1. S

    Faulty Double Din DVD

    Double din dvd, cd, sd, radio, satnav, Bluetooth. Stopped powering up on me, cant afford to repair. Could be a simple fix for an autoelectrician. No blown fuses. Nothing looking burnt. Doesn't include wiring harness but includes sat nav unit and Bluetooth mic etc. Can email pics. Any...
  2. 4

    w211 display faulty !!!!?

    Hello guys. My car shows "Display faulty visit workshop" , and there is Oil sign. What does this mean ? Maybe oil level is low . Thanks in advance.
  3. N

    Faulty sprinter alarm.

    Hi, I own a 2012 sprinter, been having trouble with the alarm and locking since I bought it in April. It started with the locking, now and again it wouldn't lock when I was pressing the key... I'd turn the engine on and try again and usually it locked fine, after a few attempts atleast...
  4. stwat

    How to troubleshoot a faulty MAF sensor (Mercedes Benz)

    https://youtu.be/5Zb7q0aunz8 [YOUTUBE HD]5Zb7q0aunz8[/YOUTUBE HD]
  5. ab9758

    "Faulty" brand-new battery for ML63

    AA replaced my flat battery five days ago with (their own brand?) AGM 900amp. Service is great - they come to house and 2 hours later it's all done. (Don't forget driver's seat has to be dealt with to install battery.) Added bonus is that I have AA repair cover so only paid £35 for £300 battery...
  6. S

    Are my new Philips LED Daylight 9 DRL kit faulty or a CL500 quirk?

    Before wiring in the new LED DRLs, I tested them, purely because its a little tricky to feed the wires without cutting any panels or grills or wires on the kit. These lights apparently sense an increased voltage from the alternator, and switch on the LEDs when the engine is running. My...
  7. V

    No AC: Possible Faulty Refrigerant Pressure Sensor? (pic - fault codes)

    Hi guys, AC not worked for while in my Vito W639 120cdi, suddenly stopped blowing cold & compressor does not turn on, checked fault codes, not sure what 2nd code means but 1st says faulty Refrigerant Pressure Sensor. Shall I replace the sensor or could this code have been triggered...
  8. S

    Speed tronic and ESP faulty

    Need some advice. I recently had a wiper stalk replaced and after that I am getting 2 messages. 1. Speedtronic visit workshop 2. ESP faulty. Garage I used tried resetting and erasing the messages but he said it is not going. Then he said probably there could be problem with steering angle...
  9. D

    C230 W202 1997 Window opening switch faulty

    Hi, on my center console the switch to open the driver window only works intermittently. is this a common fault anyone any ides to fix? any help appreciated. Derek
  10. S

    Restraint Sys Malfunction, ABS Run Flat, Cruise Control & SPEEDTRONIC inoperative

    Hello, I'm a New member and Just got a problem with my AMG c220 cdi sport Blue-efficiency 2012 When i turn on the Car below error display on my dash * Restraint sys malfunction consult workshop * Abs inoperative * Active bonnet malfunction * Run flat indicator inoperative * Cruise...
  11. I

    Suspension faulty??

    Hi guys just joined this forum we currently have just purchased a 2015 c220d estate amg line s205 chassis we have had car a month it has been back to our dealership for a fault but it still seems to have the same issue, when going over drain stanks or uneven joints the whole car seems to kick...
  12. Y

    Approved used with faulty windscreen

    Hi everyone, I need advice about an approved used c220 i bought a month ago. I found the car in excellent condition and ignored some miniscule spots on the windscreen considering it as part and parcel of the wear and tear on a 2 year old car. However when I was driving home from work a week ago...
  13. A

    Faulty controls

    Hi All. I'm a newbie here and wondered if anyone can help???/ I have a 2008 Viano ambient petrol V6 , I keep getting loads of electrical problems. now the newest one! I have lost all control on the main panel on the dash, the one that has the hazard lights, door openers, ASR and heated...
  14. O

    Air conditioning faulty

    Hi All hope your enjoying the weather and making the most. Just had my air con recharged and drove away all chilled but after a day with the air con on max it appears to be blowing warm air which is not the desired affect I'm looking for, took vehicle back to discuss with garage and they...
  15. A

    Faulty clutch: Can I claim for expenses?

    Hoping you guys can help me out here. :) I recently bought a clutch from a seller on eBay. Seller had good feedback, it was a branded clutch (Exedy). I had the seller confirm it was the correct clutch for the car before buying. It arrived, took it to my mechanic to fit. He fitted it. Told me it...
  16. mr tibbs

    E211 E320 parking aid faulty?

    Morning all. In the last few days the parking aid on our 2005 E320 has been playing up. When driving below about 7-8 mph the two front indicators on the dash top come on along with a bing bong kind of sound. When in reverse the lights in the roof do not come on and there is no operation of the...
  17. B

    W219 CLS supplied with faulty aux input from factory?

    I've bought a 2009 CLS recently and attempted to install DAB using the aux input. The results were literally very one sided. I blamed the DAB unit (SmartDAB) and returned it for replacement. The second was had the same issue so, using various leads and some apps on my phone, I established the...
  18. T

    ESP Faulty.

    I just got "ESP Faulty see a workshop" come up on my dash. I turned ESP off and back on again, then turned the car off. The warning didn't come back on again. What should I do now? Should I take it anyway or keep an eye on it? Cheers. Car is a Jan 2005 Automatic C Class with 84600 on the...
  19. B

    Faulty Display

    I recently bought a E200 2011 and the centre display unit (Sat Nav) has streaky horizontal lines on the right hand half of the screen, it only seems to be affecting the colour green, any ideas what causing it?, Cables, Screen? and is it easy to resolve?
  20. Jonnivickers

    W204 c220 transmission faulty????

    Hi guys, don't know whether I'm just over thinking this after I had a problem with my air induction last week but say for example I'm driving to a speed bump and slow right down, the car doesn't feel like it's going into first and for about a second becomes really sluggish then picks up again...
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