1. I

    Ball Engineer II Genesis 125th Anniversary Automatic Watch - New in Box with Warranty

    Ball Engineer II Genesis 125th Anniversary Automatic Watch. New and unworn in box and still under warranty. Comes with original receipt, tags, handbook, warranty card, box etc. £1430 new. Can post insured for £10 though cash on collection preferred. £1150 ono
  2. developer

    Structural Engineer Required

    I need the services of a Structural Engineer to look at a house we're considering. Our usual RICS surveyor can't get to have a look for two weeks and he's not a structural engineer. I have a concern regarding a wall plate/rafter/brickwork relationship that needs looking at. I'm not...
  3. N

    2005 command unit engineer mode

    I have done loads of searches on trying to get into engineer mode on my HU. The most common way seems to be holding mute/call end/serv. for 45 seconds but this doesn't work for me. Anybody got any more suggestions? This picture isn't of mine but is identical. Thanks.
  4. WDB124066

    How to be a Superfortress Engineer.

    They were busy people back then weren't they... Here's a documentary on them... And how they were made...
  5. C

    MB engineer in SW london..Balham ideally

    IM looking for a MB savvy engineer for my 2000 CLK near to Balham ideally.I don't want to pay dealership prices but someone who knows the car would be a great start. Any input greatly received
  6. CLA180SPORT

    Do we have a plumber/heating engineer in the house?

    If so... I have a heatrae sadia megaflo cl210 in my house. It appears to have one hot water outlet on the top that goes down into the floor boards with no valve. I'm wanting to turn the hot water supply off so I can replace some taps in my kitchen. There doesn't appear to be any way of...
  7. K

    NTG2 Engineer Menu Problem

    Hiya, I have been tryint to access the engineers mode on my NTG2 fitted in my 2005 facelift ML320. I have followed the instructions but it does not enter the menu. 'On NTG2 modes you can see the Navigation internal menu by pressing NAV, letting go and then holding NAV and the 5 key for...
  8. J0hn

    Comand NTG2.5 engineer menu

    Has anyone done a guide to what all the different numbers refer to when in engineering mode? Thanks in advance.
  9. DSLiverpool

    Marine engineer buying my Jag Hmmm

    The Jags on pistonheads as Im half heartedly flogging it but not much response, get a email asking if still for sale and price, I answer yes at the price on the advert. Then the scam hits, marine engineer, restricted web access, no phone calls buying for his dad - love it "Im sure he (his...
  10. R

    Anyone know a boiler engineer in North London (nr Muswell Hill)

    Hi, Hoping for some good recommednations, as always from you chaps! I've heard that the boiler is packed up, the hot water is not firing - it's a problem that has progressively gotten worse over the past few weeks. Firstly, only the tap nearest the boiler would fire the hot
  11. G

    Engineer in love with Mercedes

    I am currently a 3rd year engineering student. Soon i'll be graduating from university. I am already offered a job and the salary that I'll be earningwill be 25,000-30,000 pounds per year.(it's not set yet) Since I was a kid I loved mercedes and the company's prestige! I am thing of buying a...
  12. M

    Engineer Mode W203

    Quick question, I had a look at the cluster display in engineer mode as per another post on here - Select Total mileage set ign 1 touch reset x 3 quickly It then displays voltage, vin number and then OM611 - any idea what OM611 means ? Cheers Adam
  13. I

    Reverse Engineer Mercedes P/N's to give description

    Whilst we decide what to do with my friends W202 (see 'Breaking a W202' post) I just wondered if there are any sites out there that will tell you what a certain part is, if I enter the P/N only? I used to use an BMW E30 EPC (which is, of course, no use!) and just wondered if there was anything...
  14. culpano

    Dalek engineer required

    Does anyone know how to repair remote control daleks ? :o I've got four of the little blighters and one of them (black Dalek Sec) has a faulty flashing light (luminosity discharger is the technical term !) The other one (the gold one) has a broken eye where the blue light intermittently...
  15. Goldfish11

    Comand DVD - Engineer Mode - is it useful?

    I accessed the Engineer Mode in Comand on my W211 E Class. Using the press and hold mute, then also press and hold "phone hang up" and "serv" for 8 seconds (found this on an other thread!) Anyway, this all worked fine but can anyone tell me "Whats the point?". You dont seem to be able to...
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