1. A

    pairing and downloading address book to Command / iphone 4

    Hello My new car has Command (ML164) and Viseoo kit? I've managed to pair the phone to the car, but can I download the address book to the car so I can use the steering wheel controls. I am being incredibly lazy as it may even mention it in the book but that's in the car and I'm inside...
  2. O

    Watch Free Movies Online Without Downloading Anything ?

    Watch The Latest Movies Now Just Follow the Link Below >>>> Watch Free Movies | Watch Free Movies Online At this point time is like that, When i in no way visit to some other option to view cost-free movies on the internet without having getting something. It can be one such alternative that...
  3. Spinal

    Downloading the Internet...

    I've been able to source a free copy of the internet... Due to contractual restrictions imposed by the developer these resources are available to this forum for only a short time. M ;)
  4. Darrell

    Downloading movies.

    Our summer season is drawing to an end and soon it will be time for us to go into winter hibernation. Does anyone know where I can download the most recent movies for free?
  5. ringway

    Downloading From Radio 4 etc.

    Hi everyone. I want to download podcasts from BBC Radio 4 so that I can store them on my pc and more importantly my mobile phone. Count Arthur Strong is back with us and I'd like to download these and other programmes. Can it be done? Any help much appreciated. Paul.
  6. D

    i-Tunes downloading bit rate

    Hi, when I download from i-tunes, the bit rate seems set at 125 kps but I'd prefer a bit more quality. When importing CDs, I change the rate at the preferences option but how do I change this for buying from the i-Tunes store? Thanks!
  7. S

    Downloading 6500 Phonebook to C Class W204 via Bluetooth

    I have a Nokia 6500 Classic which i have successfully paried up to the MB bluetooth. But for some reason i cannot download the contacts from my nokia to the MB phonebook. I also have a Nokia N73 which does work. Admittedly the software on the N73 is different. With the N73, one it has been...
  8. R

    Downloading films

    I have just realised that my laptop can write DVDs :o I wondered then can I download films that I have on video and replace them with my own DVD. Pardon my naivity but how, what, when and where plus any problems or guidance? Cheers Guys
  9. scotth_uk

    Get downloading - Nurburgring vid from GT4! This is astonishing. Can't remember if I posted it already, as the wine has REALLY gone to my head. 400+mb but worth every moment. Pity the guys driving the BMW 1 series. Exciting as a cold sore. :bannana:
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