1. Alfie

    Anyone fancy a Batmobile?

    Yes, you can now buy a Batmobile! Buy a Batmobile for £100,000 - Yahoo! Cars
  2. whitenemesis

    Fancy a Job with a View?

    Check out what he does at 7:18 :eek::eek: T4OyFFrB9Us
  3. Godot

    Fancy a little stroll ?

    El Caminito del Rey: Would you ever attempt this path? [VIDEO] :)
  4. poormansporsche

    Anyone fancy some Custom Stainless Steel Dials ???

    alright peeps, Ive ordered from these guys before: And the quality of the stuff is second to none in my opinion Although Mercedes is not on the list they can knock stuff up from scratch no problem at all. Im going to be ordering a set of dials for my W202 with...
  5. LTD

    Fancy buying a BMW ?

    Here's where to get it from ...... :eek: Click here :D
  6. thebook

    Anyone fancy a slightly used C63 AMG?

    One not so careful owner... Lewis Hamilton's Mercedes Car Impounded In Australia For 'Fishtailing' To Be Sold At Auction | UK News | Sky News
  7. D

    Anyone fancy a cheap E Class

    2008 MERCEDES-BENZ E CLASS E280 CDI Sport 4dr Tip Auto Diesel Saloon Do you reckon people fall for these tactics? I'd like to think not, but have a nasty suspicion that someone must...
  8. B

    fancy wheels

    Hi.... found down side to 9" rears and 255/35 tyres grip in white stuff,refitted orignal 16s. with M&S rears more spinning,not really that surprised it happened ,just severity of difference , well worh keeping a set for winter I guess. Cheers ......Paul
  9. splang

    Fancy a Chinese Volvo?

    BBC News - Ford agrees Volvo sale to Geely Still all changing in the car industry...
  10. M

    Does anyone fancy a Capri?

    OK, so it's not a Merc, but I thought this Capri might attract some interest! It's being auctioned for the "Help For Heroes" foundation. HELP FOR HEROES FORD CAPRI I saw it a recent show and donated £5 to sign it with my PistonHeads handle and real name :D Darren
  11. d w124

    Anyone fancy some old school wheel?

    AMG Silberpfeil Leder Lenkrad Neuwertig! on eBay (end time 30-Aug-09 18:21:45 BST) Very hard to come by
  12. D

    Anyone fancy a Porsche

    My soon-to-be ex husband's Porsche for cheap sale Solihull Birmingham used cars for sale One rather hacked off wife it would seem!
  13. Chattonmill

    Anyone Fancy taking this one past the Million Mile Marker!

    I'm not sure of the price at this mileage! Mercedes-Benz 320 CLK Convertible Elegance on eBay (end time 22-Aug-09 16:48:31 BST)
  14. Stuart O

    fancy Capetown for hols

    anyone got a place to rent in Capetown ? fancy going back this Xmas time..would need to be 3/4 bedroom .. just a thought !! Stuart
  15. jpskiller

    Fancy a change??
  16. Rasputin

    Fancy a barn in Portugal?

    Fancy a barn in Portugal? A NY man retired, he wanted to use his retirement money wisely, so it would last, and decided to buy a home and a few acres in Portugal. The modest farmhouse had been vacant for 15 years, the owner and wife had died, and there were no heirs. The house was sold to pay...
  17. E

    Fancy bluetooth phone & ipod connection?

    This is awsome! full phone use just like factory plus has ipod connection which plays video on screen!! £450 InCarTronics, formerly EuroCarPhone click mercedes & find itronic YouTube - iTronic™ - Pairing Bluetooth Sample
  18. Dieselman

    Anyone fancy an Isseta bubble car..?

    New Isseta bubble car on it's way from BMW. Designed by Italians, driven by Germans.. Finally BMW looks set to get a 3 litre small car.. Bubble Car
  19. M

    Anyone fancy a gamble?

    What does the jury make of this one on German ebay. Leather well worn and quiet a lot of rust in places you dont normally see too much trouble - has it had a crunch at some point and not been repaired perfectly? w124 - 500e
  20. Dieselman

    Anyone fancy and alternate day out this w/e.

    If you want a lightly educational day out with the Kids, or not you might be interested in... Visit a Wind Farm
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