1. markjay

    F1 Dents - Mobile Paintless Dent Removal - Highly Recommended

    Mobile Paintless Dent Removal - North London & Herts Thanks Jake for a great job!!! :thumb: Car looks like new :cool:
  2. markjay

    Smart repair of very minor dents

    Can these dents be repaired without respraying the entire door? There is no paint damage, just the very annoying car-park dings.
  3. G

    CLS350 bad dents need fix/replacing & Where?

    Hey Folks, While abroad I went into a particularly tight, dark and winding carpark and unfortunately had one of the barriers take a chunk out of the side of my CLS350. I basically now have deep dents & scratching on both door panels on left & also on the rear wheel arch. It may be possible to...
  4. Simzy

    Removing small dents

    Some little yobs have dented my beloved c220 any ideas on a quick fix for a small dent about the size of a fist. The paintwork is fine no scratches or anything but its a definite clear dent .. Thanks guys
  5. M

    Car park dents - advice needed

    Hi Bought a C180 1995 W202 7 years back. Had the body work rubbed down professionally -I t looked fantastic -like new Now I seem to be plagued with car park denges/rubs etc Can you get rid of these or do you have to have it fully resprayed There is 4 on the right and 3 on the left...
  6. gr4z

    Dents :(

    Bugger. Just went out to the car to go out and noticed some numpty has dented my passenger door and scraped a nice indent along for about 6 inches. Thanks for letting me know. My eldest son got into the other side and noticed another dent that side where someone has obviously smashed their...
  7. Rashman

    Who can help with dents?

    Hi guys. I went to a wedding yesterday (went well) but was disgusted to see that someone felt I needed a couple of dents in my drivers door! :mad: They are not really that deep and are pretty small. Does anyone know of any company who can visit me and pull these dents out? The paint...
  8. S

    bonnet dents

    so had my new clc for a week now and today saw there are 3 small dents on the bonnet, one of which has caused a scatch. no idea how they got there but i am very angry right now :mad: anybody know the best place in london to get this fixed?
  9. Baron_Samedi

    Dents in Leather

    Lets say for example, I allowed something to press into a leather seat for a period of time and the leather deformed :-( Is there a way, short of replacing the seat cover to kind of "iron out" the dent? Ta!
  10. J

    Miniscule dents........

    Hi all, I have a dilemma. I have a couple of tiny dents on both rear passenger doors that I can only put down to other so called "people" not being able to open car doors properly and hitting my car doors. The problem is that the dents are so insignificant that you can only see them from...
  11. Birdman

    Extracting roof dents

    Four small shallow depressions suddenly appeared, three on one side of the roof and one on the other, all of them near the drainage channels to the front of the roof. There is no damage to the paintwork, no scratching or signs of rubbing I wondered if this is something a specialist could repair...
  12. B

    Minor Dents Repair

    My wife's brand new C270CDi Avantgarde had suffered some 'involuntary cosmetic conversion'. Someone who parked next to her slammed a car door into her side, and is now sporting a 10cm vertical crease in the rear off-side door-skin. I just wonder if anyone had any experience of these 'mobile'...
  13. Maff

    Poor quality of Mercedes cars dents profits

    From Friday's Financial Times - will be interesting to read:
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