1. bob6600

    Fancy a New Bentley for $23,000?

    Would you buy this replica for $23,000? [YOUTUBE HD]7W8YP6Z-978[/YOUTUBE HD]
  2. D

    Anyone fancy a pint?

    I was born in 1973 and have memories of my Dad going for a few late pints at last orders to the pub down the road. Sometimes mum would go with him. (I had older sisters) I served my time on building sites in the 90's where many of the lads would also go to the pub together on a Friday...
  3. BTB 500

    Fancy a nice 1996 R129 SL500 for £55k?!

    A one-owner 1996 SL500 with just 81 miles on the clock ... 1996 Mercedes-Benz SL500 | Coys of Kensington
  4. DSLiverpool

    Fancy A Merc Again With A 6.3

    Hello from the otherside - after joining in 2007 when I got a CLS55 I have since had a SL55 and a E500 convertible but now as the bitter reality of 7 year old twins at 53 slams home financially I was forced to cut down. One last hurrah was a new Mustang convertible last year but it was no Merc...
  5. S

    Anyone Fancy a 2102 Skoda Octavia VRS

    A long shot, I know but you never know! If so, I'll post details Hope I'm not breaking any rules.
  6. A

    Anyone fancy an 190E Evo II? Low mileage...

    Fewer than 1000 miles on the clock! Will make an excellent addition to any collector's garage!
  7. fab1975

    Fancy a cuppa? Road rage on the M62

    Road rage passenger 'throws cup' at passing Mercedes near Bradford
  8. uumode

    W205 VERY FANCY front grill lights

    Not for me, I need more discretion in the light patterns But maybe somebody likes the high bling value. Enough to do a 'Light off' with KIT from Knight Rider ??W205?C???????????????????????????
  9. P

    Any merc experts fancy earning a few extra pennies?

    Hi all, I am considering buying a merc SL55 amg that is located near Basildon in Essex, I am up in Lancashire and don't really have time at the moment to go down to view it and not being massively technical I am probably not the best person to evaluate the car other than aesthetic things. I...
  10. Stratman

    Anyone fancy their own F1 car?

    Four Marussias for sale. Expect to pay around £150,000 to £200,000 for one, although it's not clear if that includes an engine.
  11. whitenemesis

    Anyone Fancy an ELK?

    Mercedes electric supercar as designed by Antonio Paglia Mercedes-Benz ELK Fits The Future EV Supercar Bill
  12. D

    Fancy spending your life waiting at junctions to be let out?

    Then buy my X5.... It's terrible off-road, the steering is heavy, the interior is devoid of any style and the wipers have a mind of their own is just a little list of a few of the positives of this fine jewel of a BMW. It's covered a passive-aggressive low mileage of just 71k which is...
  13. Hawkwind

    Fancy a '80's S class Under 60,000 miles?

    Spotted this. From the pictures it looks to be amazingly clean!
  14. ioweddie

    Fancy a day out in a fishing boat?

    This video is of commercial fishing boats returning from fishing off the coast of Washington and Oregon . They are crossing the Columbia Bar, which is the site the Columbia River meets the Pacific Ocean . This is designated as one of the most dangerous ports of entry anywhere in the...
  15. KillerHERTZ

    Anyone Fancy a Quick FXXK?

    Maranello, 3rd December 2014 – Ferrari’s new FXX K research and development programme receives its world premiere next weekend at the Yas Marina Circuit in Abu Dhabi. The laboratory-car is based on Maranello’s first hybrid model and will grace the world’s tracks from next year onwards. The K in...
  16. ChrisA

    Any Ladies fancy a S**G?

    Thought I'd liven things up a little as threads are being closed, arguments on threads about arguments so.... Any single ladies out there fancy a S**g? :eek: :dk: :bannana: :D
  17. M

    Fancy a W115

    Getting the urge for another old Mercedes to go with my w124. Would like a car that is fairly together as I have never funded major corrosion repair.Not many over here at the moment but plenty of candidates over in Germany. What is involved with fetching one over?
  18. DSM10000

    I fancy a soft top for summer....

    Just looking for a summer car, not looking for new or exotic but no budget as such either. If I find something older and interesting then that would be good. Spotted this today:Used Bmw 3 Series Convertible 328i 2dr in High Wycombe, . | Stylish Motors 2 owners, the last "mature" one for...
  19. D

    Anyone fancy some FUCHS ATF 41314 for £5.50 litre in NR31??

    Hi all, i plan on changing out my transmission fluid on my C220 CDi with the 722.6 unit. I have decided to opt for the FUCHS 4134 as this meets current MB 236.14 spec and is backwards compatible. I have found 20 litres online (eBay) @ £110 which is great value as it works out at £5.50 per...
  20. JonathanC250

    Any Golfers amoung us fancy a private plate W 60LFA

    Hi all, As title I have for sale a private numberplate W60 LFA, Has been on a car for years spaced W 60LFA, with no problems. The plate is on retention, has transfer fees paid so all it will cost you is £25 to change the name on the certificate. Looking for £ 1200 ono Thanks Jon
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