1. M

    Face lift speedo install

    I'm looking into give my 2000 C class a facelift, is possible to install the newer speedo without any problems? Cheers
  2. S

    This Forum Giving Me Headache (confused face)

    Hi All, From last two days i have been going through all the lease / pcp threads in this particular section of the forum. The general consensus is most members are against pcp and will opt for a good lease deal. As im anout to pick up a car next week on pcp im having to over think my decission...
  3. HotJambalaya

    New Mercedes face ban from British roads

    Good old Daily Mail http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2298132/New-Mercedes-face-ban-British-roads-flouting-EU-rules-green-air-con.html
  4. 300CE

    Mercedes E55 W210 AMG FACE LIFT 70k miles & FSH no reserve 99p starting price

    Mercedes E55 W210 AMG FACE LIFT 70k miles & FSH no reserve 99p starting price | eBay
  5. st13phil

    How the presenter keeps a straight face...

    ...I don't know :D VDrNZSJolow (For a bigger laugh, turn on the captions :D )
  6. markjay

    'Rutland councillors could face harassment injunction'

    http://m.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-leicestershire-20981759 Legitimate self defence action taken by the council? Or corrupt Council fighting dirty for its survival? Or perhaps ill advice provided by greedy lawyers coercing the council to part with tax payers money? What are your thoughts...?
  7. S

    Bought Alloys from Ebay and they have lots of corrosion at hub face. Are they safe?

    Hi Just collected 4 original MB W211 alloys taken off 2005 Elegance 320CDI. The alloys generally in good condition but on arrival home I noted that two of them have quite a lot (probably up to 1mm) corrosion on the hub facing. The guy is also selling the car from which they came and he said it...
  8. N

    How to change cluster gauge face?

    I need some help. I was searching youtube for a how to video to remove factory face dial in cluster instrument and replacing it with another, there were no videos. Anyone here did a swap? How did you remove face dial without damaging anything or leaving fingerprints? Removing face dial with...
  9. corned

    211 face level vent temperatures

    I have an odd problem with my 211. When the aircon is running and blowing cold air in, the middle vents blow cold, the passenger side blows cold, but the driver side blows warm. 2005 model, so no middle vent temp control. Have I got a distribution flap/motor problem? Or something else? If...
  10. Goldfish11

    Comand Online NTG4.5 - C Class face lift - Current Navigation Map Data

    Just got my new C Class (there will be pictures soon, promise). I am however suprised that a load of new roads are missing. My SLK comand ntg 2.5 has the January 2011 update and on this many of these roads are present. So my question is what is the most up to date map version for the...
  11. m2mb

    pre or post face lift variant E220 cdi

    Help please !!! Are the details below showing a pre or post car/facelift w211???? Model variant name: E220 Cdi Elegance Madel variant system setup date: 03 May 2006 Model variant visibility date: 1 May 2006 (Vin is WDB2110082bxxx, xxx my edit) Production date shown as 2007. first UK...
  12. M

    Post face lift front bumper insert W124

    PM if you have one please. matt
  13. M

    'face lift' C200 dash display question

    Hi there. I am new to this MB way of life having taken delivery of my first Merc last week, a C200 which is the 'face lifted' model. I am slowly getting to understand how things work inside the car, however on the dash display (inside the speedo) more often than not I get an image of the near...
  14. M

    w210 pre face lift - Blue drivers leather seat base

    I am after a new or new old stock Blue leather drivers seat base
  15. M

    W210 pre face lift - mat retaining clips

    Hi , I am after the 2no metal retaining clips for the front mats . might be interested in new mats - Blue / Silver as well
  16. stwat

    Revelation. Jesus's Face Found In My Sandwich !

    OK, maybe not:D But I did find this iconic symbol upon pulling an oven bottom bap from the wrapper whilst making myself a ham salad sandwich today:D
  17. M

    People who face the wrong way at Petrol stations

    Do these people have no common sense at all? :doh: How hard can it be? You're driving along the road and you want to turn into a forcourt on your left, you take the first entrance and queue for an available pump... simples :thumb: Surely when you're approaching from the other direction...
  18. A160DSB

    Face lift head and tail lights

    For my W168 A160 PM me if you have them please :) cheers
  19. M

    w210 pre face lift - Which Radio / CD

    Evening all , I currently have a Mercedes Sound 30 unit fitted and realise this is quite old but seems to have a great sound but cannot be fitted with an iPod kit . I understand the Mercedes Audio 10 can have an ipod kit fitted so am considering this option but I want to get the...
  20. B

    CL 500 face lift 2003 on

    Ok folks we have concluded after a lot of searching that we will invest in a 500CL face lift model from 2003 on. We would like a blue one with cream interior. Was this version made for the UK? -Oh! and of course we want all the extra bits. Where can we look apart from the usual suspects e-bay...
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