1. G

    faulty clocks w210

    any one know if you can replace the led displays on the e320 clocks , my clocks have gone off on the temp and the gear and clock ..... hope some one can help with this as there not cheap at 460 + vat jay
  2. david55amg

    clk dash lcd faulty

    Hi all, I wonder if anyone can help? I have a 320 clk, w208 2000 model year. The problem is the lcd dash has 4 pixels in-op on the gearbox indicator/clock. is this repairable or is it (as I suspect) an expensive replacement? Any feedback would be appreciated :D :D
  3. Birdman

    Faulty Fuel Gauge

    It consistently under-reads by about 8 litres even when filled to over-flowing.:confused: It requires strong nerves to ignore a near zero read-out. Not that I approve of running on empty but have been robbed of 10% of the tank capacity. The fault occurred after filling her up a few weeks...
  4. S

    faulty cruise/dead battery

    the car is a c200 1997 uk spec with 5 speed automatic gearbox-79,000 miles i have a problem with the cruise control not working this was happening on an intermittent basis whereby it would work sometimes and not at other times. i suspected a dying battery-as the one in the car was the...
  5. kusanku

    faulty fan assist to gearbox E320CDi

    My E320cdi would not start last week. Called the AA who diagnosed the fault as being the fan assist to the gearbox, which must have had a short and was blowing a fuse. They disconnected the wiring in the ECU for that unit, and the car started up fine. When they reconnected it, the fuse went...
  6. sub_zero

    Direction Signal Arm faulty

    Hi Gurus, I have a w126 1986 ,I noticed few weeks ago that the direction indicator arm (that activates right and left direction lamps),is faulty,that is when I go right ,I just raised it up,but no signal activates,when I go left,I push it down,and it works.Does it need a fix? or should I...
  7. D

    Heated door mirror faulty

    The drivers side heated door mirror on my '98 C280 has given up the ghost. Can anyone offer help on how to remove and test it please?
  8. B

    Recall of Faulty Bosch Diesel Pumps by BMW

    Read on the BBC News website that BMW is recalling lots of cars due to faulty diesel pumps made by Bosch. The report also mentioned that Mercedes have used the same pumps. Does anyone know why Mercedes is not recalling any vehicles? Mercedes cars are affected, according to the report, as...
  9. marcos

    Faulty Air-Matic ?

    My rear drivers side strut always sits higher than the rest and gives the car a weird stance. There seems to be about a 2" difference between the 2 rear ones so it's booked in to the dealers again. Last time they changed the rear air-strut because it was apparently leaking so sitting higher as...
  10. Thmsshaun

    Leccy Window Faulty

    What a nightmare went to put the nearside window down and nothing. Seems like it is the motor as the diagnosis included. Pressing the switch without engine running - Relay could be heard Checking the fuse. Removing door card and wiring connector from motor. Connecting multimeter to...
  11. B

    faulty parktronic system

    I have a C250TD fitted with parktronic sensors.The system is now indicating a fault with the 2 red segments illuminated and beeping noise.Turning the system off and on it is still the same.Anybody got any ideas.The cars a 98 202 model.
  12. M

    Fixing a faulty 4matic

    Can any expert on 4Matics help me with a 300TE? I have had it into a main dealer cost over £1000 & still not fixed. Suspect faulty drive shafts sensors can anyone direct me to an expert??? :bannana:
  13. Rich

    W210 Faulty light fittings

    My 1997 W210 used to eat up bulbs both front and rear for all its five years with me. I traced the problem to arcing between bulb-pin contact and bulb holder. The parking light bulb at the front used to go regularly, particularly the most inaccessible bulb, by the aircon unit. Twas truly a...
  14. J

    C200 cruise control faulty

    hi can anyone help i have a 200 auto box estate and sometimes the cruise control work and sometimes....youve guessed ......it dont....are there any simple tests to do to find out the fault cheers and can anyone recco a good mechanic walsall area or north brum ? cheers colin
  15. R

    Faulty Fuel Gauge

    The last 2 or 3 fill ups the fuel gauge needle only goes up as far as 7/8 and I wait for it to rise over time but no it only drops. Please has anyone else had this problem? And whats the cure? Thanks Ian
  16. GrahamC230K

    HELP! Wiper is faulty

    What is it with all these threads about wipers at the mo? Anyhow, this is serious <img src="http://www.mbclub.co.uk/iB_html/non-cgi/emoticons/hmmm.gif" border="0" valign="absmiddle" alt=':hmmm:'> Having gone up the M1 in heavy rain today, which justified full speed wipers, I now have a...
  17. BaldGuy

    Faulty Petrol Gauge

    Well just had a few things sorted at the stealership on warranty on friday, filled the car up with fuel as you do...came out later friday night and the gauge registered empty!!!!! Called Benz on Saturday and apparently its ANOTHER gremlin that Benz know about...the float gets stuck only when...
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