1. bob6600

    Anyone near Surbiton (SW London) or Devizes (Wiltshire) can do me a favour?

    I am looking to buy some tyres on eBay but the buyer has collect only...I have messaged them to ask if I can arrange a courier. Failing that, could anyone collect and then post to me? Thanks in advance Bob
  2. E

    Benz on the green favour

    Hi guys if there is anyone heading to Benz on the green from Hertfordshire or surrounding areas or maybe the midlands?? Could I ask a massive favour :D I need something collecting from there? Cheeky I know but I thought it is worth a ask :thumb: Cheers
  3. D

    Can someone with a car with SBC do me a favour?

    Recently changed rear brake pipes and pressure bled the system. Think I may have air in the system as I'm noticing the SBC unit buzzing lot more. If someone could start their car and tell me how many brake presses they get between the SBC repressurising whilst stationary that would be...
  4. Lenny63

    Calling all 55k owners - favour

    Hi all Would someone be kind enough to photograph the alternator pulley area , specifically I am wanting to see how close your IC rubber pipes are to the pulley I installed a new alternator on mind yesterday and the IC hoses are held in with plastic brackets bolted into the rocker cover ...
  5. Marvin16x

    Anybody in West Cornwall right now? Asking for a favour

    Hey guys, my road trip has been a lot of fun so far but it's starting to go downhill now as it seems. :doh:The weather went back to standard which is kind of alright though. I've been lucky for almost 2 weeks now. The major problem is that the batteries of both my phone and camera are...
  6. S

    Need a Favour

    Hi all. I have an issue with my centre console switch gear. When I switch my lights on these switches do not light up until the light sensor feels its dark. I would expect this if I put the lights on AUTO but it happens on all settings. Could any of you ML 2002 owners check and see what...
  7. kalvin928

    need favour- someone with w211 02-06

    Hi could someone do me a favour? I know the front chrome bumper trim insert is 72cm in length.. could someone measure the width of this at widest point? I still haven't sorted the one on my E55... I know the fittings are different, but was going to see if I could cannibalise a standard w211 and...
  8. W

    Favour to ask - please read my Ebay ad and give feedback

    Hi, My 944 is for sale as a classified advertisement on Ebay. But I am about to switch this to an auction with a very reasonable low reserve. If anyone has a spare 5 minutes please can you read my advertisement and give me any feedback. I'm looking to make it as comprehensive as possible...
  9. GordonTarling

    A small favour please

    Is there one of our members, who is in the trade, that would be kind enough to retrieve the data card for the car I've just bought please? If you PM me, I'll provide the reg.
  10. E

    What Car Shampoo / Wash do you favour!

    Hi guys, As you know we are one of the largest suppliers of Meguiars products in the UK - We stock more parts in each of our stores than Halfords, We carry the entire range in our mail order warehouse, and we sell more than any other valeting company you can think of :thumb...
  11. P

    Data card favour please

    Hello all, I would love to know about the car I will be picking up tomorrow - would anybody be kind enough to help me please? My VIN is wdc2030542r202352 and my e-mail is [email protected] A bit cheeky for a forum noob like me but please be kind :D Cheers guys and gals :thumb:
  12. Bobby Dazzler

    Anyone going to Costco? Favour required

    Called into Costco (Birmingham) on Sunday and they had a huge pile of Regatta boots for £12 - ideal for walking short distances in the snow, whilst out and about in the car. Great for people who wear size 9, 11, or 12, because they hundreds of those, but rubbish if you're a size 10, because...
  13. T

    A favour needed in lancaster

    Hi all, not been about for a while due to work / family commitments so hope everyone is keeping well. Basically i am thinking of buying another 124 as mine is i fear ready for the scrapper and have seen one advertised in lancaster.Is there anyone near enough to cast a keen eye over it especially...
  14. proser

    Looking for a favour from a member in Portsmouth

    Found what looks like a good tailgate, to replace the rusty one on my W210, but seller won't confirm if there is no rust or damage : "Hi ... We welcome to show that item but we not welcome to describe items us that by reason bad experiences ,,, that bad experiences not happen with local...

    Favour in Chester please!

    There is a thread going in the 'Spotted on Ebay' section about this car: 1993 MERCEDES-BENZ CE CLASS 320 CE Cabriolet Auto [4] Coupe I am pretty interested in it, but its almost 200miles from where I am! If anyone is in the Chester area and has spare time to go check out the car, let me...
  16. Howard

    Anyone got relatives in Belgium ? Need a favour please

    Hi all , As per the title , does anyone have any relatives in Belgium ? I need a small package sent to them ( from inside Belgium ) , it is something i have won on Ebay and the seller won't ship to the UK. Hopefully he could ship it to them , and i'll sort some money out for them and...
  17. D

    Favour from anyone with a Mac

    Hi After a favour if possible from anyone with a Mac. I have been told that one of my website is broken when accessed from said device. Can't check it as I do not own one! It's fine from Safari on the PC and the Ipad. If anyone could help please let me know I will PM the address rather...
  18. Dave Jones

    Right Scratch that! Need a favour please.

    Sorry about this guys but I have a theory I'm trying to prove. I've found the fuel pump. It seems (me to) to be taking an exceptionally long time to prime the injectors. I'm starting to think one or more injectors are screwed and are leaking off diesel back to the tank and this is the reason...
  19. Howard

    Anyone near Haverhill - Need a favour.

    Hi gang I bought a wheel ages ago , and was under the impression that a friend would pick it up for me ( they are fairly local ) . However , i am getting the run around , and have had a bit of a falling out with them. The owner of the wheel is beginning to hassle me about picking it up...
  20. A

    Anyone from Bournemouth (favour to ask)

    Hello is any member from Bournmouth who is prepared to collect some parts and I would arrange courier from their house? Long short but the power or the forum has been good before Details of location are :_ BOURNEMOUTH BH9 2QL Please PM if able to help:thumb:
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