1. noogieman

    Any Arcam experts here, buying a used FMJ dvd player of Fleabay

    Who's an expert on Arcam hifi products on this forum? I migth buy a used dvd-audio player fro Fleabay? I'd like to know if Arcam had upgraded their laser-mechanic on their successor dvd players? 15 years ago I had a DV-88 if I remember the correct model number. this was their first...
  2. N

    Any solicitors / probate experts here?

    Background: An elderly friend of mine was long time mates with a bloke of similar vintage who croaked, leaving behind wifey. Over about a decade wifey became increasingly decrepit & befuddled & was eventually moved into a nursing home, funded by the sale of her house & the one next door, which...
  3. LTD

    Do we have any vinyl flooring experts on the forum ?

    As per the thread title, we are thinking about having our hall floor done in a vinyl and have a couple of questions to people in the trade.
  4. reflexboy

    Any DI Vessel experts?

    Have a 11.7L DI vessel which I fill with MB-115 resin. It works really well but the resin doesn't last that long and is expensive. I only use it for a final rinse so it's not used excessively. My water going into the vessel is about 313ppm. Would I be better off for longevity using MB-151 resin...
  5. flango

    Pretenders Vs Experts a big thanks to PCS

    As some of you probably know I have been suffering with an intermittent misfire on the CLK, despite my best efforts to rectify I couldn't find the root cause of the issue and it went beyond my diagnostic capability or knowledge. So I ventured to some of the so called Indies in and around...
  6. Max M4X WW

    Any air-con experts? W215 CL500..

    Hi all, I am new here and this is the first problem I have had with the car, as it started before I bought it! I will try and keep this brief, but any help welcome! When I viewed the car before purchasing I realised the air con would not turn on. We found a fault code stored for a flap...
  7. P

    Any merc experts fancy earning a few extra pennies?

    Hi all, I am considering buying a merc SL55 amg that is located near Basildon in Essex, I am up in Lancashire and don't really have time at the moment to go down to view it and not being massively technical I am probably not the best person to evaluate the car other than aesthetic things. I...
  8. BIRMA

    Any technical experts on the SL 63 here?

    I have read a post on an American forum that has got my interest. Basically what I would like to to know is are there any technical improvements between the r230 and the r231 models? I know the obvious as far as engine and bodywork but it's the traction control/braking/suspension all the...
  9. Simon_M

    One for the Roofing Experts

    Got a leak around the chimney and have been given two options to repair it: Chimney lead repairs: Option A: (25 year guarantee)  Provide access ladder.  Lift the bottom row of tiles from behind the chimney.  Paint over the existing rear section of lead with fleece reinforced liquid rubber. ...
  10. Piff

    Any leather sofa experts around?

    Looking to replace leather sofas in the Jan sales. Have seen what we (think) we want but they are offered with diferent leather grades at different prices (obviously) Cat 55 - with full leather to faces & arm rests & split leather to backs & sides Cat 200 - with full leather to faces & arm...
  11. K

    COMAND Experts Please

    In my W164 ML, I've been stuck with a Chinese Clone of the COMAND Nav/Stereo. Presumably fitted because the Replacement was too expensive. I'd like to upgrade (on a Budget) and I'm looking for a Used COMAND or an aftermarket NAV/Stereo recommendation that will be Pluig and Play. Loads of...
  12. T

    Which Mini to Buy 2004 -2010 Any Experts?

    My Daughter wants a mini I ve already told her that they are not very reliable and best bet is a fiesta, but the mini is such a trendy car i can see why she wants what she wants . Me being the family car person has now got to find one Budget is up to £5k . She does about 2-3k a year mostly...
  13. thebig1

    House Selling Advice From Mortgage Experts?

    Hi Guys, A long and complicated story so most will switch off lol but anyone who is an expert on house sales etc, please advise. My died died last year, beginning of November and me being the only child etc, I had to become executor and apply for probate. I did this and all has gone well etc...
  14. K

    Calling DPF Experts

    Folks, The many VIN decoders I have tried don't mention a DPF at all so I assumed I didn't have one... Looking around the turbo outlet to the exhaust yesterday, I saw the exhaust section bulge by about 20mm Diameter for about 120mm, then go back to a straight pipe again. This was all quite...
  15. T

    new cabrio owner needs help from experts, TIA!

    Dear owners and experts, pls help a new cab owner on suspension issue. I just got a 2001 clk230k cabrio recently and previous owner had bilstein shocks and koni springs installed. Now the ride is low and stiff, front chamber also way off so I am planning to restore it to factory spec...
  16. G

    E220 2008 Which auto Gearbox Experts

    Hi all After a month in my Indy's garage my car is fine and road worthy again , but the Gearbox need changing . the question is I found a 2nd hand one with same number on it R220 271 1901 except the one I found was from 2011 ?!! the question is does it fit ? the other this one of...
  17. D

    Any STAR experts?: Enabling Video in on a W164 ML

    I've got a 2007 ML W164 and I'd like to enable the green aux video-in (Fakra) connector. I have access to an off-line STAR system and I've been told that this is possible however I wasn't given any details on how this is actually done so it might be bull :D Is there anyone on here who could...
  18. P

    Recaro Modular Experts - £650

    These are a friends and located in Scarborough. Pair of KBA 90383 Modular Experts.
  19. gunning

    190e engine conversion experts please!

    Right guys.... Been looking around and seeing a few options but I'm wondering what is the best value for money/ performance. I'm trying to work out what engine to shoe horn into an190e and what base to use? I'm guessing a 2.6 manual is a good starter as the base. Few engines I've seen but...
  20. carat 3.6

    Any photography experts interested in this?

    Helping a friend clear out his parents house, and we found this in the loft. Thought I'd see if anyone here is interested in it before it goes to ebay?
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