1. M

    2010 CLS 350 CDI Grand Edition... Opinions and what to watch out for?

    Hi All, I am after selling my 2007 Cls CDI and it served me very well, touch wood. I'm now looking at a 2010 Cls CDI 350 Grand Edition. Is there anything I should look out for? I've found one for sale in the UK and about to pay the deposit on it and then collect it on Wednesday all...
  2. V

    Edition 507 wheels price?

    I've got a set of genuine 507 wheels on my C63, 2 of the wheels have very slight curbing but nothing serious. They've been painted oe black without the polished lip.. Currently fitted with super sports all round, half worn. If I was to sell them how much would they worth?
  3. S

    Newbie here - Picking up our ML250 CDI BlueTEC Special Edition on Saturday!

    Hi All, Here's to my first post! I've been an active member on both the UK Audi TT and E90 forum and hope to be over here too! The wife and I have purchased a 2013 ML250 CDI BlueTEC Special Edition and take delivery of her on Saturday. Excited to say the least! It's Diamond white...
  4. S

    W164 Edition 10 - Trim Colour Code??

    Morning all, I have an Edition 10 ML which has the anthracite coloured diffusers front and rear. Sadly the paint on the rear diffuser has chipped away and it's beginning to peel. I would like to remove it and have it refinished but clearly it needs to match the front one. Can anyone tell...
  5. M

    2012(61) mercedes e350 cdi amg sport saloon edition 125 blueefficiency automatic

    Full Details Mercedes E350 CDI Sport Saloon Edition 125 BlueEfficiency Automatic Vehicle Specs: General • Registered 31st January 2012 – 61 Reg • 59,786 miles only with Full Mercedes Dealer Service History (see below) • 3.0 Litre V6 Turbo Diesel Engine – 265 BHP • CO2 Emissions: 168 g/km • 7...
  6. fuzed

    New - Reserved C220 CDI Edition 125

    Just reserved the car, and if all is ok will pick up on the weekend. Its a c220 cdi estate in black with the full leather, it was registered on the 30/09/2011. Just called Mercedes to check about the injector issue an they said no recall on that car has been issued. Can I assume that the...
  7. M

    2012(61) mercedes c220 cdi amg sport edition 125 saloon automatic diesel black

    Full Details http://mercland.com/car.html?id=3578 Mercedes C220 CDI Sport Plus Saloon BlueEfficiency Automatic Vehicle Specs: General • Registered 27th January 2012 – 61 Reg • Two Owners From New • 43,254 miles only with Full Mercedes Dealer History • 2.1 Litre Turbo Diesel...
  8. P

    Looking to get a cls grand edition

    Hi all, Looking to purchase a cls 350 grand edition this year just wondering what there like to live with? Have they got cam belt or chain? Common problems? Thanks a lot Ian
  9. M

    2011(61) mercedes c220 cdi amg sport edition 125 saloon automatic diesel black

    Full details http://mercland.com/car.html?id=3581 Mercedes C220 CDI Sport Saloon BlueEfficiency Automatic Vehicle Specs: General • Registered 29th November 2011 – 61 Reg • 65,472 miles only with Mercedes Dealer History • 2.1 Litre Turbo Diesel Engine • CO2 Emissions: 136 g/km •...
  10. Marvin16x

    Dash Cam Crashes: Mercedes Edition ...

    Happy new year to all of you. May you be save on the road and spared from encounters of this sort: h5NBFztA_Vs 4:20 is your typical W140 crash. Unfazed af.
  11. C

    Availibility of CLS 350 Grand Edition Grills?

    What the #$@&%*! I was following a big 4 wheel drive down a road doing around 40kph when he suddenly slammed on anchors and stopped because he thought a car from a side road was about to hit him. The car in question being quite some distance away. Only damage to 4wd is the chrome cover on his...
  12. M

    2010(60) mercedes cls350 cdi grand edition coupe automatic palladium silver

    Full Details http://mercland.com/car.html?id=3563 Mercedes CLS350 CDI Grand Edition Automatic Vehicle Specs: General • Registered 24th September 2010 – 60 Reg • Three Owners Only • 51,517 miles only with Mercedes Service History (see below) • 3.0 Litre V6 Turbo Diesel Engine • CO2...
  13. M

    2018 Mercedes E Class Coupe Limited Edition 1

  14. Tuono-AMG

    AMG GT C Edition 50 spy shots

    Another edition to the GT family, looks very mean in the stealth black finish AMG GT C Edition 50 spy shots | PistonHeads
  15. M

    16" wheels on S212 E220 Night Edition?

    Newbie here, so please be patient if this question has been asked before. I have searched the threads but couldn't find the answer. I am looking for a second set of wheels/winter tyres for my 2016 E220 Night Edition estate. The wheels it came with are 18" AMG alloys all round. There seems to...
  16. F

    C63 Edition 125 Wheel Spacer

    Hi all Anyone running any spacers and if so, may I ask what size? I wanna put some on mine but aren't sure what works and what doesn't? Cheers,
  17. D

    Loss of Power on a 2015 E220 AMG Line Night Edition Bluetec Auto

    Hi All, I hope you can help or let me know if anyone else is having the same issues I have been having. I was delivered a brand new car (as described in post heading) last year April and all was fine until after 4 months or so. I have been having a very serious intermittent issue with power...
  18. C

    Floor Mats for 2010 CLS Grand Edition

    Can anyone point me in the right direction for a set of Grand Edition floor mats? I have emailed a couple of dealers and they tell me they are out of stock and my only option is standard ones. In particular I want the drivers one as there are a couple of stains I cant get out. As this is the...
  19. D

    Wanted, C63 Edition 507 19'' Alloys

    I have just bought a C63 507, it has come with the std 18's on & i am wanting to put the black 19's on. if anyone knows od a set for sale, get in touch. cheers
  20. S

    A Class AMG Night Edition problems .....Crap customer service problems....

    Hello Guys, I'm a newbie on this site and to the world of Mercedez Benz. So here's my story..... 1 month ago I bought a A 180d CDI AMG Night Edition (gorgeous it is!) absolutely thrilled to bits, I was told it would be delivered 1 week later (I'm from Manchester, Car bought from...
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