Dynamat Xtreme wedge pack (sound deadening)

    brand new and unopened each pack contains 4 sq ft looking for £30 if collected from near uxbridge, west london. can be posted at cost
  11. C

    Dynamat Extreme - sound deadening wanted

    bit of a long shot but figured i would post here anyways need any Dynamat Extreme sound deadening anyones got lying around or they dont need will buy any size large or small as i need to do the whole car Cheers Chris
  12. splang

    Sound deadening installation

    Hi all, I have bought some dynamat extreme because I want a bit more sound deadening in my e class. Can anyone suggest somewhere near Bristol or in Somerset that might be a good bet to install it? I have been quoted £300 from Sextons in Bristol which seems a bit much for 1 days work...
  13. G

    sound deadening - worth it?

    What real difference is this likely to make in a w202 with an aftermarket ice install? i thinking of doing the front doors, and parts of the boot. at the moment, its really the bootlid, spoiler and number plate that vibrates and is noticeable... going to use a product like dynamat extreme....
  14. Rob77

    W124 Front mats and deadening

    The front mats have thick deadening foam stuck to the underside and I'm cleaning them up and drying them out. Is this deadening permenantly bonded on or can I just pull it off? I mean obviously I can remove it but will it cause damage so I should leave it stuck down?
  15. V

    Silver engine bay firewall, sound deadening stuff

    I'm doing up an old Merc at the moment and as I have the engine out, I was wondering where I can get that aluminium sound deadening material that sticks to the back of the engine bay from?....the existing stuff is pretty shabby and could do with being replaced Any idea who stocks this sort of...
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