1. C43AMG

    Face Lift 202???

    Hi, As a new member,and new to the W202 model.Can you tell me what year the facelift started.The C43AMG i have just bought is a 2000.The reason i ask is in the section HOW TO DO IT a lot is mentioned about Pre facelift.As you can see i have 560SEC and a S55L,i have never been involved with...
  2. KLP 92

    Becker Wood Face CAR Stereo!

    FOR SALE AN audiophile Becker Mexico pro unit. It is the radio cassette model. It was purchased through my car insurance for £1100 in 2001. Later that year the car was sold and the stereo was removed and been in storage ever since. Been tested and is fully functional. Best radio cassette out...
  3. GrahamC230K

    Baby Face

    Went into Tesco's at lunchtime (parked next to a w211 E55 - very nice) to catch a crate of Grolsch and got stopped for age ID (like I carry any any more). Made me smile. - Yes I got my beer in the end.
  4. Ian B Walker

    Radio Face Plate

    My son has just come home moaning that the face plate from his Pioneer Radio doesnt light up or work. He has power to it as he can insert and remove disks. It is a DEH 3400R. Is it possible to repair these or, as I fear he will have to purchase a new one? Any advice would be appreciated, thanks.
  5. Steve_Perry

    Speeding drivers face victim levy

    link Is the current government taking the pi$$? :rolleyes: S.
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