1. D

    Fancy a project like this?

    The lowest car.
  2. D

    Fancy a pollutions buster?
  3. Godot

    Fancy Dinner? :eek::eek::eek::eek::eek::D:D:D:D:D:rock::rock::rock::rock:
  4. jpskiller

    Anyone fancy a old porsche 924
  5. fatherpierre

    Fancy a 1958 190SL?

    Well, don't buy this ebay con! £5k? Yet another fraud.....
  6. A

    fancy going for a cruise in Notts?

    Forget it so, if a car club gets together and decides to go on a road run they could all end up in jail. Andy
  7. Dieselman

    Anyone fancy a 40 year anniversary AMG?
  8. High-Lo

    Fancy getting your car detailed for £5k?

    Here The clip is worth watching. He's obviously got the right clientelle :)
  9. c955

    Fancy an R129 SL60 AMG?

    These don't come up very often and it really does seem to be a bargain for such a rare car :confused:
  10. c955

    Fancy a W124 or W126 Coupe?

    Worth investigating IMHO... W124 #1 W124 #2 W126...
  11. scotth_uk

    Anyone fancy a drive of an RS4 in Germany?

    Hi all, 'My friend' was playing with the interweb machine today and did a little research on renting fast cars with the specific intention of driving in at warp speed. UK was out of the question, as the cost of renting prestige here is just plain stupid, not to mention the low speed...
  12. reflexboy

    If you fancy a giggle....

    Read this ebay listing. Q's and A's are quite amusing too
  13. scotth_uk

    Anyone fancy a Hummer w/30 inch rims? JTFC:

    Fancy Fitting One Of These Car Security Devices

  15. kbhogalW126

    I fancy a B-class!

    Some of you may know that i'm driving a picasso for the month until my new saab 9-3 turns up next month. While the picasso is a bit rough and unwieldy, i do like the size of the inerior and the fact the the boot is huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuge! We don't have any kids yet but its great to be able...
  16. fatherpierre

    Fancy a clocked Audi?

    This bloke hasn't got the hang of selling clocked motors on ebay has he? He's selling this with a decent mileage of 72k: But checking his feedback shows this...
  17. Dieselman

    Anyone fancy a fast SL?

    Here is the latest incarnation of the SL. 6.3 litre bi turbo, 730 bhp. Sadly restricted top speed. But why would you then want to pay extra for this...
  18. MercedesBent

    Anyone in Rochdale fancy earning a quick £50 sat afternoon?

    Just bought this for £3500 off of fleabay 98 S reg Auto 70K miles 3 owners 1st claimed on insurance after 4 months from new as was flooded. next was a garage owner who replaced all interiors and kept it in showroom nic for his wife and had it for 7 yrs 3rd is a retired couple...
  19. Pontoneer

    Fancy a project , anyone ?

    I think this one needs a little 'TLC' :D
  20. timmy

    Fancy a Blast

    Anyone fancy a trip to Aberystwyth in the morning. A483 through Wrexham, Oswestry. Leaving Cheshire at 8 ish. Need to be in Aber for 11. Lovely drive to the coast. :bannana: See how good you guys are on country roads!!!!!!!!!!
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