1. merc85

    w211 Great description lol

    I'm not the greatest when it comes to spelling but really??? lol 2005 MERCEDES E320 CDI AVANTGARDE AUTO SILVER | eBay
  2. I

    Shortest Ebay description?

    I know brevity is supposedly the Soul of Wit, but does it help to sell?? Mercedes E220 saloon 1994 72K miles, 12 months MOT | eBay “Collection only, No return, Paypal only“. OK, perhaps “One Careful Owner” is the description. That makes it shorter! Have Ebay started charging by...
  3. B

    Oh such an honest description....

    - its a SL500 Silver Arrow (but it isn't) - its all original (but it isn't especially the 'Chav special' grille) - its rare (but it isn't) - its a show car (oh really) Considering the above and the mileage I'm sure it will sell instantly for the bargain price he's got it up for... 2001...
  4. 300CE

    1989 MERCEDES 300 SE AUTO SILVER G REG Spares/Repair - Great Description!!

  5. 300CE

    Poorest ad description of the month is.....!

    Mercedes E320 COUPE FACTORY AMG *Top Of The Range* LHD LEFT HAND DRIVE | eBay
  6. ironsheik

    Just Read The Description...

    TomTom GO 700 Automotive GPS Receiver | eBay
  7. michaelk3289

    gotta love the description

    2000 MERCEDES CL500 AUTO SILVER | eBay
  8. abecketts

    S500 on Autotrader just read the description

    1998 MERCEDES-BENZ S CLASS S500 4dr Auto Saloon I wondered if it was written in bad geordie, can't work out the justification for the price, vehicle outside a hotel i'm guessing the owner uses the car as a limo?
  9. tpwuk

    Nice C36 - a bit pricey but love the description!

    MERCEDES C36 AMG AUTO STUNNING NEAR MINT CONDITION on eBay (end time 25-Jul-10 15:59:10 BST) :D
  10. nick.ged

    same stupid seller, different price and description

    Mercedes-Benz : 300-Series: eBay Motors (item 270593767271 end time Jun-24-10 08:56:18 PDT)
  11. A

    Help with part number picture or description?

    Hello Looking on euromerc store for some blinds for wifes A class and found these... ROLLER BLIND Product ID : A16881004207D88 ROLLER BLIND Product ID : A16886001758070 But no pictures and cannot tell what they are? are they for the side, back etc? Any help? thanks
  12. bigbobs cl

    Can you copywright a description????

    Got some bits on Ebay and used the description of what i was selling from somewhere on the interweb. Just had a snotty message from the manufacturer telling me to remove it as i`m not an account holder with them. If i don`t change the description they will have it removed via Ebay!! Can you...
  13. Alfie

    Thought I'd share this SL55 description with you.

    We have a customer who we are talking to at the moment and he has an SL55. Nice car. But this one is a bit special. Here is what he has told us; 'My Car is the F1 Version (Pace Car) and has the Limiters out of her producing 610BHP with a Top Speed of 208MPH Carlsson body kit with 20" AMG...
  14. F

    These guys can really write a description...

    Mercedes-Benz CLK AMG 430 Avantgarde Convertible (2001) Silver (RHD) Mercedes Service history. AMG options Climate control Command Navigation Electric seats Electric hood They have alot of exotica on their site though...
  15. I

    Reverse Engineer Mercedes P/N's to give description

    Whilst we decide what to do with my friends W202 (see 'Breaking a W202' post) I just wondered if there are any sites out there that will tell you what a certain part is, if I enter the P/N only? I used to use an BMW E30 EPC (which is, of course, no use!) and just wondered if there was anything...
  16. wobbly

    Bizarre description for a SL.

    What a bizarre description for the car. I didnt understand a lot of it. Also the hardtop is for sale by separate negotiation.
  17. B

    W202 BOSE 3D Description

    Bose sent me this for the W202 when asking how many watts the system is. Decided to post...
  18. nick mercedes

    great description...

    "The wings are in mint condition as shown in the picture" "Although they have a some rust on the inside of the arches on both wings and one of the wings have a slight dent." ( So mint = dented and rusty??
  19. Thmsshaun

    Good Honest Description

    Have a good laugh at this one :D :D Been up on Ebay a few times before.
  20. ADY1983

    Great description for this 190e cosworth

    Do you think he forgot something? :D Nice looking car though.
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