1. knighterrant

    Drivers of diesel motor vehicles are warned that they face higher costs

    I don't know if this has already been discussed. I've only just seen it. Diesel car drivers 'betrayed' as EU cracks down on Britain over air pollution - Telegraph According to yesterday's Times, diesel car pollution is 25 times the legal limit :eek: Diesel car pollution is 25 times...
  2. Mike Walker

    R170 SLK 230 Special Edition 54 plate pre face lift

    I need the Forum's advice on possible modifications to my SLK please. Currently has AUDIO 10 with CD multichanger in boot, original speakers, no MP3 facility. Any suggestions / thoughts gratefully received. Have emailed Comand to see what they can offer too. :thumb:
  3. N

    Three little gems that brought a smile to my face.

    Loading a Motorcycle Like a Boss Loading Your Motorbike in Style onto a Truck Creative Movers in Taiwan enjoy.
  4. T

    Best Face masks for DIY spraying etc

    Anyone recommend Good face masks for spraying I 've used a variety over the last two years I have found none good enough for me to repeat the purchase We're not talking two pack paints here or positive airflow from a compressor here just something that will adequately protect me from the...
  5. P

    another new face

    Hi folks, As a new mercedes fan and as someone who has already gleaned a lot of useful info from this forum over the last few months, I thought it time to join in. Never even thought of a merc before, but got introduced to the sharp end and decided I needed to join the fun...
  6. Bambla

    C250 CDI 2011 Face lift model AMG Sport

    Due to company car it's time to sell the merc, I really don't want to but it's got to go Alabandine Metallic Grey, C250, lots of extras 36,000 Great condition Need to get £18,000 Near Gatwick Auto trader advert & some pics below...
  7. ScottBacon

    When was the C63 face lifted to the current one

    As the title says really :thumb:
  8. robjogs

    clk w208 face lift

    Need a pair of silver wing as mine are starting to rust :(
  9. M

    Parking sensors all the same ?? e320 w211 2006 face lift

    Hi, Same old story as everyone else 2 red lights on the parking sensors and they don't work front and back, are they all the same part numbers ? as i want to get one and replace until i find the one thats broken, i read this on another post and seems a good idea but i don't want to buy one off...
  10. 320Alan

    w210 pre-face lift wings on a face lift model

    I have a golf ball sized rust hole in my drivers wing so need to replace it I have seen a few on ebay but some are either rusty or wrong colour or wrong side. I have seen a seller that has a pair of pre-facelift wings in the right colour for less than a pattern part what I'm worried about is...
  11. horgantrevor

    wanted w210 face lift front bumper

    hi im looking for a front bumper facelift w210 (in 774 silver would be great ) and I need a postage cost to cork Ireland please came home from work over seas to find the wife destroyed the front bumper :mad::mad::mad::mad::wallbash::wallbash:
  12. W

    polished face alloys: spot corrosion treatment?

    Will be needing new tyres soon, and wondering about refurbing the alloys at the same time. There are some spots of corrosion on the face of my polished alloys. The lacquer is damaged in some places and there is the usual powdery corrosion underneath. Hoping to keep the cost down, so was...
  13. karlos280

    Wanted 18" amg alloys with tyres for w204 face lift style

    As title say I'm wanting the above alloys for my w204 must be good condition Cash waiting I'm in nottingham Thank you
  14. Mjb007

    Ml face lift rear lights ??

    Hi just a quick question does anybody know if Mercedes ml face-lift rear light clusters fit pre face lift mercedes ml,s plug and play ? I'm looking to buy 03 lights to replace my 2000 lights my cars an ml 270 cdi Thanks for any help
  15. Mjb007

    Mercedes ml Face lift rear light clusters ?

    Hi just a quick question does anybody know if facelift rear light clusters fit pre face lift mercedes ml,s I'm looking to buy 03 on to replace my 2000 ml 270 cdi Thanks
  16. A

    a class w168 pre face to face lift

    Hello everyone! i have mercedes a class w168 2000year pre face model. on a centre dashboard i have cd player on the bottom,air vent control and all buttons on top. i would like to ask if it is possible to change some how centre dashboard to a newer one from a model starts from 2001(cd player...
  17. Mjb007

    Face lift headlights on pre facelft ?

    Hi I am in the process of buying my wife a 2000 cdi ml but it has the hazy headlights and was wondering if I can fit the 2001> face lift clear headlights to the pre facelift without any problems or is it just remove and replace Thanks for any advise
  18. tonyc280

    C280 face lift V6 FSH Swap/sell/px Just serviced

    For sale now due to practicality reasons i am selling my beautiful rust free C280 V6. year 1997. Done a gentle 146 000 miles and runs extremely well and has been loved and tended to by me and previous owner. Dark Blue paintwork that has absolutely no rust or blemishes. Just a car park ding on...
  19. M

    15 hole 16 inch Flat Face Alloy, R129

    I was wondering if any of the members had a set of 16inch 15 hole flat face genuine alloy wheels for sale. As far as I know the wheels came on a number of cars such as the R129. Thanks for your help. Great forum. Mick
  20. N

    Face lift e-class... Can it be obtained with bonnet mounted star

    Now that the dust has settled, I wonder if anyone knows if it I possible to get new e-class with a normal grill (no aggressive oversized star) and the classic three pointed star on the bonnet. I realise that it doesn't come from from the showroom like this. I am wondering if can be ordered...
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