1. R

    Carlsson Evolution 7.5Jx17 ET35 E190 wheels

    Got these offered by a BMW driving enthusiast. Passing on. No PM Please enquire at 0 790 404 780 0
  2. merc85

    s211 Front ET35 and Rear ET38 ??

    Hi will 19" w203 wheels fit my s211 Front ET35 and Rear ET38 8.5j and 9.5j x19" Any Help really apreciated:thumb:
  3. J

    18 inch amg et35

    At the moment I have 18 inch amg monos fitted that are ET31 All round but the fronts do rub a little as I have a 40mm drop too. Can I get 18 inch monos that have say an Et35 or more on them and if so what are they normally fitted too. Cheers
  4. dubsR33

    Buying new wheels ET35 ET36

    Hello everyone i currently have the standard alloys on my CLK.. i took the front wheel off and it said ET36 on the inside spoke, am i right in thinking the rear alloys would be the same although they have a wider tyre etc? Sorry if stupid questions i don't really understand offsets and...
  5. N

    4 AMG Aero II 17 x 7½ ET35 202 400 0302 wheels w/ nearly new 245 45 ZR17 tyres. £395

    A set of four genuine AMG 17" x 7½J ET 35 wheels with the part # HWA 202 400 03 02. These came from the C200 / C36 rep I'm breaking - The tyres...
  6. P

    Have one to sell? Sell it yourself Mercedes 8.5 x 18 alloy wheels tyres et35 C CLK

    Mercedes 8.5 x 18 alloy wheels tyres et35 C CLK Mercedes 8.5 x 18 alloy wheels tyres et35 C CLK CL E SLK SL | eBay I don't know what they are worth as they are reps. Lets say £300 and I'm open to offers. Details are in the ad. Forgive me if I'm not meant to do it this way, So many forums...
  7. A

    CLK 320 W209 17 x 8J ET35 Wheels not fitting!

    Hello all, this is my first post on this forum so I apologise in advance if I make any mistakes.. I recently purchased some 17" x 8J ET35 alloy wheels for my W209 CLK320. The alloy wheel provider did provide me with M12 x 1.5B bolts and locking nuts. Just bought some brand new 225/45/17...
  8. M

    Need Help

    Hi Guys, I bought an ML270 2001 model back in October - It came with some aftermarket alloys on. I bought some standard alloys and put some Cooper mud & snow tyres on them for the winter. Trouble is while off the car, a couple of the centre cap for the aftermarket wheels got broken and I have...
  9. EVL124

    Will these 17 8.5" and 9" ET35 AMG/OZ alloys fit a C124?

    Hi Guys I know the 8.5" and 10.5" R129 AMG/OZ wheels don't fit, but I haven't seen these before! 8.5" and 9" ET 35! AMG OZ Mercedes 5x112 9x17 w211 210 124 SL 126 CL RARE! on eBay (end time 08-Oct-10 21:47:22 BST) Thoughts? Cheers Tom
  10. T

    fitting 8j et35 to my c32 amg?

    Hi there, Im a fairly new owner of a c32 amg. Loving it apart from a broken suspension spring I had this week. Does anyone know what I would need to fit these alloys I bought. They say 8j et35... Much appreciated... Thanks They were too close to front calipers and caught at the rear...
  11. mercedescl500

    20X10 et35 Help needed !

    First post, so please go easy on me.:bannana: I own a CL500 (w215) on a my2000. I am about to buy a set of alloys for my car but am not entirely sure if they would fit. The rims are 20"x10" et35 (all 4 wheels). Could anyone here please advise me, in whether they would fit and whats the most...
  12. B

    What size tyres for 8.5JX18" ET35 PCD 5X112 alloys?

    Good morning everyone :) I have narrowed my search for new wheels down to two sets. My question is what tyres should I have fitted to 8.5JX18" ET35 PCD 5X112 alloys and will they fit my W203 facelift? I had a look around and it seems 225 40 18 seems to be a very common size but I don't...
  13. Howard

    Bolts for ET35 alloys for w124

    Has anyone got any idea of the correct length of bolts for these wheels.. Andy, i still haven't got round to measuring the existing (wrong) ones yet ..... sorry :o will do it tomorrow promise !! And, the next question, does anyone have 10 of these they would like to sell (bolts not wheels...
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