1. nickjonesn4

    Knockhill in an e55k

    Brilliant day today doing performance driving course at Knockhill with a pro racing driver. Great fun getting the Wagon out on track and learning to get it round corners faster. Funny moment when I was getting my 3 demo laps fro. Chris and he floored it up the main straight and he turned to...
  2. merc85

    e55k hole in engine!

    Damm, what went wrong there?? MERCEDES BENZ E55 AMG, 53 REG - HPI CLEAR - SPARES OR REPAIRS, HUGE SPEC CAR | eBay
  3. merc85

    e55k numpty? lol

    Doh, seems very full of himself imho, only 8 available? really i make it more 22 pmsl. V8 badges in the wrong place to, no cooled seats either, ** MERCEDES BENZ E55 AMG + TOP SPEC + FULL S/H + HPI CLEAR + MINT ** CLS55 | eBay
  4. merc85

    E55k saloon 64k

    Looks a clean low mileage car Mercedes E55 AMG EXTREMELY LOW MILEAGE Excellent Condition VERY RARE
  5. RossMB

    My E55k Estate...

    Well sometimes things happen very quickly! One phonecall from a friend selling something that I'm desperate for and my E55k estate is on ebay! Hope im doing the right thing :eek...
  6. merc85

    Honest sensible e55k?

    One of the best ones i think at the moment for sale https://www.gumtree.com/p/mercedes-benz/mercedes-e55-amg-fmbsh-px-for-jetski/1259117342
  7. merc85

    2006 52k miles e55k

    Awful pic's shame, looks a special car 2006 Mercedes-Benz E55 AMG SALOON AUTO 52K MILES IMMACULATE CAR
  8. E

    2003 E55K For Sale

    Reluctantly I'm selling my E55 due to illness..having just got the car how I want it I've done my back in and can't drive..spec is as follows: 2003 Silver with black/maroon leather 83k FSH - MB and specialists 550bhp by MSL New quality 19" alloys with Goodyear Asymetrics Brakes...
  9. merc85

    E55K Fixed or Clutched S/c Pulley

    Whats the pro's and cons of a Fixed S/c Pulley over a clutched one? Just asking:D
  10. nickjonesn4

    Mats for E55k

    Evening all - have been told by MB that these are out of production and I can't find anything on Ebay. Next best option seems to be to have some made with AMG logos. Does anyone have a good company they can recommend to do this please? Thanks in advance
  11. AngryDog

    Wanted: E55K pulley cover

    I want another pulley cover my my E55 It's the bit at the front of the supercharger.
  12. AngryDog

    Limit of E55K injectors

    What is the power limit of the standard injectors for the E55K? I'm considering going for a 77mm pulley but want to make sure the fuelling is all ok before I do. Also, on a healthy engine with 77mm pulley, manifolds and larger heat exchanger, what power would I be looking at?
  13. nickjonesn4

    E55K Wagon Mats

    I need replacement mats but struggling to find the original AMG ones. Anyone done this? All four need replaced
  14. RossMB

    E55k lay up...

    Hi all... My beloved E55k is going to be laid up for the next month whilst I'm away and then going forwards I have bought a 210 e320 cdi to run through the winter with the intention of keeping the E55 tucked away nice and clean... Potentially laid up in garage for 4-5 months is there...
  15. RossMB

    The Super Hearse E55K

    The story of 'The Super Hearse' to follow...
  16. merc85

    Sterling cars Auction e55k low miles

    Its back again 04 MERCEDES E55 AMG KOMP 5.4 V8 469 BHP, MEGA SPEC, FULL SAT NAV, BI-XENONS ETC | eBay
  17. AngryDog

    W211 E55K Saloon wanted

    I am looking for an E55k saloon to replace my M5. Colour not an issue though would prefer all black leather. I want a car with front and rear pdc and would prefer one with folding rear seats if possible. Anyone selling one?
  18. cjab98

    E55K with Brabus bits

    About 10 years ago I sold my old C43 and left the three pointed star (I know, I've sinned). Been through a few other cars and also left the UK for CH, but now I'm finally back at the wheel of one. Picked this up back in May, the car was originally sold in Germany where it also had a trip to...
  19. J

    W211 e55k carbon

    Looking for carbon bits for my e55 Thanks
  20. merc85

    Black Low miles e55k

    Someone on here was looking for one, cant remember who 04 MERCEDES E55 AMG KOMP 5.4 V8 469 BHP, MEGA SPEC, FULL SAT NAV, BI-XENONS ETC | eBay
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