1. ioweddie

    Family Tree. Anyone done one? Who would you recommed.

    I'm thinking about doing my family tree, there seems so many different websites, who does any one recommend please. Thanks Eddie
  2. merc85

    Another Merc joins the family

    Went and test drove a Merc a140 today, and yep put a deposit down. Now it turned out we bought a Silver one lol, But hey the wife liked it. Picking it up soon, There was a clonk coming from the nearside front over bumps, sounded like a drop link, Wishbone, Shock ect knocking. Asked the...
  3. CLSMark

    Mike Brewer & family receiving death threats And isn't because of the rx7 Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Lennox

    Family bus required - GLS??

    As the title states I am considering getting a bigger family wagon. Currently have a 2012 F11 535d touring. Have considered and even ordered E-class estates in the past but now that we have kids and a close family unit of 14 we often find ourselves needing more space. Roof boxes and bike...
  5. S

    Family Bus - W638

    So I recently bought this Vito: its in decent condition and only has 28000 on the clock. its a 110cdi auto box. Anyway, its an ex transport vehicle for a charity and registered as an NHS vehicle. The interior has loads of bits for wheelchairs, a ramp and 2 fold up seats at the back...
  6. C36fan

    New addition to the family.

    Hi peeps after 4 year of buying my last car the C63 I thought I'd treat myself with a new mota ,I started to search for a cl65 but they are rare as hens teeth and patience isn't my forte I looked in to cl63tt but again the ones available didn't tickle my pickle . So I started to look to w218...
  7. WDB124066

    Family Picnic.

    I knew there was something missing in the modern woman...
  8. D

    Family Fortunes

    My son is back from college and he’s been earning some $$$ around the house. Here's what he found whilst cutting the hedge: i2xvPLHJKWA Click through to YT and go full screen (if you can't here) - it's pretty amazing! And for borkers: ------- It's be great to...
  9. MWCLS

    2004 C Class Saloon Obsidian Metallic Black 50,480 miles family owned from new

    C200 kompressor se Avant-garde Reg 22/01/2004 Obsidian Metallic Black / Grey Cloth. Purchased by my father ex demo car for £20,195.00. Mainly Mercedes service history ( had a complete front end suspension fresh at 42,000 at MB costing £1500.00) Extensive invoices service book manuals...
  10. Lennox

    Used GL as the family work horse. Thoughts??

    As the family is still expanding and the wife may be stopping work I'm considering getting a big family wagon. Don't shoot me but I quite like the VW transporters but the wife want a 4x4 and she likes the MLs. However, I can see us needing 7 proper seats on a common basis. The A6 will be the...
  11. lordlee

    Family member borrowed it...

    He must've been a popular family member after returning this low mileage SL55 looking like this... MERCEDES SL55 AMG DAMAGED RED LEATHER LOW MILES HPI CLEAR | eBay
  12. G

    SL55 Amg finally part of the family

    Howdy all, On my 6th mercedes in a row now and it is finally an Amg, woohoo! I got a 2006 Sl55 amg with the F1 performance pack included as factory, it is a beast! Plus previous owner has tuned it up to above 600 bhp and it's been given a carbon fibre interior upgrade! Love it! Not yet had...
  13. B

    Joined the amg family

    Hi all Pleasure to be officially part of the amg group.
  14. D

    Another new edition to the family...

    Well it had to happen... Pick the pup up on the 4th January....
  15. merc85

    Selling to friends and family

    Do any of you, or have any of you peeps sold a Mb or any other car to a friend or family member? I've got someone interested in mine but his a cracking chap and i hate anything to go wrong. Mine is 100% but i couldn't handle it if something went petong lol:crazy:
  16. jonnyboy

    need some help, changes to family fleet required, bamboozled with choices

    I had a thread running about possibly changing the classic to a leased new L200/D Max/Ranger. But I am very unsure indeed, see below!! Real quandary about direction, current fleet:- Mrs' Galaxy petrol turbo, 5yrs old, needs replacing in next 6m or ideally sooner, hardly need more than 5...
  17. M

    New to the Mercezian family

    Hello all, I've just bought a 2nd hand Merc, C220 W203 estate on '05 plates and thought of joining this forum. I must admit that I've had to visit this forum countless times prior to the purchase of my Merc to learn abt these cars. I'm not very familiar with rules etc abt this forum, so...
  18. D

    Holiday family's car is driven 800 miles while 'parked' by airport firm

    Gatwick airport valet company drove car 800 miles while family are on holiday | Daily Mail Online Mercedes E220 had 7,226 miles on the clock. Read more:
  19. C Class Al

    A big hello im new to the MB family.

    Hi everyone just purchased my first MB its a C180 Komp Elegance 2005 model with just 50,000mls and full MB service history. Really enjoy the drive to and from work now not so much of a chore now. Here's some pic's I took of it whilst I waited for my daughter to finish work, and one of my truck...
  20. ioweddie

    IOW family new unexpected internet stars A FAMILY on the Isle of Wight have become unexpected internet stars after a video of them lip-syncing to hit songs became a Facebook favourite. From the Frozen smash hit Let it Go and the Spongebob Squarepants’ theme, to Michael Jackson’s Thriller and...
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