1. Londonscottish

    Drove a lovely 124 today

    Mate of mine just bought this. 196k but tons of history, good colour, estate, leccie windows, mirrors & sunroof, great colour and a 6 pot motor. Tight as a nut.
  2. ray d

    Oh dear test drove the "f" type v8

    Have made a bad mistake but took a extended test drive in the Jag F type. I thought our cars were quick but that car is in another league. Total animal at any speed. It has the "loud" button for the exhausts which is brill. Have been on to Merc dealer over here and have asked them to see if an...
  3. Sazzyb

    Anyone test drove the W205 C63S Coupe?

    It was officially released in January but due to the immense demand not many dealers have one in their showroom. My local dealer hopes to get one in December :eek:
  4. Jay2512

    Drove in Eco for first time and saw this!!

    On a 250 mile trip to Cornwall today in prep of getting a remap, I decided to use Eco mode on the dynamic select. First time I've used it in the 700 miles on the car and was surprised to see the car start gliding when lifting off the throttle when trundling along the M5. Anyone else seen this...
  5. D

    Test drove an ML 63 this afternoon...

    Hmmm.... A bit underwhelmed if I'm being honest, the motor was a very cared for example but I'd forgot how much you've got to work the engine to get a shift on... And the 4matic wasn't very dramatic (rhyme intended) Seperate to that; what a noise though!
  6. Peter DLM

    Some man just drove off in my E63!

    :eek: Well, it was Andy from Eurocharged Watford :bannana: Well, he said he was Andy :dk: Hopefully it'll be back this time tomorrow with a different set of down pipes installed. My car has been getting louder recently anyway so I hope I can notice the difference :doh::D .....hope...
  7. Steveml63

    Just drove an E63 AMG with PP Performance upgrade

    Hi, Was doing a bit of food shopping this afternoon in Abu Dhabi and parked next to a mean looking white E63 AMG with very blacked out windows. Got speaking to the owner about his E63 and my ML63. Turns out his car has had a pretty serious set of modifications by PP Performance and puts out...
  8. D

    Test drove C63S today

    Hi guys - popped down to my local dealer and had a look around their C63S demo car - also went for a drive but it wasn't planned ahead so only went out for about 15 minutes. Initial impressions were: Looks - yes very nice, diamond white with black wheels - other than the rear quarter/boot...
  9. ioweddie

    Test drove a CLA Shooting Brake Today

    Had a quick drive of a Diesel 220 CLA AMG Sport shooting brake today for about an hour. Fantastic looking car, it was an AMG Sport on 18" wheels with the lowered suspension. Its front wheel drive and handles superbly, stiff on the suspension, very taught and precise. Its priced at £35k no...
  10. Crazyfool

    Drove this yesterday...

    What a car. I just need to persuade the wife to sell the house!!!
  11. ioweddie

    Test drove a 64 plate B Class Sport Yesterday

    I had a 64 plate C200 Diesel B Class yesterday, Nice quiet engine compared to my 62 Reg C Class Sport Plus, but not for me, I didn't like the body roll and front wheel drive, nice high up driving position. It was an auto like my C Class, it felt a bit cheaper inside. It had 18" wheels so felt...
  12. Sp!ke

    Drove this on Saturday - anybody tell what it is?

  13. M

    Anyone drove on Germany autobahn in winter?

    I read from AA: and ... I am somewhat reluctanct to change tyres to drive on the motorway.. I don't think that their autobahn will have ice on the surface.. And when I say autobahn I mean 100% autobahn - no other roads I am going to use.. And what if it is a warm month? Like...
  14. TDE1

    I knowingly drove through a red light.

    Thought I'd throw this in to the hat. I broke the law. I'm fairly sure of it. Waiting at traffic lights (they had just turned red) at a T-junction, nobody in front or behind. It's a no-right-turn junction. I spot a fire engine approaching in my rear view mirror, blues and twos. I look...
  15. BIG_G_1979

    test drove this today

    http://www.usedcarsni.com/126166340 As u all know im looking a eclass 320 cdi sport as my next car. Today I test drove this, this isbthe 1st eclass I have ever drove! Absolutely stunning and so refined! Never felt quality likenit and totally silent in the cabin at motorway speeds. Not sure on...
  16. Dieselman

    What was the first car you drove and what car did you officially lean to drive in?

    What was the first car you drove and what car did you officially learn to drive in? I'm just interested to see what cars people first drove. The first car I ever drove off road was a Citroen GS Estate at 14 years old, but I formally learnt to drive in a pretty knackered Escort Mk2.
  17. G

    Drove into a small rock!

    Hi all, Somebody decided to place a small rock at the front of my driveway where I usually park. Drove in last night without seeing it because it was dark and it got lodged underneath my bumper. It managed to cause an area of quite large white scrapes/scratches just underneath the corner of the...
  18. S

    Test drove the new RS4 today.

    In estate version as that is all they make it in now. Honest opinion? Not impressed. Handled well enough but felt a bit big and uninvolving. Didn't feel that special to me for a 73K car. I was a bit disappointed with the interior - the seats were not supportive enough and I couldn't find a...
  19. G

    Drove up the famous California Highway 1

    Enjoy :)
  20. D

    What was the first Mercedes that you drove?

    Mine would be my dads 1988 190E. I was 14 or so and we lived in a quiet cul-de-sac. I used to drive the car to where the cul-de-sac met the road proper. First 'proper' drive in a Merc was a ML270. It was a company car that was coming to end of the lease, and was given to me for a couple of...
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