1. D

    Vito dual battery wiring

    Hi, went to fit a leisure battery to our 2012 vito dualiner and then found it already has an auxiliary 2nd battery under the drivers seat, plus a split charge relay thing that joins that batt to the alternator once engine is running. Yay. Now, I want to figure out how to do the wiring... I...
  2. G

    Mercedes vito W639 111cdi dual mass flywheel vibrations?

    Hi guys, I really could use some help in diagnosing a vibration issue I have on my vito. I bought it 4 months ago with a very lightly slipping clutch ( only slipped if you were hammering it up a hill in a high gear) so I had my local indy fit a new clutch, they said the flywheel had a small...
  3. ab9758

    Dual fuel Petrol/LPG and ML

    Looking to downgrade to another petrol ML, but cheaper models few and far between. Came across an 2005 ML500 with LPG and petrol. I admit I've no knowledge or experience of LPG whatsoever. Don't think I've ever even seen one. My mileage is almost solely 2-4 miles a day in Central London...
  4. Druk

    Dual 8mm cine projector

    Found a load of 8mm and super8mm films. Need a projector that can show both. Could uplift from Benz-o-t-Green if possible. WHY?
  5. Toobad

    DAS6 PRO PLUS Dual Action Polisher £100 delivered

    This looks like a stonking price for a decent DA. OK, it includes the Black Friday discount code BF15 but it was still working this morning so perhaps it will be valid until the end of the weekend. IMHO this is the ideal DA to use on those extra-hard German clearcoats. The more powerful 880W...
  6. MWCLS

    Advanced Dual Action Machine Polisher 6 speed settings 2500opm- 6800opm

    Purchased from Clean your car around 18 months ago. Used twice. Machine with 6 metre cable 6" and 5" backing plates comes with carrying case. £70.00 maybe collection from IG Essex area or post at buyers cost. Link to machine on CYC Web this is the same machine...
  7. EDDIE12

    CYC Dual action machine polisher

    Hi, am selling my Clean your car Das pro Dual Action machine polisher. I've used the machine twice and is in perfect condition. This is one off the best and most powerful DA polishers available and is perfect for anyone wanting too get involved with detailing there own car. The DA will also come...
  8. Toobad

    DAS-6 Pro Plus Dual Action Polisher Kit £171 delivered

    Outstanding value for anybody considering getting serious about detailing. This machine has a powerful 880W motor and a 12mm throw but to sweeten the deal , it comes with a collection of Meguiar's polishes and 3 different Flexipad Hex pads to get you up and running. They also throw in both 5"...
  9. P

    Netgear D6200 dual band wifi router/modem

    3 month old NETGEAR D6200 dual band wifi modem/router for sale. Top of the range router ideal for BT ADSL/ADSL2 lines and a much better replacement for standard home hubs. Cost me £110... Looking for £30.. It's boxed with all the bits good to go. Will not work on fibre/infinity Internet hence...
  10. ItalianTuneUp

    Joining a dual carriageway or motorway

    I've had two recent cases of cars attempting to join the dual carriageway as I was driving along in the left lane. They both seemed to expect, and try to force me to move into the right hand lane to let them in. In both cases the right hand lane was occupied. Have others here had the same thing...
  11. J

    W212 e220 cdi - dual exhausts - are they aftermarket ?

    Hi all First post Just bought an e220cdi and love it but I've got a niggle because it's got twin exhausts one either side of bumper like this http://bharathautos.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/11/mercedes-benz-e-class-rear-angle-view-048.jpg But every other 220cdi from my era pre facelift...
  12. MikeInWimbledon

    Apple Car Play to replace early COMAND Satnav dual Din radio ?

    Can anyone recommend an Apple Car Play unit as a replacement for an early Comand system? A friend showed me his Pioneer unit yesterday and it seemed pretty impressive, in a simplistic kind of Apple way. I'm curious about it as a Comand replacement unit for a 2004 W211 E500, or a 2003 SL500...
  13. jonnyboy

    dual sim?

    Well-informed all.... After a day where I inadvertantly b*ggered my s4 mini and had to make a very rash decision on immediate upgrade (lots of business comms that were way past urgent), I am now in possession of a brand spanking Samsung s5 full size in copper gold. No s5 mini's in stock so...
  14. P

    Manual M104 dual mass flywheel for getrag 717450

    Manual M104 dual mass flywheel for Getrag 717450- £200
  15. W

    Limp mode E320 CDI Sport 2007 W211 dual intake hose split

    Hi All, Bot of a noob but have just bought a 2007 E320 CDI Sport and started experiencing limp mode. Local mechanic diagnosed an O2 sensor problem (P0135). MB Indy did a STAR diagnostic and again picked up the O2 sensor issue but also advised the turbo needed replacing/overhauling (Approx...
  16. C

    W166 ML63 Dual Clutch or not

    Is the W166 AMG ML63 dual clutch or not, many websites describe it as 7G Tronic Dual Clutch, Mercedes say it doesn't have a dual clutch :confused:
  17. P

    270cdi Dual Mass Flywheel price?

    Can anyone advise on a price for a DM flywheel and possibly a Clutch kit W209 CLK 270cdi 6 speed manual.
  18. Jay Gatsby

    WANTED - C350 dual exhaust diffuser

    Not a quad one, just the standard c350 dual exit. OEM or aftermarket, will buy the pipes too if anyone has upgraded to quad and wants rid of the lot!? Cheers Like this:
  19. U

    dual cup holder for CLS 320 CDI

    Hi I recently bought a 2007 CLS 320 CDI. The car is in excellent condition inside and out except that the chrome trim on the dual cup holder is chipped and looks tatty. Any ideas where I can buy a replacement?
  20. SL300-24

    Dual Action Polisher

    Is anyone thinking of selling a decent DA polisher for a reasonable price? If so please get in touch by PM with details. Thanks
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