1. markjay

    W204 bits: Audio20 & Display, Instrument Cluster Fascia, Boot Handle Trim, Switch Bar

    These are items removed from my W204 Facelift (MY 2013) by comandonline.co.uk when retrofitting various options to my car. They will eventually go on eBay, posting them here first in case any forum members need one or more of these parts. Pictures to follow....
  2. clk320x

    Flush mount fascia

    Anyone know where a flush mount fascia for a double din radio can be ordered? Can't find one for a CLK with the new style dash. Cheers
  3. Venomous

    Scratched COMAND front fascia plane

    Got my car home, and was so caught up in checking the outside - missed a deep scratch across the COMAND unit. Is this addressable, or can you get new fascia plates? Thanks Brian
  4. c180081c

    w203 aftermarket stereo fascia and steering control cable

    As the title says really, its a 2002 if anybody has them lying around
  5. gIzzE

    w203 stereo adapter, steering wheel, speed pulse, illumination etc. Plus fascia.

    I have this for sale.... Mercedes C Class <2004 Stalk Steering Wheel Control Adaptor Lead Comes with Pioneer lead, also fits others like Sony etc. Gives you all you need for an install, speed pulse, illumination, handbrake, reverse, 12v switched etc. Makes installing a stereo plug...
  6. B

    w220 remove fascia trim on audio 10 cassette

    Hi I wonder if anyone can tell me how you got the audio 10 cassette unit out of a W220? The walnut fascia goes round the audio 10, the hinged flap and the heater controls. I have taken the bottom screws out but can't release the fascia further. Many thanks
  7. R

    Double-DIN fascia for W168 facelift

    I need to tap into collective wisdom of MBClub :rolleyes: As I replaced Audio30 with double-DIN Pioneer in my A190 in Nassau without any problem, I set off to do the same here, for the facelift A160. No such luck! Can't for the life of me find a suitable fascia and cage kit - there are quite...
  8. L

    C class double din fascia and cage

    Allows you to fit an aftermarket double-height stereo in your w203 facelift C class (MY2005-2007). Includes the cage and all the relevant bits and pieces. Make me an offer. These are about £40 new from memory. L
  9. L

    Connects 2 Double DIN Fascia for C class and SLK

    Hi, Failed to sell this on ebay - it converts your non-standard Mercedes dashboard stereo hole to a standard double din hole into which you may slot your shiny new satnav. Ebay auction link here: Connects 2 CT23MB03A - Double Din Fascia Plate on eBay (end time 09-Dec-10 18:56:16 GMT)...
  10. M

    W124 Heater control Fascia in Walnut (non A/C)

    Hi All, I have for sale a New "never been used" w124 heater control walnut fascia, it is still in original box from MB I bought this to replace the walnut heater suround in my coupe but never get around to doing this. This is for cars without A/C! New these would cost £200+ from MB I just...
  11. Horrgakx

    Can the fascia be changed from single din to double din?

    I'm looking around now (and have been for some time!) to replace my crappy MB tape player. It's only single DIN though and the whole fascia in the centre of the dash would need changed, as well as removing the cubby hole above the ashtray. Whats the score with getting a double DIN fascia please?
  12. C

    HELP!! - W210 fascia removal problems

    Im sitting in the car with my laptop, and surrounded by bits of car. I have undone the two screws at the bottom of the fascia, and the fascai moves but appears to be help in by the climate control unit, and I cant find any othe screws to undo, am I missing something?
  13. P

    W220 Audio Upgrade - DIN & Fascia question

    I have a 2000 reg S280, and want to upgrade the Audio 10 cassette player. In my old car, I had a Pioneer AVIC-X1, which took care of sat nav, DVD, mp3, ipod, and bluetooth phone connection in 1 great unit. Installing that into the W220 looks very tricky. There appears to be a single DIN slot...
  14. splitpin

    W203. Unable to read fascia computer.

    Recent purchase of 04 W203 CDI Elegance Estate. The Fascia is black background with white numerals. I am unable to see computer when driving (Unless sun is shining from rear quarter) & dealer checks establish all is normal with computer. I wear varifocal glasses (Recently checked)...
  15. A

    W209 facelift fascia access

    Is it possible to remove/access the pop-out tray in the latest facelift CLK? (this is the push-operated trinket tray next to the glove box) How do you access behind the fascia panel on this new style console (Audio 30)
  16. A

    W209 stereo fascia adapter.... again

    I know i've asked this before but I thought I'd try again to see if anything new has come to light. I'm looking for a fascia adapter so I can remove the Audio 10 and replace it with a DIN sized Alpine unit and am not having much luck. I thought that my best chance was to look for one for a...
  17. A

    Fascia adapters

    About to get started on upgrading the stereo in my W209 CLK Cab and have decided on the Alpine 9815RB which I've found for £340 from Letsbuycaraudio.com. What I need to find now is a fascia adapter to allow fitting of a standard din stereo, a wiring adapter to patch it into the harness and...
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