1. S

    Downsizing wheels for smoother ride

    Dear MB owners, First of all thank you for giving me access to these forums. I have a thought in my head which is bothering me since I bought our car 2 months ago. So we own a MB '63 plate B200 sport, 1.8 diesel 136bhp, automatic. The aspect of the car inside and out is insane. I got in love...
  2. M

    engine downsizing

    Down in London for a conference re smaller engines and just had a very interesting presentation on VCR. No, not old recording media but variable compression ratios. Presentation given by a Dutch gentleman and his company, Gomecsys. Would have saved a load of trouble on my twin turbo project if...
  3. Benzowner


    ... in a big way, sold the S Class and I am picking up my (new to me) B class Saturday week. I have been looking around for a number of months at B's, E's and S classes all diesel but we wanted the use of an estate without it being an estate, the B class seemed to suit, so took one for a test...
  4. F

    Downsizing from a BMW 523i - Which (non-C250) C class ?

    I am relucatantly retiring from service my 1999 BMW 523i which has only 36,000 miles on the clock. If not already apparent from the mileage, I am a low mileage London user, with infrequent hops down the M4. I no longer need the bulk of a 5 series and don't very much like the look of the...
  5. W210 Fan

    thinking of downsizing

    I cannot keep complaining about the amount of traffic on the road when 5`7" of me wafts around in a S class so I am toying with the idea of getting a smaller car, I never take people in the back of the car so it seems inefficient to be dragging all that car around with me, I also keep saying to...
  6. dowtherz

    Downsizing to 2001 SLK32 from 2006 SLK200

    I currently have a 2006 SLK200 Auto which looks the business. However, I've recently been fortunate enough to land a job which comes with a new C Class 220CDI. I'm currently paying for the SLK on a PCP and can't justify the cost each month. To soften the blow of losing the SLK completely, I'm...
  7. R

    Down-sizing photos for MBClub classified

    I'm having trouble getting my pics small enough to upload to the site. Please can anyone advise the best format (jpeg, gif etc.) to use and how to reduce the size for uploading. I've tried three different formats but each time my files seem to be a factor of 1000 out. Richard Grigsby
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